Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday Service

Sunday morning dawned warm and sultry and had visitors at church from the neighbouring city of Varanasi. They drove two and half hours at dawn to get here. We welcomed them with breakfast, which Pastor and his wife served them.
Just I wa s getting ready for church a group of our relatives showed up. They visit occasionally and were here to attend church . Mama chatted with them as I got ready. I called her in to change my (boil) dressing.
Church was very nice. The seminary students have returned from the holidays so we had good attendance. (my mobile photo showing the visitors, I forgot to carry my digital camera)

A husband and wife shared their testimony. Nirja (wife) belongs to a Hindu family. She accepted Christ as a student. Her family forcibly got her married to a Hindu man. She took Jesus ' promise :I will leave you nor forsake you even to the ends of the earth. She said,"Lord you are with me even as I am going into this non-Christian milieu".
Her husband and in-laws opposed her Christian beliefs. But they were impressed by her life and prayers. Later on her husband and entire family became Christians.
Her husband told us that for 16 years he worked in BHU (-it is Asia 's largest university) as a non-permanent employee, but he received God' s blessing and now his job is permanent, which means a lot in India. He is a musician and used to sing in pop bands, but now he uses his talents for the Lord. They sang a lovely song too.

After church we got to know our visitors better and discussed ministry possibilities with them. Our Pastor 's wife had prepared a nice chicken curry for lunch. While she was cooking the rice and fresh green peas pilaf, Nirja and I helped with the salad as all three of us chatted in the kitchen.
After lunch we bid farewell to our guests.
P.S. Other news
Today the pain (boil) is much less. Otherwise I was thinking would not be able to attend church.

Tonight I am going to watch the movie"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" on HBO

Another prayer request.
Late Aunt Virginia 's creditors are knocking at my door. I have stalled till Wednesday. I also have to pay a big electricity bill.We live by faith and mama's small pension.

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Terra said...

That was a lovely church service and what a thrilling testimony of how the Hindu woman became a Christian and eventually her husband did also.
My goodness, are creditors from Virginia bothering you? I pray all works out well.
I am going to church in a few minutes.
"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." 3 John 2

Terra said...

Ha ha, now I read your post again and see that your aunt's name is Virginia, and it is not creditors from Virginia. That is what happens when I read too fast as I head to church.
Well, I do hope that situation works out good for you.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Gracious, can you tell the creditors that they can just GO JUMP IN A LAKE??? Meaning, stop their nonsense! Why are they coming after you? It's not your debt!!! I tell you, the world over, people try to weasel their way into situations where they can extract money from others. It's horrid of them!!!

Amrita, try telling them "THAT IS NOT MY CONCERN." How fierce can Sheeba look?

Glad the boil is better. Awful to be boiling hot with a boil!!!

Nina in Portugal said...

Sounds like a lovely service! And Chicken Curry sounds delicious!

Glad you're feeling a little better.

Dani said...

Lovely service and I'm glad you are feeling a bit, you are not responsible for a deceased family members debt..I don't know what India's laws are like...its just not right....

madison said...

Chicken curry, yum. Unfortunately, those days of eating spicy foods are over for me.
Glad you're feeling better every day.
We had a new pastor preaching at church this morning and then a luncheon after. I thought he was good, but it was so humid in that church this morning I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Robin said...

I am so glad the pain from the boil is subsiding for you amrita. the testimony of the woman who trusted God in her life and marriage and that God is now using her to share this is a blessing to me. I also just watched the movie 'curious case of banjamin button' i will look to see what you think of this movie:)
blessings to you~