Thursday, 14 June 2007

Romeo is on the move

Rhesus and Langur monkeys.

Romeo is one of the langur monkeys hired by the administration of the Delhi University to keep a host of rhesus monkeys away from its main campus.the rhesuses are bold enough to march around the campus and lounge in buildings, damage car windows and scare students. A bunch of them jumped into the Science library and tore up periodicals and books.
Romeo and his brothers have been hired for 6 months at a fees of $4914 to clear the campus of his offending cousins The simians have a guest room on the university campus where they live with their keepers. After a hearty breakfast of fruit and vegetables Romeo and co. are taken round the campus. They strut around moving on buildings and in the corridors and parking lots.The scent of the langurs is enough to keep their rhesus cousins away as they are scared of them.

Yesterday a rhesus entered our garden and made off with a bunch of corn growing just behind our kitchen.Now from where am I going to get a langur to guard my corn and bananas.We have covered the bananas with a cloth, hope he is not clever enough to remove it!
Once I was attacked by a rhesus on my morning walk.He attached himself on my leg, biting it through my pants and socks.I shook it off and came back again.When the other joggers came to rescue me, he got away. Might is of the jungle.

I am happy to tell you that since yesterday the weather has improved. Its cloudy and rained a bit. The Lord has sent us respite from the dry heat.These are our pre-monsoon showers.

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Nancy said...

This is a truly amazing story. I cannot imagine being attacked by a monkey. Perhaps you should start carrying a 'rod'or a 'staff'to protect yourself. Is it dangerous when they bite you ? I mean do they carry disease ? Lord keep Amrita safe from the pests that assault her.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Oh, this blog is fascinating! Amrita, I'd be happy to help you with any template difficulties if I can -- never hesitate to ask!
(allen blogger mail at g mail dot com)

Janet Jeyapaul said...

Oh Yes At the cancer institute here in chennai which sits adjacent to a lush zoo, monkeys abound..they are forever swinging from the banyan tree to the hospital rooftop..and then climbing down to each of the floors..parting the curtain perhaps to say a quick hello..these are the harmless types..we enjoy these sights
from the lab.