Friday, 5 August 2011

Pancake Morning

Earlier  this  year (Feb/March)  when  my  nephew  Ashish  visited   us  with  his  friend Megan we  had  a  gorgeous  pancake breakfast, Canada style.

I make  pancakes  from  scratch but  these  were  out  of  a box  with  lovely Maple  syrup. We  all  enjoyed  them.

Next   week I  am  going  to  visit  my  sister  Sonia in  Lucknow. Last  time  I  went  to   see her  was 10  years  ago when  her   son  was  born.  Since  then I 've  not  had  a holiday -  care-giviing  duties. Since Aunt  Maya  can  stay  with   my  mother  I can  get  away  for  3  days. Looking  forward  to  that.

I  am having  trouble  with  my  Internet  connection these  days. Quite  frustrating.

It has rained  off  and  on  with very   hot  and humid  spells.

Yesterday  I went  out  shopping  to  buy   gifts  for  my  sister  and  family.

Later  on the  Pet  Shop  Boy (not  boys... har-har) came  to  give  Sheeba  her  annual  shots  and  clip   her  nails (my  doggie  gal). She  took  the  shots  calmly  but  protested  with all  might  and  main  during  her  pedicure. The  vet   charges  have  doubled. This  guy  is  a  friend  of  a  friend  and  goes  to  a friend 's  church - so  the bill was not  as  high  as  the  others.
Look  at  my   pancake  photos.

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Abigail Jasmine said...

How fun! Pancakes are so yummy! I make them once in awhile~

Hope you're having a great weekend, dear friend!


Simply Shelley said...

Pancakes are always so good...I am happy for you that you are getting to take a little vacation to visit your sister...enjoy your time and take pictures to share...praying your trip is safe and comfortable...blessings dear Amrita

Anonymous said...

everyone needs a little vacation...hope yours is very restful and fun....and we love pancakes too....don't have them very often as we are watching our weight but they are sure yummy...

Terry said...

happy birthday dear amrita...sorry i am late but i am working on googling you a cake over from google images...ha! i can't bake!...see you at the terry

Amrita said...

Thank you Terry, your cakes are so good, I can taste them thousands of miles away. So sweet of you

Amrita said...

That 's right Dani, the butter and syrup has to be in moderation

Vilisi said...

Hi Amrita - pancakes are a favourite in my home. My son made some this morning and we had them with passion-fruit yoghurt and canned peaches. There was maple syrup too. :) So yummy but not so good when you're trying to lose weight. lol!
God bless,