Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Happy and Holy Birthday Celebration

On Sept 24th I was invited to little boy Yash 's
birthday party who turned 5 years that day.
His parents are distantly related to us and used to attend our church services.
Now they go the Full Gospel Church.
(The embroidery on the place mat was done by my sister Anjali
when she was in school)
The party was held at Yash 's grandparent 's home on the outskirts of the city.
My cousins gave me a lift in their car.
But the journey was very tiring and arduous
because we got caught in a traffic jam and lost our way quite near to the venue.
It took 1 & 1/2 hours to get to a place 1/2 an hour away
and that too when temp. was in the 90s with high humidity.

They had the party on the terrace.
My pictures are not very good due to poor
light and my camera cells were about to give up.
So most of them are in silhouettes.
That area was having a power cut but they had
a generator.
Before the birthday festivities,
Pastor Daniel of the Full Gospel Church
led in a time of worship and devotions
together with his team.
Pastor Daniel 's wife, Ida is South American.
She could not come as she is expecting their second child
(a boy) in 2 weeks time.
Pastor Daniel gave a 30 minute sermon,
rousing and fiery -
the Full Gospel way!
(most of us were not prepared
for the revival meeting before the party)
Food for the soul first -
then food for the body -
said Pastor Daniel.
Praying for Yash.
This little fellow is an animal lover.
He prays for us every night
his parents tell us.
He looks so sweet here.

He had a chocolate teddy bear cake.
His parents are with him.
My niece Nishu.
This photo does not do her justice,
she is very pretty.
The food was very nice.
There was pilaf, chicken, fried fish
kebabs and lots of other dishes.
My camera batteries failed and
I could not take any more photos.

To a boy 's birthday party one
has to wear blue.

Come let us give thanks to the Lord.
I took this video in the dark and my
camera batteries were
very low too.
Here is a part of the crowd singing.

7 Fertilize my soul:

Kathryn said...

I hope you had a good time! It looks like you did. I love the pic of you in blue.

I don't think i've ever been to a BD party which was also a revival. LOl

Will you be having relief from the heat & humidity soon?

Thank you for sharing part of your life. :)

Amrita said...

The weather should cool down by mid October. November is nice.

Ha...usually at Christian birthdays there is prayer and a Bible reading and sometimes a short devotion. But this was like a real camp meeting.
The father wanted his family to hear the message. Ha...ha!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
That must have been an overdose of soul food or what?
I find it good though that families stick together, for sure you have given that little boy a good day to remember.
I loved the video, the singing children, the eager pastor and the somewhat shy guests; fine mix.
I grew up in the Pentecost Church. Though my parents were modest and never would have had any meeting on my birthday celebrations, I well remember having pastors for guests. They could be mighty, a bit spoiled too, expecting the best of food and service from the housewife.

Thanks for sharing. Blessings to your family.
From Elise

Sita said...

Great party, Amrita. Culture I am familiar with, it seems. Recently went to a memorial service--Trini Indians--they were expecting non-believers to come and had great Trini Indian food--but before any of the very hungry people could partake, they were held a 'captive' audience by 4 speeches/sermons, all purporting to be 'brief'--but hours later....
ah well, the food and chat after was quite worth it!

Do take care--love the sharing!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I love your hair in that photo of you in the blue sari!

Having a revival before a party is quite unique. But what is the same the world over is the proud look on the faces of the parents of the birthday boy!

David C Brown said...

May the Lord bless the young boy and all who heard the word!

Mia N said...

Hi Amrita,
Thank you for your comment. It's allways a plaisir to come here to your blog and see how's your life.