Tuesday, 5 February 2008

TV Tango

Please try to imagine Whistler 's Mother watching a 1932 vintage TV (Most probably it was soundless at that time).I couldn 't get the two pictures together that is why I am appealing to your imagination.

In the evening 2 fellows from our cable guy showed up with a digital receiver recommending that we use it for an improved and wider TV coverage.Mum and I had a good sales-talk conversation with them.And knocked the drum from all sides to make sure it was not leaking.
I felt we were being coerced (read blackmailed) into buying a receiver in order to get a good reception.But, since the whole world is going digital, we said let 's jump into the well too.
Anyway the guys were in a hurry so they gave me some instructions and an instruction manual. Everything looked very easy. Problems surfaced just when they exited the front gate.
1. All our favorite channels are mixed up. We like to arrange numbers according to our preference...we 've lost that for the moment. I hope the manual will tell me how to re-arrange the channels.
2. Mom cannot work the new remote and showered me with her complaints (I 'm not a serious TV watcher) and when I tried to play it by ear , she kept reading out useless instructions from the book and gave a running commentary on my inept attempts at trying to fix the idiot box ( as we have named the TV in India).I pretended to be completely deaf, the only thing I could do in a situation like this.
3.Mom is reduced to lip reading the TV (that 's why I have posted the top two pictures). Her favorite channel Star One has no sound. All her soaps (which are actually meant for people between the ages of 15 and 35) are soundless and she is watching them anyway.I rang up the cable guy and he tells me there are problems in the control room.This is what I call soundless pleasure.For once the telly has lost its audio-cratic reign.
4. Now I have to read the manual for hours on end and try to figure out how to work the thing smoothly...which will result in brain drain.
Friends I invite you to do a post on how you were miffed by technology while I take my time trying to untangle the TV

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Jeanette said...

Amrita, I had to laugh while reading your post and am still smiling broadly!! I can just picture the whole scene at your house. Good luck on becoming a TV tech! I hope it all works out well in the end.

Regarding being miffed by technology, my situation is not quite like yours, but technology (or the lack of it) can throw our household into a tailspin. My daughter Coral (28 years old with severe cognitive impairment due to cerebral palsy) has her special lineup of programs. When the TV channels decide to change their programming... well, just let me say that you should not come to visit us on that particular day!

Gudl said...

good luck!!!!

Gudl said...

by the way, the answer to your question, the church we support is in Chillakallu in South India, Krishna District A.P.
Do you know where that is?
They fly to Hyderabath and drive 4 hours from there.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
it's funny how your ordinary days matches mine except for me not having a maid and the weather being much colder up in Norway.
Just four days ago we had a digital TV adapter installed. I'm not too exited, but the Norwegian government has decided that Norway shall have digital TV net only, and our county was the first to be forced to change our receptors or buy new TV sets.
Can you believe the kind of dictatorship forced upon us by a so called democratic government. It's a pollution disaster too. People are throwing away their old TVs instead of buying adapters.
We have changed from having 3 channels to 20. I don't know if I care at all.
As long as our daughter was young I stood hard against more TV channels. I mean there are an innumerable amount of trash out there. What we watch is bound to inflict us one way or the other.
I spent a fortune in videos and dvds for our daughter. Now she's soon 20 and has to find her own ways in life.
As for all the installing problems, I have none. If Gunnar wants it he has to fix it.
Luckily for me he's quit a handyman. He's even changed a fan on my computer, the old was worn out, sounding like a combine harvester.
He just likes finding out how things work, like solving riddles.
But I beat him in Scrabble and Checkers though.
We are different in so many ways, but I think that's for the good, then we can be a really good team together despite all our weaknesses.

Amrita you looked stunning in your beautiful sari, singing in your sister's wedding.
Is there not anything ypu can't do??

I also want to thank you for being so warm and empathic praying for my Mom during her time of illness.
Gee, am I lucky who have a friend in India who cares!!

Your in my prayers as well, you know. I pray that the LOrd must heal you from pain and illness, and that he'll help you carry all the heavy burdens. I know you've got tons of responsibilities on your back. Even so, you've got humor and such a broad horizon.
God bless you.
From Felisol

the mother of this lot said...

I am always miffed by technology. Hope you got it sorted out!

Rebecca said...

Ha ha ha...it seems as if you are as challenged as I am in this department.....I have enjoyed a great laugh reading this post....sorry that it had to be at your expense!!! I hope things have sorted themselves out or that you have managed to find someone who can sort them for you - that is always my way out of such situations!

Dick said...

Ha ha nice post, to tell you the truth, I don't have problems like that but........When I have something new there is always something wrong with it and they have to replace the new one for a new one. Is it me??????????

Shari said...

If I have a problem with the computer or TV, I just call in my 13 year old son. He always knows how to fix it.

Carol-Ann. said...

This has been a hilarious read! Your descriptions are just too funny! And I agree with Jeanette -- you just DON'T want to be around when something goes wrong with the TV at her house! In fact, as far as Coral is concerned, life must just NEVER have a glitch! If you say you have a headache she'll start to fuss! She's a built-in positive-thinker-trainer! Everyone has to think twice before they speak when Coral's around!

Amrita said...

Hi pals,
Mom 's favorite channel still doesn 't have the sound.Tomorrow they will be sending a technician to check. Poor Mom has to suffice with her soundless Charlie Chaplin style TV...but she 's not giving up.
I like to watch a Japanese (yes) game show in the afternoons because its really funny...and some news and cookery shows.
Oh Jeanette , Coral and Mom would get along well LOL.

And what Carol-Ann says life should not have a glitch...otherwise everything 's sunk.

Hi Gudl, Chillakau is a good ways from here. But getting there from Hyd. would be easy.Hope the team is well. God bless them.

Hi Felisol, Thank you for your lovely response I love reading your comments.
Oh my good...you all had to buy new TVs to go digital...Mine is about ten or eleven years old and would not like to change it.Getting rid of the old set would be a huge problem too.
Yes in india having maids is not unusual, but most people don 't have them either by choice or circumstances. They exsist mainly in the urban areas.If I could I 'd come over and give you a hepling hand, I 'fd like to cook Norwegian food provided you gave me an English cookbook.Please say a prayer for Namrita, my sister, may the Lord heal her marriage and soul.
Hi Jackie I got most of it sorted out, the sound problem has to be hanbled by the cable guy.
Hey Rebecca, thanks to the manual and managed to get it together.But its like having a new TV.Behold the one one 's gone.

You are right Dick, sometimes you have to get the new gadgets replaced as they don 't work as promised.

Shari, its amzing how our kids know how to work everything.They are such wizards. Your lucky to have a techie son.

Oh yes Carol-Ann, its so good to have a person like Coral around, you really on your toes . A big hug for Coral.