Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Body Guard

Today was a day of high drama, and spiritual warfare, akin to an episode of a soap opera. I cannot give the details unfortunately.

This morning I went out on important business and could have been mugged and robbed on the way back. But my Shield and Defender God provided maximum security for me and I reached home safely. He is my Body Guard literally

I was taking a breather after this when an unexpected visitors showed up. Five huge men against two weak women ( mama and me). The meeting could have taken a very ugly and nasty turn had not the Holy Spirit given me the right words to say and wisdom to deal with them. I silently kept praying , at times I felt they were not going to leave. We kept talking for nearly 2 hours and they left.

One of them is going to come to see me tomorrow morning to talk about a certain matter.
I promised to help him as best I can.

Please pray for me. We need God' s protection and wisdom and the right words to say. Pray for these men too . That God may wash away the enmity which has taken root in their hearts for each other (they are cousins and brothers) and us too, even my Pastor.

As Goliath reared his monstrous head, I picked up God' s 5 stones to confront him.
For God not given has not us a spirit of fear , but of power , and love and self control. 2 Timothy 1:7 (New Testament)

PS The the evening we had a cool refreshing shower. Praise God!

8 Fertilize my soul:

Kathryn said...

Wow, Amrita. A large part of me wants to just pick you up & put you in a safe place. Except i tell myself i know that you are in the hollow of his hand & where could be safer than there?

I still wish i could "fix it" for you, tho.

How lovely that you are so trusting to our dear Father that you are able to call on him & use wise words to turn away those who would do you harm.

I still wish i could "fix it" for you, & i don't think that feeling is going to go away. You are in my prayer.

Sita said...

Father, Amrita and her Mom need Your omnipotent nature to be revealed as they cast their limitations at your feet. Equip them for all that has been allowed in their lives. Send your angels to wrap them up in a cocoon of divine protection. May no weapon forged by the enemy prevail. Thwart the schemes of the evil one. Deliver them from evil. Pour your wisdom and words into Amrita's mouth. Now to Him who is able to do so much more than we can imagine. To You, O God be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Felisol said...

Dear Lord,
I thank you for showing your power and strength beyond human understanding today. I know you have sent angels to protect Amrita and her mother and shall continue to do so according to your promises.
Send your Holy Spirit and let him say what has to be said and done tomorrow, and all days.
Thank you Jesus, you have besieged the evil and all his spirits once and for all on Calvary.
Let fear be far away from us,we place this important cause in your hands, knowing we are safe with you.

Nicky said...

Dear Amrita, I pray that God may stop those people from hurting you. May He strenghten you and refresh you during the night. May the Lord pours his Love onto you and may you be filled with the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Amrita, I wish I could be there and introduce those guys to either my crossbow or my shorty shotgun. The shotgun is surer but the bow is more fun. DANG. They really make me ANGRY, picking on 2 women.

Hang in there. I wish the police could help you with these threatening men.

Brad the Dad said...

Bless you sister as you stand in His strength. My family will pray for you this morning.

Amrita said...

Thank you for your prayers my dear friends. Tha t gave us so much strength and confidence.

Dear Holly hugs to you my guns n ' roses friend.

Amrita said...

I shared your responses with my Pastor and mother