Friday, 15 October 2010

Goodbye Delhi- Closing Ceremony of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games

On Oct 14 Delhi and India bid goodbye to the Commonwealth Games in a spectacular closing ceremony. I have posted videos which speak more than words. Parts of the show I enjoyed the most. I couldn 't find a video of the fire dancers. If I find it I will share it.

Here are the countries on the top of the medals tally

74 Gold
55 Silver
48 Bronze
177 Total
38 Gold
27 Silver
36 Bronze
101 Total
37 Gold
59 Silver
46 Bronze
142 Total
26 Gold
17 Silver
32 Bronze
75 Total
12 Gold
11 Silver
10 Bronze
33 Total

The next CWG will be held in Glasglow, Scotlamd in 2014
Confluence of 13 forms of traditional Indian martial arts

Marching Bands from the Armed Forces and an Ode to the Motherland
by children

DazzlingLazer Show


10 Fertilize my soul:


Wow! That was quite a big event! We didn't anything about it on our local news stations? Thanks for keeping me up on world events :-)


Shelley said...

Hello always post the most interesting things....God bless....

Amrita said...

Thank you Ron and Shelly.
The show was very long, but worth watching.

Marie said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog :) Nice to hear from you again :)

I have been very busy these last mounths, but I usually visit the bloggers that leaves a comment on my blog :)

Very nice videos from the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games :)

Have a nice weekend :)

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

Thanks for showing the sports by video;s I watched some with interest! So my dearest friend, how are you doing? I red that your mom has been in Amsterdam too, at the airport, wish you a great weekend, with love,

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

oh my goodness, Amrita, I enjoyed the videos very much! The lazer show was magnificent!!!!



Amrita said...

Thank you Doris an d JoAnn

Reenie said...

Very very grand indeed :)

JI said...

I'm glad in the end the Games were a success despite the pre-tournament controversies. Hopefully non-cricketing sports will receive a boost in India in the wake of India’s impressive medal tally.

Zimbabwe said...

Today in the tram I was reading about doping one sportwoman from Nigeria. Great congratulations for Australia!