Thursday, 7 June 2007

Nehemiah Project

Pictures of modern Hindu temples in India

Thought I post some pictures of our building work. We have run out of money, so we may have to stop our
roofing. We were hoping
we could get that done before the monsoon rains start.We are praying and asking people to help us.Please pray for us. God will send us help in due time. Maybe He is testing our faith.When people of other religions can maintain beautiful temples (eg. above) then why can 't my argument. And we need to establish this testimony in my country.
BTW my cookies turned out quite good, chips or no chips. They 're a chip on my shoulder. I actually scorched one tray as I was busy blogging about them. But its OK because I once heard on the Benny Hinn show (of all the shows on earth)that burnt food is good for you as it detoxifies the system.I started to have great faith in that and console myself whenever I incinerate anything edible with those words of sagacity.

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Becky Wolfe said...

Good luck with the building. I pray God will provide! Sounds like you have the patience to wait on Him!

Funny about burning the cookies cuz of blogging :)