Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Women of substance

My friend Janet wrote on her blog about her Mom 's cook breaking chairs because of her large size.
Yesterday I went went to a salon to have my eyebrows done and this richly endowed, wealthy lady was having her body waxed.Every time the beautician pulled the wax cloth off her arms the poor gal 's chair (adjustable kind) would sink lower. And we all gasped, but the lady had a good sense of humour and she didn 't mind.She was well aware of her magnitude.
I am not making fun of overweight people because I battle with the bulge too, its just that all this makes life more colourful and musical.

My friend Kate tagged me for 8 facts about myself, so here goes...
1.My birthday is on August 1st.
2.During my early teens I liked wearing boys clothes, like jeans and shirts.
3.I like savoury snacks more than sweet ones.
4.When I was born,my Dad 's workmate who was an astrologer predicted that I would learn the English language very well. Well I have a Masters in English Literature, but I 'm not sure if my English is noteworthy.
5.I learnt German in school.Got a prize for pronunciation. A German nun taught us.Sister JoAnna was a very strict lady, still remember her draconian rules.
6.I like international accents. My favourites are Irish, Scottish and German and of course Australian.When I speak to people from other countries I tend to switch on their accents, (not entirely tho).
7.I like fashion jewellery. A whole load of my jewellery was stolen from my apartment when I was teaching in Woodstock school.Now I 'm into hoops, danglers and earrings with crosses.
8.I wear a mix of Indian and western clothes, so my clothes don 't wear out easily. I like cotton fabric. Synthetic clothes make me hot. Silks and synthetics are for cooler weather.

8 Fertilize my soul:

Janet Jeyapaul said...

Oh Amrita i never thought of overweight women in that breaking chairs story-- it was the style in which she sat ..I think mariamma even if she was underweight would have broken chairs-- something like the karate expert - except she used her bottom instead of hands.BTW if your English is not noteworthy they have to rewrite the English language...also you are more on the skinny side..

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita,
Thankyou for your visit on my blog,

Funny way you're writing....I'd like to read it..

I just wonder about what 'the other person' said about you: "that you like to wear man-clothes?"... Because on the picture (profile) you look so feminine, perhaps you might show some other pictures of yourself?...

Your English is so perfect!

By the way: I learned to read and write English "the Cambridge English way". So best is to use it often, that's why I write also in English in my blog, this way I meet 'english writing/talking' people.

Have a good day, JoAnn

Kate said...

Well, your English is superb. LOL about your German teacher, though! So many people have stories about their scary German teachers! My husband tells of Frau Mohr; I had Frau Prenzel. I remember once in college, after an especially exhausing struggle with the subjunctive, I was leaving the builing with my friend Vicki. "Hmph!" I murmered. "Subjunctive. Too esoteric. Not like I'm really going to need to use it..." And this disembodied voice with a very heavy German accent echoed down the stairwell from above, "Oh yes, you will!"

Amrita said...

Hi gals I was just being silly.
JoAnna, it was when i was about 12 or 13 years old that I preferred to wear pants and shirts rather than girl clothes because I thought men were more powerful and influential ...so that was my power-dressing.Later on i understood that women were as important and valuable as men so i started wearing feminine clothes too. It was just a passing teen fad.
Oh yes we also learnt 'Cambridge ' English.In fact there was a 10th grade exam called Senior Cambridge where they sent your answer papers to Cambridge (UK) for marking.Thru your Dutch translation I might learn some Dutch!
Hi Kate,Germans are very disciplined, demanding, industrious,logical people with very high standards...this I learnt from the German nuns who taught us.In fact Sister Jonanna was a terror.Our music hall was next to her room and if our sounds slightly exceeded her toleration limit she would bang on the door like a wild cat.
i love the movies Sister Act Parts 1 & 2 as they remind me of our sisters.

Pat said...

I love the facts about yourself - it's a little picture of who you are and you are very special!
Your english is excellent - you put me to shame!
I have to say I like both savory AND sweet snacks...unfortunately!
Your birthday is just around the corner, like mine. It seems to me that mine are coming to swiftly any more, but I will count each one a blessing.
Have a great day!!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita,
Thanks for explaining me "about your clothing", I think you look very feminine and your words and look seemed to me very wise and strong, (even with a dress on!)

I rewrote my sidebar, so if you are interested, you can read some more personal things about me, if you like taht,your blog inspired me to do so.....

Have a good day-evening, JoAnn

Merriam said...

I think it's interesting that you tend to switch onto other people's accents! I am currently attempting to learn some other languages (failing dismally), and though I can do decent imitations of the Harry Potter characters (all of that takes place in England), I never really was too good at rolling the R's in Spanish or any of that.

Becky Wolfe said...

I'm glad we all have different body types in this world. How much more interesting is it that we are all different!

Fun facts! I liked the bigger more boyish clothes in my early teens as well. Only as an adult did I finally indulge myself with feminity...but I remain on the sport casual side!

I love accents as well & Australian & South African are my most fave. I tend to adopt accents into my own speaking as well!

Yes, give me cotton any day! When I'm jogging or hiking, I like that super wicking synthetic stuff but it gets hot & smelly fast - but it also dries super fast - just don't sit too close!

Thanks for sharing your facts!