Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The cow jumped over the moon

While I was lost in the blogosphere last night, Sheeba (my doggie) set up a great racket barking away. Opon being let out she found a stray cow chomping up our veggies.

Earlier the gas delivery men had come to our Aunt Virginia 's house and left the common front gate open on their way out.Our cooking stove gas comes in metal cylinders and is delivered at home.

On finding the gate wide open Mrs Cow wandered right in and helped herself to quite a bit of free pasture.We are so glad Sheeba warned us otherwise Mrs C would have destroyed a whole lot more, I shudder to think what would have happened to our roses.Anyway we got rid of our bovine visitor with quite a bit of physical exercise.Our Sheeba protects us till the cows come (or go) home.
I gave Sheeba some cookies in apreciation.

I 've got quite a bit of the TV thing figured out. Stayed up till 0ne o 'clock in the morning. The electricity also failed in the middle so I had to work by the generator.

And when I tried to test my newly attained expertise the antena cable disconected itself from the digital receiver ( the men had not fixed it properly). I had a hard time putting that back as its very sensitive and one has to be very accurate.I thought I could do that with a small connector which I thought I had thrown away in the dust bin. So I plunged elbow deep into the bin trying to search for it. After a mad hatter 's search I found it in a safe place.

They say love 's labour is not lost. I 've got 90 percent of it figured out.

Still haven 't decided which language option to choose for the program settings. Think I 'll choose Turkish! LOL.
This evening I was watching a cookery program on one the new channels and saw a chef make Indonesian Gado Gado salad. I really liked it and since I had most of the ingredients (substituted some) I put it together and it turned out to be fairly edible (actually quite good). If you want to try it there 's a recipe HERE
Today is Ash Wednesday, the begining of Lent.Although in our church we don 't follow the liturgical calendar very closely, we are mindful of the Holy Days.
Lent is the period to reflect on the passion and sacrifice of Jesus, without which we could never be cleansed from our sin.
The Bible says "While we were yet sinners Christ died for us".

18 Fertilize my soul:

Margie said...

a stray cow, I laughed out loud!!

Jeanette said...

This is turning into quite a week for you! Thanks for giving us so much fun stuff to read!

Donetta said...

Hello, Wow tv can be a lot of work! :) It is a great help with the elders though I'm sure. I am so glad Sheeba saved the farm :) Holy Cow! HAHAH
Now you'll get a reputation with the cows too for having good eats:) I hope your doing well. I have been pretty hurried around here. Sorry I have not been able to visit every day. I do think of and pray for you though. MIL said she is getting better now. Our family is well and I hope you are doing well too. Some day I will send you some of these books I have to have a little extra for postage as it is very costly to ship. God is so good I am filled with his joy and peace .

~Robin said...

I've been following your blof a few weeks now, I appreciate it very much.
I posted today my own expereince about Lent on my blog. God is SO good-thats for sure!
I'm taking a break from blogging after today-but i'll check back with you in March-God bless!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Amrita,
It's a good thing that your dog alerted you to the presence of the cow in your garden otherwise all your beautiful roses and your luscious vegetables would have been food for the cow. It's also a good thing that you can fix the antennae of your cable TV. Nice job. No need to call the cable man. To all Christians, all days of the week are for the Lord and not just the lenten season. Thanks for the marvelous post. God bless you and your family always.

Saija said...

awww and you were just sharing about your great veggie garden ... i wonder if cows can read? :o)

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
You are living quite a colorful life.
Stressful too, if I may say.
I''d never been able to cope with cows and gas men and this unholy new TV mess. If things will not function I tend to get mad and the things. they're making me feel stupid. It's not welcomed.
Even blogger sometimes make me feel like giving up. I twice deleted whole blogsites in frustration.
Guess who was the looser? Me.
You are made of better stuff.
I can only admire that.

We're began pre-lent on Sunday eating buns with whipped cream and decorating with birch and colored feathers. Reminiscences from the middle ages. This Monday was called Blue Monday, than Fat Tuesday followed by Ash Wednesday.
The names showing that people ate a lot before the rather hard lent.
My friend br. Ole who is a Benedictine monk still practice a his lent as they have done for centuries. He also got an ash cross painted on his forehead
yesterday. I think they're remembering Christ's sacrifice in a remarkable way.
(They also gather five times a day in the church for praying. I can always count on him to remember me and my friends and family when we need it.)

