Monday, 19 July 2010

Value Plus

At about noon time loud party music wafted through our neighbourhood making me wonder who was getting married in broad daylight. Most weddings take place in the evening. Jags came and told us that a new store was being inaugurated by film actress Juhi Chawla (photo above) and thence all the commotion. He (from a rural background) could not understand the logic of inviting a famous celebrity to cut the ribbon and spending such a lot on her travel, hospitality, security and traffic restrictions. He wondered why could they not ask a local fella or HER Mom and Dad (age is revered in India) to do it instead. I could not explain fashion icons and celebrities to him. They are not a poor semi literate man' s dreams. He looks upon millionaires with great disdain.
Anyway, Juhi Chawla came and did the honors. She could be the brand ambassador of this company. I like her a lot so I decided to visit the store in the evening.

The Value Plus stores have several outlets all over India and this is their 30th.
Excuse my poor cell phone photography. I could not take digital shots without attracting unwelcome attention.

The store sells a variety of home appliances , gadgets and kitchenware etc.
All very good branded stuff and quite expensive. Although they are selling them at retail price.

Washing machines.


Giant TV and cameras of all sorts.
As I looked around I was served very good hot coffee as inaugural welcome.

On the way home I bought hot samosas ( potato stuffed deep fried snacks)

From a roadside tea stall which looks like the one above (this photo is from the web)
The owner 's pretty daughters were serving the customers. I asked for 4 samosas and one lass aged 13 0r 14 charged me for 5. I told her I wanted just 4 and she told me she had packed an extra one for me. I was watching her and said ;no there are only 4 in the bag. She looked in and was embarrassed and gave me another one.
Either she was careless or smart (read cheating me). I think the latter was more likely. I asked her which school she went to. She waved in a general direction and mumbled something. I brought my message across, her teachers are teaching her how to make a fast buck, but some customers are faster.
The rest of the evening was spent with my Pastor going over church accounts and bills.And when I came home it started raining heavily.
Praise God for the rain. The temperature has come down.
My boil is so much better today.
And another praise report. God 'is helping me meet my financial burdens.
Thank you for praying

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David C Brown said...

There's so much to keep praising for!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I'm glad to learn you are better and that no smart little girl can outsmart a skilled teacher.
It's getting late, I have to take it easy.
Live well, you and your mother.
From Felisol

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

GRACIOUS, a lass whose mind is more on fast money than honest work!!! Wah! I am glad you showed her you were onto her, Amrita. It could make her think twice about the path she was on.

The movie actress is so gorgeous. God gave out both brains and looks in India.

Hope the boil heals completely soon...

David said...

praise God, who takes such good care of you

Lynda said...

The samosas look so good !

So glad that God is meeting your needs-of course He always does. I'm so glad our Heavenly Father cares for us!

Jade Graham said...

The sad answer is no, they can't, because they aren't celebrities.  חבילות נופש בחו"ל