Friday, 9 May 2008

Exodus 20;12

"Honor your father and mother that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you". Ex 20;12
I have constituted this award for my friends who are such adorable,sensitive and nurturing Moms to their children.You can pass this on to others
Mother 's Pride
Zen Master

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This a Mother 's Day photo of Daughter-in-law, grandson Karan and Grandma Kamla.
This family lived in our church outhouse (servant quarters for more than ten years. The man worked in the Forest Dept, Kamla was a housewife with 2 sons and a daughter. They are peasants from the Sonar caste (jewelry-makers) Amongst Hindus they are a backward caste.When the lived here they did odd jobs for the church and in return could live on the campus.
But the lesson here is that Kamla was not a very wise mother. She spoilt her son Chummu (pictured below with his pretty wife...Baby Karan is his son). We shared the gospel with them and sent the kids to children Bible class and camps, but to no avail.
Chummu became a thief, still we gave him chances to reform.But when he robbed a man at a bank and was imprisoned, we asked the family to leave.
They went to live in their village where they have a small house and farm. The father had a govt. house in the city.They are not happy there, and remember the time they lived here. They say often you tried to teach our children good things but they did not pay attention.
Proverbs 10;1 ...
A wise son makes a father glad
But a foolish son is a grief to his mother.

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Deborah said...

Thank you Amrita, for thinking of me. Happy Mother's day to you!

Natalie said...

tough lessons

it is so sad when people refuse Christ

Sita said...

Thank you, Amrita...I am reminded everyday that I must ask the only 'Parent' Who knows it all for His is SO not blessed, dear sister!
Love, Sita

Susan Skitt said...

What a true and sad story. I think of Adam and Eve. They raised both Cain and Able. Look how the Lord God Himself pleaded with Cain to turn from wickedness.

All you can do is raise children in the Lord, be an example, set boundaries, and commit them to God. This is the down-side to free will... sin has such sorry consequences, doesn't it? God does hold us each accountable.

Good Bible verse in Proverbs 10.

Creative-Type Dad said...

That is a sad story. Maybe one day he'll see the horrible error in his choices.

the mother of this lot said...

Hey, that's me up there! Thanks for the award Amrita! Hope your mum has a lovely mother's day!

Gudl said...

That is too bad....
I hope you had a good day otherwise.

Saija said...

hopefully the son will yet turn his life around ... since he has his own child to be an example too ...

blessings on you this day - and may your electricity stay on!

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Although it is sad to read about, it's the reality of life, isn't it, and being real about the "stuff" is what makes faith authentic. Believing in and following Jesus really doesn't come easy because attached to the "belief" and the "following" is the call for self-denial and self-control.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Kinza has a Grade Science project which requires her to contrast a specific aspect of life between "a developed and developing country". The example they gave was "eg. Water Supply". As part of the project she is to make a collage depicting these differences.

With your permission, oh faithful blogger buddy, we would like to lift the series of pix re your well showing a week in the life of a friend in India within this past month!

Carol-Ann Allen said...

(should be "Grade 8 Science...")

Reighnie said...

Thank you Amrita for thinking of me!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day as well.

Amrita said...

You are welcome Mothers.God bless you all.

Dear carol-Ann you Kinza can use any picture from my blog for her project.I wish you the very best Kinza.

I met Kamla 's nephew on the weekend and he told me that the son has a job. So he is on the mend.Glad to hear that.

Donetta said...

Hello Dear Lady , Thank you for the sweet offering how kind of you. I hope this find your day one of peace. Sorry for the delay.

Amrita said...

You are right Jackie. I took your blog title for my award. its in your honor my dear.
Although in thre UK Mothering Sunday has already taken place, Mother 's Day is kind of international.

Moli said...

Belated Happy mother's day