Thursday, 31 May 2007


I 've always been very nervous before academic and job interviews but this one 's from my e-friend Rebecca so here goes.
Q 1.If you were to wake up tomorrow morning and be given a chance to do something completely different what would it be?
A: I would dress up quickly and go out for a 6 to 7 km. morning walk. I used to do that when I was more mobile, kept my weight down too.
Q 2.Are you an early or late riser...slow or pump up kind of person?
A: Actually I am an early riser, full of energy in the morning. Its after lunch that I slow down, but I 'm fine in the evening.
Q 3.Who, in the world drives you most crazy?
A: Crank callers...people who call at godforsaken times and won 't identify themselves properly. There are other types of people too but I 'd rather not say.
Q 4 With whom are you secretly in love?
A: Very easy to answer. Lots of Martians who don 't even know I exist.
Take Nicholas Cage for example.Perhaps he will read my blog and take note. Hope Floats (no he has not starred in it)
Q 5 War, poverty, disease, lack of education...which issue is of most importance to you in your patch on the globe?
A: I think its lack of education as it leads to poverty and disease in most cases. We are not at war but there is a lot of unrest, discontent, violence and anarchy in my country. Another problem is over population.

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Roo said...

great interview amrita!! i USED to be an early i am but not by choice. shilohs choice. :)

it used to be my goal to get up EVERY DAY at 4am....just to spennd time with God. a cup of coffee, my bible and my journal. it was really really special.

shalom to you.

Becky Wolfe said...

This is a fun one. I especially liked the Nicholas Cage answer. *giggle* I too wish I had the time & energy for morning walks like that. I hope to have some more time for it soon.

Rebecca said...

Hey, I am a morning person as is then that I can get everything the end of the day, I am falling asleep on the couch!