Thursday, 22 May 2008

Jack and Jill

Last night we had a huge MacBeth -type rain storm with thunder and lightening and strong winds.It lasted for over an hour. I enjoyed the storm inspite the mess it created.And as a result we were without electricity supply for more than 12 hours and no water.
Our government supply was not coming and we could not operate our well pump without electricity.
We ran out of cooking water.So Sonia , Abner and I went down to the roadside manually operated hand pump well to see if we could get some H2O. But that well was not working.
When we got back, we got our electric supply just enough to fill half a bucket We thought we could manage lunch. But later on we kept getting electricity for short periods of time and we could fill a larger bucket.
Now, after 6pm things are fairly normal.
So unlike Jack and Jill we escaped a bumped head.
The rain has cooled down the weather and that is a welcome respite.
Below are some of our summer flowers
Guava (fruit) blossoms
Summer lilly, has a very short life and smells really pungent

Sunflowers, its hard to keep the parrots away from them.

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Sita said...

Hi Amrita, what beautiful flowers. It was good to see that beauty this morning even when my heart is filled with grief over the death of Maria Sue Chapman. I had to post her Dad's song on my blog as he had dedicated that to his two adopted daughters, incl. Maria Sue. Tears threaten to overwhelm me even as I picture Maria in Jesus' arms, yet feel the emptiness of the arms of the so many in China right now, the birth place of Maria Sue..
Blessings, Sita

Pat said...

I am continually amazed and inspired at how you handle things like no electricity. We in the USA could take a lesson from you. On the rare occasion when our power goes out, even for a short time, people become very impatient.
Your flowers are so beautiful, just looking at them makes me go ahhhh, more of God's handiwork!

Becky Wolfe said...

We had a majour rain storm this week as well...and to our dismay it revealed a big leak in our roof. My poor husband had to get up in the attic and plug it and then go up on the roof (in the pouring rain) and cover it up with a tarp. I think he will be re-roofing this weekend although we had hoped (financially) to put it off till Fall...somethings just can't wait for ideal timing I suppose.

Your flowers are beautiful. Our lilacs here have just finished and my rose bushes are bursting forth with buds & blossoms. I love this time of year.

Glad you managed to get some water after all. Must be difficult to have to wait for electricity during unreliable times.

I hope all is well with you. Sorry I've been an unfaithful visitor/blogger. Pregnancy sort of consumes my mind at all times these days. But I'm feeling wonderful and happily have two months to go till I get to meet this precious gift.


Sita said...

Just to cmment on Pat's observation...I've experienced both sides of the coin as far as power cuts go--here in the west, we have this culture of entitlement that cries "who's interfering with my right here?" I marvel at the angry people interviewed at an airport when some kind of shutdown happens. Whereas you have the 'go-with-the-flow' attitude in other parts, the 'power' is a luxury we should be grateful for...

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
you are a great teacher to your spiritual siblings from the western hemisphere about endurance and gratefulnes.
I feel like an ignorant, spoiled child when I'm reading about all kinds of hardships that you have to endure.
Illness, taking care of sick elderly, lack of water, lack of power, but lots of humor and high in wisdom both of the main thing, the Bible , but also of general knowledge.
I also am admiring your skills as a photographer, storyteller, church member and that of bringing alive the unique culture and story of your vast country, India.
You have become a teacher both of culture, history, but most of all how to remain a believer under such troublesome circumstances.
Now I hope your relative who are staying with you at the moment can be of some help. so that you can get a few days leave and regain some of your strength.
You have had to work for three for many years now. I continue to have that a prayer issue.
God bless you, my friend,
From Felisol

JO said...

WHAT WONDERFUL FLOWERS! Thanks for sharing - they are exquisite!

Donetta said...

Hello! How are you today? I am so glad to see the water need was filled. The beauty is vivid in the floral photos, but your beauty is more expressive sis.

Kate said...

I wish I could grow some of your beautiful flowers, but our climates are SOOOOO different!

Angie said...

Amrita, I love how you see the flowers in the midst of the storm. You are such a blessing. Parrots, wow!

Gudl said...

You are really handling all the 'surprises' (like no water/electricity) very well.
Nice flowers!

Roo said...

those flowers are absolutely AMAZING!!!!! happy friday to you my friend.

Rebecca said...

Do you have guavasin your property? I absolutely LOVE them....transplant please!!!!

Amrita said...

thank tyou my dear frinds for your comments.

We just have to learn how to cope with snags.Sometimes. i feel strang when everything is working well.(Laugh)

All this makes one strong and patient ... and gives you a number of health problems too (laugh)

Yes Rebecca we have guavas in your garden.I like them raw.

Hi Becky,how are you doing. GOOD to hrear from you.

Sita the Chapman stroy broke my hear.What a terrible thing to hapen to the family.

You know the parrots are eating the sunflowers. its hard to shoo them away.

Shari said...

12 hours is a long time to be without electricity. We had a lightning storm last week, but only lost power for 4 hours. My kids got their sleeping bags set up on the living room floor, by candle light. They were already to sleep in the living room when the lights came back on. I was so glad that I didn't have to miss my blogging session that night.

Anonymous said...

Tell you what, Amrita, we are having tropical thunderstorms and rains almost everyday here in Calcutta now...for the whole day the weather will be humid and by evening the rains will cool it down....we are really enjoying the climate now...& your flower shots are simply beautiful!