Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Band Baaja Baraat ( Wedding)

Today  all  eyes  and  TV  sets  will  be  tuned  in  to  the Royal  Wedding.We  all  want   a  bit  of  fun  and  celebration. In  India  the  wedding  interest  is  high.

I  remember the  wedding   of  Charles  and  Diana.
I  was   a student  then and  since  TV had  not  yet
reached  our  city, I  heard   the  commentary  on  BBC  World  Service radio
and  baked   cookies.

No  one  can  beat  the  British
Pomp and Circumstance.

This  is  the Queen 's  official  approval of  the  wedding.
Today  is  nephew Ash 's  birthday,
so  double reason  to  celebrate.
I  going  to  make     English  muffins
and tea.  Put  out   some  Indian canapes,
and  don my   straw hat to get  into   the spirit.
A  Pastor  and his  wife are  attending
their  church  council  meetings,
so  their  daughter  Pinky
who  is  physically  and  educationally
challenged spends  the  day   with us.
She  is  fun company.
Pinky  wants  to  see the  Wedding Show  too.
Pinky  is  grown  up but  she  is  like  an
innocent sweet  child,  so gentle hearted
and  caring. Every  morning she goes to
a  nursery school  to  assist  a  teacher.
She loves  children.
She  is  also  writing  her  special education  exams.

Watched  the whole  show  this  afternoon.
Good   fun.
The  part  I  liked best  was  the  procession  after  the
church ceremony  in the 
horse drawn  royal  coaches.
It  was  a  fairy tale wedding.
Did  you   watch  it?
What  was  your  favourite  part?
Watch  this  video.

6 Fertilize my soul:

David C Brown said...

"Let marriage be held every way in honour", Hebrews 13: 4

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Amrita,

I watched the wedding on the TV. Wonderful. I understand Tony Blair and his wife Cherry Blair were not invited to the wedding.

Lovely photos. The English royalty still holds a charm over the world.The glitter,color,splendor, the old world charm are very fascinating.

English people adore their royalty very much.

Best wishes to you,

Amrita said...

Dear David , you have quoted the right Bible verse. I just hope this may be true in the lives of the royal couple.

Amrita said...

Dear Mr Joseph, we also watched the grand ceremony and the devoted fans lined up on th e streets.

It all really captured everyone 's imagination.

I loved the procession after the ceremony in the horse drawn coaches.Just like in th e fairy tales.

Amrita said...

I wonder why Gordon Brown and Tony Blair were not invited to the wedding

David C Brown said...

Remember they're not just the English monarchy! We're still a United Kingdom!