Friday, 8 February 2008

Wind beneath my wings

About a year ago I started visiting John 's blog and so enjoyed reading his posts and other articles that I wanted to start my own journal of sorts.I consider myself to be a computer challenged person and I was very unsure how to do this. John from across the seven seas encouraged me and I took my first step on the moonscape.He is a wonderful author and journalist and historian.His work is flavored with humour, practical advice, spiritual inspiration and honesty.Do drop by his blog and website.

2 Fertilize my soul:

John Cowart said...


You are too kind.
Thanks for all the nice things you said about me and thanks for poster about my on-line book catalog.

I'm really glad you started your blog; the glimpses you give into life in India broadens the world view of your readers. Yes, I encouraged you to start but you have far surpassed me in both computer skills and spiritual depth.


Amrita said...

Oh John that is far too much. How can i can I ever surpass you. Your books have been published by leading piblishers. Thank you for encouraging me.