Wednesday, 14 July 2010

As Good as It Gets

Today we had our real monsoon showers.

We had from light to moderate rain throughout the day.

Temperature came down and the humidity too.

At 3 in the afternoon the sky was black with clouds

and with a cool breeze blowing

Sheeba and I sat out on the porch

enjoying the moment.

It good to see nature washed and clean.

My mom is already worried about floods.

Actually there is flooding in North Western India,

New Delhi has taken a lashing too.

But Eastern U.P. where w e live is

so drought stricken, I don 't think

there are chances of flooding here.

Water logging, - plenty of it in the cities though.

Well, besides all this it was a
BLUE/BLACK Day for us
Blue for the rain
and black for the power outages.
Yesterday too we had incessant power cuts
all day and through the night.
Today it was worse.
We 've hardly had a decent supply.
Composing this post has taken me a long time.
A man who had been to the electricity sub-station
told us there is something wrong
with a transformer.
Well, its taking them 2 days and a night to fix it.
The water supply came when there was no
power, so I could not fill the
overhead tank properly.

But I choose electricity over water.
What about you?
Oh well, in the West people don' t
have to worry about this option,
at least not on a daily basis.
I think it would be better
living in the middle of the
Amazon forest
rather than this contrete jungle.
When the lights went out again at 9pm
Sheeba and I sat out in the garden
trying to enjoy the wedding fireworks
all around us.
Folks tonight is an auspicious wedding night
so scores of weddings are taking place around us
in the post hotels and weddings halls
in our neighbourhood.
But Sheeba doesn 't like the idea of wedding fireworks.
She takes umbrage at people throwing
fire at the sky accompanied by
loud bangs and music.
She lodges her complaints with powerful barks.
I tell her ;Sheeba beta, let
others enjoy getting married
while we are collecting our tears in a bottle
in the dark.
To amuse myself I took
some photos of the fireworks
with my mobile phone.
Haven' t uploaded them yet. I want to finish this post and
Rest in Peace
Return If Possible.
So glad there won' t be any shortage
of light and water in heaven.
The river of life flows there
the Lamb (Christ)
is the Light.

8 Fertilize my soul:

Zimbabwe said...

In the TV I watched news - there was about 11 death causes in India because of flood and rain. I have impression, that this year every country has floods - I read that this spring flood was also in... Saudi Arabia. This fact give food for thought. In my opinion, this is one of thousands sings of The Second Coming of Lord.
I believe that You, Your family and Sheeba enjoy rain after those terrible heat. I will pray about Your city.

Donetta said...

Oh we are so looking forward to the monsoons here.
So glad your taking pleasure and resting in the rain

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Where I lived on that little island near Canada we were plagued with power outages. Trees would fall onto the wires and the incessant rain also did bad things to the wires. It was miserable with never knowing if the power would be off or not. Our neighbors had a bit more money and had generators to run.

Tell Sheeba she is right to bark -- all this foolishness over weddings -- stay single, Sheeba, and you will remain a happy girl!

Debra said...

So sorry about all your power outages. Your right, we are not plagued with those issues here in the west. We have so much and take so much for granted.

Blessings to Amrita and hope tomorrow will be a lovely day for you!

Julie said...

The water will be good for all you plants but I do hope no flooding. Love your photos. My Zoey hates fireworks also.

Gerry said...

Even my son Raymond said his dog Baby did not like the 4th of July fireworks at all! After two family dogs got shot at in the sheep field (naturally) they would dive for under the table when they heard loud noises. Our power outrages now are seldom but occasionally storm causes some severe outrages just when needed, in the hot summer or a blizzard! A back up generator runs our elevators when there is one and some lights. So we won't be entirely in the dark. Concrete jungles are very hot, I agree.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It nice that showers have began to cool the prevailing heat of summer. But your power outages is just not normal. It is really hard to be in the dark and in extreme heat during the night because of power interruptions. You could hardly sleep with the heat. Good thing you have Sheeba to be your constant companion. She is a faithful dog faithful than most people. I hope and pray that you will be alright and your troubles will all fly away. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Carol-Ann. said...

Ha! I see these weddings still have you "collecting [your] tears in a bottle"! Sitting on the porch with Sheeba sounds comfy, though!