Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sunday Blessings, Concert

Really enjoyed the Yeshua Live Concert at the Christian University.I got a lift with my cousin sister and family in their brand new car.We first went to pick up their tickets from a professor 's house and our friends had bought expensive VIP passes for all of us.My ticket was unused, I could have given away.
It was wonderful to see the name of Jesus being glorified. Yeshua is a Christian rock band and they sing worship music too.The Vice Chancellor of the University gave the message and 1800 people made decisions to accept Christ. Rejoice in the Lord! The crowd was about 4000 strong.
Taking photos was not allowed but since I was in the VIP section I sneaked a few shots.After the concert we went to our friend 's house for coffee while the kids played their music.This relaxed evening was such a treat and joy to me.Getting away from my elder 's home. Being with people my own age and kids too.These occasions are so rare that they are like a mini holiday.
The last time I crossed the river was one and half

year ago. And this place is about 10 or 12 km away.

Today was my turn to read the scripture in Church. I read from uke 24;1-7. Its the account where the disappointed women encounter the two angels at Jesus ' empty tomb and they tell them;Don 't look for Him here , He is Risen.
We had a young preacher very fiery and enthusiastic.His name is Arul. His dad was far from the Lord when he fell seriously ill. His mom prayed day and night and the Lord healed him. After that he gave his life to the Lord and now they have established 5 churches in Delhi.
My Mom heard on a News channel that the American goverenment is giving away money to people to buy things as they are unable to buy them. And if kids miss school only 3 days a month they get $ 50. I don 't believe it. But if its true please tell me.I know about Social Security and un-employment insurance.

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Pat said...

Sunday...and every day blessing to you too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lady I'm over at MILove house we just came down the mountains from the snow. She was showing me the last paragraph of your post.
The American government is going to give us back a $1600 tax rebate. for a family of four. It is our money that they over tax us . It is a tax incentive. Thats what they call it. I have never heard of the $50. school thing that is not true in my knowledge.
Folks are choosing to not purchase because in large part they have so much debt. They have gotten so deep into usury that they are in big trouble.
The tax incentive is to strengthen the economy in hopes that folks will spend it. Many folks will and there are several of us who will save it.

Anonymous said...

Donetta above on last comment

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Amrita,
Praise the Lord that 1,400 accepted the Lord. That's wonderful. I say, accepting the Lord is one thing and following it up is another thing. The Bible said in Romans 10:8, "That if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." That means acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and personal savior means that we will not only say the acceptance prayer audibly but our heart must be in agreement with our words. And we must surrender our lives to Jesus Christ so that meaningful changes may happen in our lives. Regarding the tax rebates in the US, it is done so that people will have more money to spend. You see, the economy of America is market driven. That means, more money in circulation through spending especially by credit cards will help stimulate the sagging economy of the US. They are now experiencing a mini recession and the government is trying to revive their economy. Thanks for the post. God bless you and your family always.

Amrita said...

Thanks Donetta and Mel for answering my query. In such a fast paced economy the govt. has to try all these stratgeies.

Shari said...

Glad that you got to get away and have some fun. Sounds like it was a great time and it's exciting that so many people made decisions to follow Jesus.

Margie said...

Neer heard of the $50 thing for not missing school. If my daughter got it, straight to her college fund it would go!!

I love worship! how blessed you got VIP

the mother of this lot said...

Hi Amrita
Glad you enjoyed the concert and had such a good evening!
Thanks for the link to the sisters.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

H Amrita,
Good that you could take some (secret) pics, now I can see this too, I red all you wrote and I think its very, toutchy .

I don't know anything about the USA $50-story, but I quess its mend as a stimulating-money tobuy stuffs they need, or continue going to school?

Here in Holland we also have this kind of Extra "payment" too, for people (with an unemployment loan) which cannot pay things they need, because they are unemployed,therefore have not enough money, ll payed by the Government, by Social security lore.

Yes, I enjoyed the sun last weekend! Thanks for your sweet comment.

And my wish is that YOU and your mom are having a good week!:)

monsoon dreams said...

hi amrita,
nice to know you had a great time worshipping the Lord.God bless you.

Gudl said...

I am glad you had a great Sunday and many people accepted the Lord.

Roo said...

ahhh i love concerts too. especially when Jesus is lifted up and worshiped. that's the best kind of concert to go too.

Rebecca said...

The concert looks great that a local band or one from somewhere else?

Terry said...

Hi Amrita!!
Bye Amrita! God bless and I am still thinking about you...
No time!!!!!Love Terry

For some reason, it takes about five or six minutes before I can get to your comment section, and a few more minutes before I can publish it...
I wonder if anyone else has that problem?..
I will email you when I get back home...Terry Anne

Jeanette said...

Amrita, I'm glad you had such a wonderful time, not only at the concert but also afterwards relaxing with friends your own age. I know how important it is to have a little break from the usual heavy responsibilities of caring for others.

I have never heard of that $50 stay-in-school thing, either.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you had an enjoyable, but brief, get-a-way! It refreshes the mind and restores the beauty that abounds.

Terry mentioned "the slowness in downloading the comments section"? I too, at times, encounter the same but also, have slow-speed internet connection. If you have a settings feature for comments you might want to review the options and, if you can, opt out of "POP UP COMMENTS" feature.

America is not giving anything away for free...just simply returning some of our hard-earned income we've already paid in way of Income Taxes. It's called a Tax Rebate.

The economy is lagging and many feel this will help to spur it on. I don't happen to agree, however, I won't refuse to accept a rebate! In my opinion, a slow but mild recession is needed. Spend, spend, spend...gimmeee, gimmee, gimmee needs to end, like right now!

Simply Shelley said...

Hello Amrita, So glad you were able to attend the concert. My son who is 15 likes to listen to the Christian rock groups. So good to hear so many accepted the Lord. That is wonderful!
As your answer to the money, it is a tax repate the goverment is giving out in the next few months in hopes that people will go out and buy things so as to boost the economy here in the U.S.

As for me, I am very thankful for whatever help we get and count it as a blessing from the Lord. We need much repair to our home and sure the money will go toward that.

I did hear today on the news that some schools were giving kids who score very high on their taks test scores a reward of money or gifts. Not all schools are doing this but the ones who are ,the kids are trying very hard to improve their grades so they can be awarded cash . I have not heard about the school attendance part , but it could be true. I always tell my son he should should be very thankful for an education as so many children in the world to not have the privilege to attend school.

The money for the school to pass to the children comes from a grant through the goverment.


Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Amrita ... I'm putting my tax rebate in the bank to save .. not to spend til later. I'm glad you got to attend such a praise filled concert with a younger crowd ;) ... Great to see what God has in going on in India. Praise be the name of Jesus!

Anonymous said...
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j said...

Hello! It sounds like you received a blessing from this event. Glad you shared it. Jennifer

Anonymous said...

it's refreshing to attend such concerts, isn't it? never heard of that about the US government but if that is true, wow! wish that could happen too here in the philippines.

Amrita said...

Hi friends,'I 'm having internet trouble and fighting other battles too.Right now I 'm going to the shops to get my cell phone fixed, my landline is not working too.

I 'll be back.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Amrita said...

Hi Rebecca,
The music group was from Bombay (Mumbai) i have their CD but they are not on You Tube or Godtube otherwise i would have posted a clip on my blog.

Glad the US govt is trying to help people and buck up economy.