Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Coffee Break

I indulge in a cup of hot and sweet milky coffee
a few mornings a week
(otherwise I begin my day with
black tea)
This is when I need a morning kickstart.
(Actually I need it everyday)

In the humidity my coffee powder solidifies and forms chunks.
Even in airtight plastic or
glass containers.

Please can someone advise me how to store coffee
in humid conditions.
Will storing it in the freezer help?
Our lights go off very often
so condensation will take place.
These days our power supply is very uncertain.
Its just so stressful.
Our inverter battery is weak.
So when my mother watches TV
during a shut down we have to switch off
the lights. I keep one fan on
to keep cool.

I don 't know what happened
All the photos and graphics I had stored in a file
called My Pictures have disappeared.
I tried to search for them, but they did not show up.
I will give it a try, if they don' t turn up
I will consult a techie.
My laptop is within the guarantee
period so I will get free service.

15 Fertilize my soul:

Shelley said...

Not sure about the coffee hint....I know you can put rice in salt to keep it from getting lumpy...might try it for your coffee...could work....I like my coffee milky too and a little sweet....hope you get your computer problems worked out....God bless you Amrita and your mama too....

Terra said...

I hope some wise person will share here about storing your coffee in humid conditions, and also that your pictures are found safe and sound!

Dani said...

you might try buying whole beans and grinding what you need can store whole beans in the freezer....
I was just reading about a solar generator...maybe that would solve the electrical gas to run a solar model..

Zimbabwe said...

My grandmother keep her coffee (is it typical coffee powder from supermarket) in glass jars. Maybe put it also in the paper bag before carrying it to the glass or plastic containers? The idea with grains written above isn't bad. Blessings for You and Your Mama!

Kimmie said...

Your coffee pictures are so inviting. Not sure what you can do about lumpy coffee granules...have you tried to google it?

praying for your pictures to be found!!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Amrita, for the instant coffee powder, we would put it in a jar, no matter what it came in. Then the jar would go into a old tin that had crumpled newspapers in the bottom. You could put crumpled up newpaper in a larger glass jar, too, then put in the smaller jar and seal it up. The newsprint sucked up the water in the air, is my guess. Do you have any large tins there, such perhaps as biscuits (cookies) come in?

Amrita said...

Hello ladies, thank you for your helpful remarks.
Holly I 'll take your advice. The newspaper idea seems good. Yes we have large containers avilable , the smaller one will go into them with the newspapaer. Thanks

Amrita said...

Hi Dani,

Coffee beans are not avaolavble very easily in North India. On e you can get in South India where coffee is produced. You can get freshly ground beans too. I like that.

Yes solar generators are on the market, but not locally and they are very expensive too.

Donetta said...

Sure hope you get your images back.
Coffee is best in the freezer. That's a good idea about the paper. Another trick is a piece of bisk pottery like a shard. No glaze on it. The porosity of the bisk (first fire)helps.
My coffee is always frozen

Hope that the cool comes and gives you ease soon

Amrita said...

Hi Donetta, I 'll try these things.

I found your turkey grinding process very interesting.

When it rains the temps come down- but its back to square one afterwards.

Amrita said...

You know ladies we found 3 tiny snakes in the house this morning while cleaning.They were most probably. One was dead.

sarah said...

like you....I need that kickstart and love love love coffee in the morning.three cups actually...☺ Have the best day

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

You can buy coffee in small sachets good for only one use so that you don't have to open a large doy pack or jar of coffee. I don't know if you had tried that before. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Amrita said...

Hi Mel, buying single sachets is also a good idea. Altthough we can seldom get them (have to ask at several shops, may someone will have a few). And shachets are costlier too.

Crown of Beauty said...

Instant coffee one serve packs should do the trick as Mel advices, and also keep all these in the freezer.