Tuesday, 16 March 2010

How to read the Bible

Watch this funny and instructive video. I love the part where the father talks about his kids.

Today we got my mother 's blood work done.
Praise God everything is normal.
She has to have her cataract surgery.Please pray for help needed for that.
I had a cold coming on but I fought it with a home made syrup of honey and crushed ginger root and peppercorn and I feel so much better. I am having dizzy spells , its my middle ear problem kicking in with the seasonal change. Taking pills for that.
Sheeba seems fine now - no more shivering and pain.
Its getting warmer day by day. Temps in the 80s. How long can the cool winter last ? Sigh!

4 Fertilize my soul:

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Good to see all was well with your mother! We are lucky who has our mothers yet! My dear mom will be 94 next month.
It was not good to hear you has got a cold!But that you already are better, is very good!
I wish both you and your mother all good! Bless you!

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Whew! Crushed Ginger Root and Pepper Corns smeared with honey??

Maybe we should chuck the bottle of Buckley's at the back of the shelf and give this a try! :)

John Cowart said...

I'm glad that you, your mother, and Sheba are doing better.

Amrita said...

Hello friends thanks for stopping by.
Yes C_A you try it and see.

My throat is my sore anymore