Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday Blessings - A Passage to India

Today  I  want  to  share  with  you
excepts  from Megan 's  prayer letter.
And  some  photos  Ashish  and Megan
took  in  India.
(top- Megan in Tura)

In a  hotel in Delhi and on the  train  to Delhi
Inner  city market  in Allahabad

A  minaret  at  the  Taj Mahal

Here  are  portions   from Megan 's  letter

It has been three weeks since I returned from India, but the sights and sounds often flash upon my memory as I move about Carleton. I find myself sharing stories and lessons from India with the women I am meeting with.

For example, as I was sitting in the unicenter at Carleton, watching droves of students walk by, I searched the faces for Anna (name  changed), a young woman whom I have been meeting weekly to read scripture with and practice passages we have committed to memory.
As I waited images from India flood my memory… the feel of tiny hands grabbing my wrist, big dark eyes looking up at me pleading for money or food, street children of India are too common a sight. Or the image of a man wearing an orange robe, his forehead painted white, squatting outside a Hindu temple .The need in India is great, but to their advantage is their spiritual awareness. They are open to hearing about God because they already know there is a “higher power” of some sort.

 Here in Canada there is a spiritual ‘haze’ if you will, a dullness that prevents us from really experiencing all that Jesus has to offer. It also leads to a society in which we worship ourselves: our intellect, our success, and our independence.
Reaching students in this society poses a much different challenge than the challenges I saw in India. My calling to Canada was strengthened while in India because from the other side of the world I could see and feel the great need back home. A well-known Christian convert in India, Sundar Singh said about the west: (and I paraphrase) “The West has the benefits of being a society built on Christian principles. But I fear one thing for the West: That they will be like Judas Iscariot, who wined and dined with Jesus, only later to betray Him”

This is why I love seeing students “get” the Gospel more and more as it seeps into their hearts and everyday lives.
Then my call is to go home and “wrestle in prayer” for my  friend  Anna.
That is the heart of what we do and love to do and are called to do, “so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ” (Colossians 1:28). Thank you for those of you who are inclined to pray, who wrestle alongside me for these students. Prayer often feels like trench-warfare, breaking forth the Kingdom into peoples lives, and we can always use more of that
To His glory,
From  tomorrow, April 4th  I  am launching  out  on  a  new  venture  - an added  dimension to  my church ministry.(I have already tested  the   waters)
Its  a challenging job . But  I  want to  do  it because  I can  do  all  things   through Christ who  strengthens  me.
Please  pray for  protection, wisdom ,  strength  and success.

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Nadwrażliwiec said...

I read this letter. It's true, the harvest is great, and the laborers are few. I wish You much wisdom and power in this ministry.

Amrita said...

Thank you for your prayers Zim. People everywhere need the Lord.

Sharodindu said...

Lovely post.. liked the letter and pics...
thanks for sharing Amrita :)

Vilisi said...

Megan's letter is beautiful, revealing a heart that seeks to please God. Her simplicity, clarity & confidence in knowing where and what her calling is, is refreshing. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post, Amrita.Blessings to you. :)

Amrita said...

Thank you Sharo and Vilisi

Pia said...

hi amrita. thank you for praying. my dad appreciates it very much. told him that somebody from india was praying for him.

i dreamt about going to india. not sure what that meant but if ever i get the chance to go there, i will certainly make it a point to meet you. thanks, amrita.

Amrita said...

Dear Pia, praising God with you.

May th e Lord grant your Dad complete healing.

You are so welcome to India and to my hokme. You will be my honored guest.

Mari Nuñez said...

Amrita, So we say with confidence,
“The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” - Hebrews 13:6

Will pray for you :)