Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I Have Kept The Faith

Today  my father  completed  8  years  in   heaven.
"The course that I was set I have finished, and I have kept the faith. The future for me holds the crown of righteousness which God, the true judge, will give to those who have loved what they have seen of him. "
2 Timothy 4;7,8 (J B Phillips New  Testament)

Here  are  some  old  b/w and  coloured  memories


My  father  loved  the  outdoors.
He  was  a  hunter and 
enjoyed  sports.

Mom & Dad  with  daughters
Amrita  and Anjali

All  5  of  us.
(I am   the  middle  daughter)

Grandpa  enjoying our grapefruit with Mahima

The  family enjoying  the  warm
winter  sun.
 Mahima, Uncle Kenneth, Aunt  Virginia
Amrita, Ashish,Mama, Papa,
Aunt Sybil and  Anjali

My Dad  stood by what  he  believed.
Here  is  a  poem by Patience Strong,
sharing  the  same  sentiments.

If you believe-
Stand boldly by the  things that you profess.
Let  your No be definite,
and let  your yes be yes.
Do not swing between two points.
Be firm in word and deed-
Faith is futile if it does not
work in time of  need...
So give your witness without shame-
and let your life your faith proclaim.

14 Fertilize my soul:

donna said...

Enjoyed seeing all the pictures. Thank you for sharing. Love the poem too. Blessings on your day!

Pia said...

i enjoyed the photos, amrita. your dad is good looking!

Mrs. Mac said...

Your family photos bring sunshine with the smiles of each person. What a reunion it shall be one day! Love and hugs,

Jada's Gigi said...

I believe you favor your dad.

Vicki said...

Hi Amrita! Your dad is such a handsome man. Thank you for posting photos of him and all the family. I enjoyed it so much. Blessings & hugs... . Vicki

Amrita said...

From Prem

I really missed him so much when I was in Allahabad ,i would talk to him and ask him for advise when i was in the court and at home. He was my special friend.He taught me many things .God Bless you Papa

Mari Nuñez said...

You have wonderful memories of your dad. That is very nice. My dad will be six years in December, I miss him so much.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, sweet Amrita.

I love the photos.

You're beautiful and you have a beautiful family.

Ash said...

Beautiful photos - thank you so much for sharing these, Amrita!

Simply Shelley said...

Nice family memories...thanks so much for sharing Amrita...God bless you.

Unknown said...

Hello Amrita! What a lovely rememberance of your father...May he rest in peace.

David C Brown said...

"Blessed the dead who die in the Lord ... for their works follow with them".

Amrita said...

Dear friends, Thank you for your kind comments.

Welcome Zareen, I will come by your page soon.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I can see that you and your father were closely bonded.It makes the parting hard and I understand you must miss him a lot.
I pray to God to reward you for your faithfulness towards your parents and find a new safe haven.
God is still in charge, and to him anything is possible.
His banner over you is love.
From Felisol