Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Sunday Blessings And Memories

Today is Sonia 's birthday. Called her and greeted her. They are having family over for dinner.Here she is with Abner during her Christmas visit. Namrita 's elder son Mishael son is 11 today. We will call him later on as he must be in school. This photo is 2 or 3 years old. (Below) Mishael and his brother Rayguel.

Tomorrow is Papa 's birhtday. he celebrated his last birthday with great enthusiasm. He loved having guests and supervised the cooking himself.Papa is in a place where no ever grows old. This is our comfort and joy even as we miss him a lot.

The Three Belles: Marjorie H, Marjorie B and Mama, school mates and friends.

The Lord is good to us and we had a good Sunday worship service after which we had a never ending stream of visitors. Mama 's friends Marge H and Marge B (from Canada) visited .
Aunt M H gave us information from 18/19 years ago which really shocked and stunned us and make me quite sick.A rich lady, Aunt MH 's relative had left our church quite a bit of money but someone got hold of it and never gave the church a penny. Both our visitors were very surprised too as all these years they had been thinking our church had benefitted from this legacy.This person died a very miserable man at age 81, he did not enjoy that money I can tell you.All this made me very depressed and still I praying its not true.
But the Lord sent more friends as angels to lift our souls up. Dr Paulson, his wife Dr Shirley and 3 kids visited and we had a cheerful time of fellowship with them.
Paulson installed my DVD writer and software saving me the service charges.On Saturday there is a huge Christian music concert at the Christian University. I had bought a ticket but had no transport. But Paulson and Shirley offered to take me along in their car , so praise God I can go.Their car is tiny but their heart is big.
Yesterday was the city-wide prayer meeting in our church. That was another great time of worship , prayer and sharing ideas.
Made fried fresh green peas for a tea-time snack. Make a paste of some onion, garlic and ginger. Heat oil in a pan, when hot tip in the paste. Saute for a while. Add the peas. Put in powdered turmeric,coriander pepper or chilli according to your taste.You can tip in some cummin powder too, and whatever spices you want or subtract what you don 't.You can garnish it with lemon juice , fried nuts (I didn 't) and fresh coriander leaves or cilantro.Easy and healthy! Have it with tomato ketch-up or whatever relish or even a dip. I just improvise.

9 Fertilize my soul:

the mother of this lot said...

What beautiful photos Amrita. Will you e-mail me with your postal address - I've got some stuff to send you.


Jeanette said...

I love to see the pictures of your family and friends, especially Papa. Even though you miss him, you would not wish him back to this world.

I'm sorry to hear about the news of the stolen money. I'm sure you can think of how much of a difference that would have made in what the church could have done for the past 20 years. Could there have been some misunderstanding about it?

Have a good time at the concert, Amrita!

Pat said...

Your posts are always a blessing to me. I love the pictures - those two little guys are so cute!
How wonderfully God provided transportation to the Christian music concert - He never fails us,does He? He supplies our every need.
What a fine looking man your father was - a land where we never grow old - how wonderful heaven will be!!

Amrita said...

Thank you Jackie.I can never repay your kindness.I was living such a lonely life before I started blogging, because I am physically challenged, cannot keep up with my friends here and they are also so busy. My blog friends have enriched my life so much that I don 't care if I have to pay a telephone bill which burns a hole in my pocket ( I have a dial-up internet connection).

Hi Jeanette, my family is very special. Did you know Sonia is my adopted sister. She was an abandoned girl from a fishing village...abused and forced into child labour.God gave us an oppurtunity to bring her into our home.She is married to a strong Christian man with a good job and his own house and they are very active in their church.

You know its very hard for me to accept the money news.I am going thru the stages of shock. Its disbelief for me right now.We are collecting pennies for our church when we could have had a rainfall.

But you know yesterday i was listening to a preacher and he said Jesus choose Judas as his treasurer even though He knew he was a thief.We can 't understand God.

The herbal tablets i told you about are from Dabur company.I 'm sure they are available in the Stares.

Amrita said...

Hi Pat, God had prepared my Dad for heaven.A few weeks before he died he told Mama he had seen Jesus and the Master told him that he was going to heal him ( he was diabetic and a heart patient).He was critically ill for less than 24 hours. i was with him most of the time in the hospital.Before the Lord took him, he prayed and asked me to pray for him and then slipped away...he said he had no pain even though his kidneys had failed.

The Lord was so merciful.Now our loved ones are rejoicing by the sea of cystal (another hymn I love...By the Sea of Crystal saints in Glory Stand)

Donetta said...

Show the pea...are the what I think of as peas?
Thanks for the sweet comment. I love you dear.

Shari said...

It's wonderful when a friend can help out and save us some money. I really like this idea and wish that it would catch on even more in the States. Since my husband is away working for a few weeks, the mail lady's husband came over to plow the snow out of the driveway. I offered, a few times, to pay him. But, he said No - that he just wanted to help out. It made me feel good and it makes me want to do something helpful for someone else.

monsoon dreams said...

hi amrita,
i just love reading ur posts.wish i could meet you atleast once in my life,if not,we'll meet in heaven.

Kate said...

You sure have a collection of cute nephews!