Thursday, 22 October 2009

A Day at the Doc 's

We went for Mama 's doctor appointment
this afternoon.
Waited 3 hours for him to see us.
But when he finally examined mama 's eyes he said she doesn 't need an immediate surgery. The cataract has to mature.
He has asked her to come again for an eye glass test.
Since the eye surgeon is my cousin,
we had the privilege of waiting comfortably in his living room.
His dog Dash or Dashing is very cute and friendly.
I took photos of him sprawled on the sofa. He lay down at my feet and asked me to pet him.
I wonder what his breed is.
This is a nice glass topped table
with a driftwood stand.

To pass the time I walked around in the
garden and took some photos.

It was a nice day.
We had our lunch at 5pm.

The doctor 's wife teaches English Literature
at the University.
She has taught all of us sisters.

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Terry said...

dear amrita..these are such nice pictures.
kind of makes me think that our summer has all gone..hardly any lush green grass and pretty coloured flowers like you have in india and although we have some green leaves still hanging they are dry and warm weather and i am a complainer...hahahaha.
this doggie is very cute but like you told me when you saw that black kitty on my blog. "don't let shopping news see her"...[by the way that black kitty is a he amrita!]...well i am telling you.."don't show sheeba these pictures!!" terry

Sherri Murphy said...

You know how I love looking at yur photos. Thanks Amrita.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I think that "Dash" is part golden retriever? Or maybe some cocker spaniel? His head shape is very cute. But there can be no comparison to Sheeba, for sheer beauty.

I am glad your mother does not have to face the surgery right now. But it is hard to wait, too!!!

N Abram said...

Dear Amrita, just saying hello. As I have a bit of free time tonite, I can catch up with your news at leisure. Hope you are feeling much better now. I pray for you and your mum especially as she has to wait and this can be nervewrecking. Still God's plans and promises don't change and he watches over you and cares for you. Speak to you soon. x
PS I so liked the video, are we smart! lol

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I'm glad your mom didn't have to operate on her eye. My mother has had eye surgery for cataract on both eyes. Lots of work afterward with dripping the eye and placing a shield on the eye as well.

Funny, I was with my mother to hospital yesterday. She was to a specialist to control a benign lump under her ear.
I don't feel comfortable at all, visiting the town hospital, but all's well that ends well.

What a beautiful garden your cousin and his wife have made.
Like Terry, I am a tiny bit envious.
From Felisol.

madison said...

Great pics, everything looks so neat and clean.
Unlike my yard which is full of pine needles and flower beds with dead plants waiting for me to pull them out!

Simply Shelley said...

Hello dear Amrita,the home of the doctor is very nice and the garden is beautiful. The dog looks very much like a lab...we have a black lab. Maybe God will heal your mama's eye and she won't have to have the surgery at all...he is able if it be his will.....thanks for sharing this post....blessings to you and mama.....

Gigi said...

you are a constant encourager and inspiration to me ....thank you