Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Transporters.

First let me show you some modern cars available in India

and then I will

take you on a journey
with the Fast and the Furious

as I traversed the roads of my city today.

There is transport to suit people from
every walk of life.

Middle class people have two wheelers
and cars.
You can see many women on scooters and motorcycles.

This is an ikka or one horse cart

Mostly used in the remote rural areas

They can ply in restricted areas of the city.
I think they are good for ecology.

Man and beast making a living together.
A school bus
Now here a road hazard.
He is transporting plywood on a cycle trolley.
The sheets are too big and he can easily
cause an accident.
This is not allowed, but no one
is restraining him.
Earlier I saw two boys dragging a long piece
of metal pipe behind them on a motorcycle.

In front is an army truck with soldiers in it.

This man was selling helmets (on the hand cart)
in a wayside stall.
He looked so surprised when I took his photo
from a moving rickshaw.
This tractor trolley is transporting goods.
This one is carrying people.
Maybe they were demonstrate rs as they carried flags and banners.
They were from a rural area.
Expensive cars.

I just wanted to show you the different means of transport.
I w ant to thank all of you who commented on my last posts.
I 've been busy lately and not had time to respond personally.
I will do that tomorrow.
My sister Namrita is much better. She went to Assam
and consulted a homeopath doctor.
She has just started his medicine.
Today is my nephew Abner 's 8th birthday.

18 Fertilize my soul:

Sherri Murphy said...

I so enjoy your photos, as you know. How interesting.

madison said...

Cars over there are very similar to ours here in the states.
Glad you sister is better.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Interesting information on transportation.
Most of what you showed us are environment friendly.
I like the thought of you photographing from a rickshaw.
'My father always argued that one could ride miles and miles in a taxi for just the insurance money of a car. Then we also have to pay road fee to the government, and have ours cars controlled very other year.
Of course there is the pollution aspect too.
I know the Indians make great cars for export, but if on billion Indians are to have their own car (and why shouldn't they?),
we are facing heavy pollution and fuel shortage.
Then again, why should it be the rich man's privilege to pollute our common earth?

Glad that your sister Namrita is better.
I strongly believe in the herb medicine.
I felt low last week after swimming in a public swimming hall.
I had four cups of Holy Basil tea and the throat ache was gone.

Thanks again.
From Felisol

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Happy Birthday to Abner! Age 8 is a very fun age, big enough to do so many things but still young enough to be appreciative and like their relatives!

I enjoyed your trip along the Indian Autobahn. When you say you are in a rickshaw, is it bike-pedal-powered? I rode in those before, back when I was very lightweight. Now, it would likely kill the poor person who had to pedal me any distance at all.

Buttercup said...

Enjoyed your transportation post. I was taken with the many modes on the road when I was in India four years ago.

I am glad Namrita is feeling better and pray that she makes a complete recovery. Happy birthday to Abner. I hope he has a wonderful year.

Buttercup said...

Enjoyed your transportation post. I was taken with the many modes on the road when I was in India four years ago.

I am glad Namrita is feeling better and pray that she makes a complete recovery. Happy birthday to Abner. I hope he has a wonderful year.

Kate said...

I love it when you do posts that give us a glimpse of the culture adn your surroundings!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

India is very much like the Philippines. You have the best and the worst of everything. Side by side with the most modern and sleek luxury vehicles are the decrepit vehicles and horse drawn old style wagons. But we owe India with the world's cheapest car- the Tata car. I hope it becomes available in the Philippines so that more people can afford to own their own cars. Thanks for the informative post. God bless you always.

John Cowart said...

Hi Amrita,
You are always showing me a new world. Thanks

Sita said...

What a fun post, Amrita...taking us along on your 'ride'...

Pat said...

Beam me up Scotty! A Star Trek space ship is the only missing vehicle! I'm afraid all those form of transportation might make me a tiny be anxious, I hope every one is careful!
Happy Birthday to Abner, 8 is a wonderful age!
Continued get well prayers to Namrita too!

Gerry said...

I was interested in this entry as I was always so fascinated about people pulling rickshaws with people in them about. I finally rode in a bike transport here in Phoenix home from the theater and I really quite enjoyed it. I usually hoof it. I felt fortunate to get in on the horse age before it turned to the car age. When I was a little child a lot of people still had wagons not cars. A family wagon. And boys had their own horses they rode everywhere. Gerry

Terry said...

dear amrita,
i like the scooters, the horses and the bus...especially the bus.
you can strike up a conversation with people so many times and l love to listen to their stories.

i have been trying for days to call you by telelphone but have not succeeded yet amtita...and it is very discouraging.
for now i am going to get caught up on your blog because i am feeling so much better.
give mama and sheeba a hug from me and a hug for you terry

Julie said...

I'm kind of a minivan or bike type person but I like the horse and buggy. Thanks for showing all these.

Anonymous said...

Now this was a lovely journey with you Amrita...lovely photos and nice to know your family members are doing well...have a wonderful time!

Crown of Beauty said...

You have done a good post showing the different modes of transportation in your place. Most of those I am also familiar with, as we also have them here in our country.

Glad that Namrita is doing better. and Happy Birthday to Abner.

Blessings to you. I have something for you on my Aug 31 post.


Amrita said...

Hi friends, India is alnd of extremes and variety and conflicting images and experiences. You can get surprised at every turn - so its kind of adventurous.
We jave various kinds of horse carts. The other kind is called tonga. I have to try and get a photo of it.

Robin said...

So interesting, the blend of modern and the old ways of transportation-very much what we saw in southern romania. There is nothing that compares to that in america, barely a bicycle in rural areas, only cars. Even our friends from Romania when they came here said -where are all the people? No one walks or rides horses in rural areas. God bless you amrita!