I always think there are many ways to honor Christ and live as his follower.
I can not say which is the better.
Hope you succeed in getting digitalized.
Yours Felisol

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Dear Amrita,
Shall I laugh about the cow sorty, or cry for you, your garden? Now I understand a bit more about your 'thoughts' against cows. They walk free in your countrie!

Some more people on my blog said the word "lent" NOW I do NOT understand that word, or the meaning ( you discribed it... )

I believe also that we 'humans' are NOT only bad and sinners, that sounds so ugly, we are born clean.

I just remeber thatI was baptist (I was 11 years old) That right after the Baptism I said: "Now I am like Jesus without sins", My mom was so angry and sended me to my sleeping room for that, but I only had childish thoughts, not bad at all, and THAT they said 'was a sin'. From that time on I thoughtthat NOT humans are capabel to say what 'sins are or not'

Have agood week:)

the mother of this lot said...

At least you can say your life is never boring Amrita!

Kate said...

Bummer about the cow! How much did she eat? I can only hope that she paid for her supper by leaving a little free fertiizer behind.

the mother of this lot said...

Hi Amrita,
Just dropping by again to say I left you an award!

Kimmie said...

Cows loose in the pasture..sounds peaceful to me!

Christ died for me!
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Shari said...

How upsetting that a cow was invading your garden. So glad your doggie warned you. A few years ago, I decided to grow 4 rows of corn. It is very hard to grow corn here, because we don't have a very long growing season. But, somehow I managed to fertilize enough and got corn on the cob to grow. A few days before the corn was ready to pick, raccoons came into the garden; they ate almost all the corn and left the empty cobs laying in the dirt. I found 6 ears - enough for 1 meal. Gardening can be so frustrating at times.

Carol-Ann. said...

Just laughing out loud! Oh you are too funny! The other day I had a migraine. I limped home from work, took Mini out to do her business and then climbed under my blankies and told Mini to be a good girl and cuddle up. I was just nicely asleep when she started barking wildly! I grumped at her to shut up and she kept on. There wasn't a noise in the house that I could hear! So, just to prove her wrong, I got up with hair in all directions, Mini tucked under my arm, and FLUNG the front door open with a disgruntled display of aggression to find ... two lovely, tidy, trim and dignified Jehovah's Witmesses!

Ya just gotta love yer dog and believe it at all costs!

e-Mom said...

Hooray for Sheeba... a great watch dog. I can't imagine having a cow wander into our front yard, though! (We live in the city.)

Pat said...

Sheeba saved your garden from an "utter" disaster! Good dog! I'm getting so anxious for this snow to leave and spring to come, I can't wait to start our garden, but I'm fairly certain there won't be any cows trying to get a free meal here!

monsoon-dreams said...

hi amrita,
had a good time reading ur post.felt that i was there with u.wonderful blog u have,friend.have a wonderful day!

Amrita said...

Ooh all your comments are so delightful

Sheeba really is the heroine.
Carol-Ann your Mini was not barking up the wrong tree I guess.

Kate, the cow got some cabbages, and bean vine and some other stuff an she did leave some manure behind. we were laughing about that.
Shari, the parrots got our corn, so we don 't plant any now.And sunflowers too.

Hi E-Mom, stray animals are common here, we just have to stray animal-proof our property.Two years ago i had trouble with stray dogs invading our campus. Should make up a post on that.

Hi Felisol, the Norwegian customs and traditions are so unique and interesting. I like reading about them the way you write.We have hot cross buns on Good friday evenings after church.
I just got to know about the cross sign on the forehead.

dearest JoAnn, my heart goes out to you. You did not deserve that as a small child.It was your sweet child 's heart,not religon or philosophy. I sympathize with you.That was your child-like response...nothing serious or sinful at all. We cannot judge and point a finger at any one. Only God is the judge.

The Bible says all have sinned have have fallen short of the glory of God.We have inherited our sin nature from our first parents Adam and Eve...its not what we do but who we are. We can only be saved becasue of God 's grace.

Christianity is not a religion its a relationship.