Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday Blessings- The World 's Most Unpopular Preacher

(Click to enlarge the poster)
John Piper is excellent his short message here makes me excited about the life to come.

11 Fertilize my soul:

David C Brown said...

"And he shall wipe away every tear from their eyes ...*: He will have to touch us one by one to do that. From our eyes - not just from our cheeks!

Louise said...

Oh Amrita, this poster about death is something all should read. Do you mind if I post it on my blog?
Also, Marvin is doing much better!
Thanks to the grace and mercy of our Lord, and to people who pray.

Dani said...

thank you so much for this word...lots of encouragement, thanks..

Amrita said...

Thank you Louise, David and Dani

Zimbabwe said...

Medicine can make life better and longer, but can't cure death. Science know answers to questions about cosmos, but not about death. People think that they are so strong, but in reality they can't win with death.
But Jesus has for us great gift - the Life, which won't be similar to life on this Earth.

Ash said...

Beautiful. Just what I needed to hear today! Thank you Amrita!

Amrita said...

Zimb, thank you for you r input.
Ash , thank you so much. When I saw that poster I copie d it here.

Felisol said...

As much as blogging has become a part of my daily routines and joys, and my blog friends are an immense source of inspiration, spiritaual fellowship and interpersonal love and understanding, I have to put myself on sick leave for a while.
I've had as a principle that I at least should answer and keep in touch with the ones that bothered to visit nad comment on my blog.
Lately I haven't been able to do that, and that makes me feel so shameful.
I have been struggling with this chronic fatigue syndrome for two decades, lots of broken bones due to osteoporosis, arthritis and now also gastritis.
I am blessed to live in Norway. I have appointment with our family doctor once a month, physiotherapist once a week, and I go hiking and swimming also a least once a week to keep this old machinery running.
I have family, a few, but dear friends and best of all husband Gunnar and Serina who care about me, and vice versa.
Thanks to Teach Mary and Gunnar I also have reached a new level of enjoying photographing.
To me blogging has been about sharing, preferably of the good things in life. Thinking about my blog friends make me feel rich, happy and conscious about values and interests beyond my own sphere.
I will in random order thank Terry, Amrita, Mrs. Mac, Saija, Lidj, Crown of Beauty, Trish, Debbie, Sonja, John C, Jim, Teach Mary, Leora, Robin from Israel, Pilgrim father David, Annie, Julie LBM, Constance, Pat, Diane, Cheryl, Deb, Maria Stahl, The Montreal Sisters, Colleen, Kris, E G Wow (who taught me to enlarge photos), Carletta, ilandavita, Nora Johnsen, reg,
Ralph and Patti and Raven. You have all put so much wisdom into my life, broadened my horizon and opened my heart.
I will be back. I simply cannot be without you.Please bear over with me and say a prayer if you feel like. said...

Hello Amrita,

As I missed the Commonwealth Games I have really enjoyed your posts. Thank you for them and also for this beautiful post today.
Kind thoughts

Amrita said...

Dearest Felisol,
I am so sorry to hear tha t your are not feeling well.

You are my Norwegian sister and have been such a blessing and encouragement to me.We 've been friend s for at least 3 or 4 years when I read your comments on Will Greenleaf 's blog. I have learnt so much from you.

I remember how you encourged me to take a stand and be bold about my convivtions.

My mother and I will daily remember you in prayer.

You are a very active and creative lady, inspite of your physical problems. God will strengthen you and lift your out of the fatigue . I was almost bed ridden and had forgotten how to walk I almost envie d people because they could walk and God healed me of that pain.
H e will do the same for you dear Felisol. H e is our Healer.

I treasur e your friendship so much.

Amrita said...

Dear Facing 50, thank you for your comment. I loved your latest post. You are brilliant. By the way Sammo must have lost a few pounds or did the Koi fish make up? (smile)