Saturday, 31 May 2008

High Calorie Days

Sonia 's (my adopted sister) visit means high calorie days. Her MIL is a control freak and does not permit her to cook the food she likes, and when she does the monster -in -law criticizes her so much that poor Sonia gets disheartened. Her hubby loves her cooking but can 't say a word to his mother. So when she visits us, Sonia cooks all her favourite food...lamb, fish,chicken,eggs, Chinese, western food, pilaf, kebabs and koftas.We also had some sausages after ages...snacks and ice cream.

After she leaves, we will come down to our regular dal/rice, veggies chapatis etc.A more controlled diet which we have due to health and economic reasons. We also eat the common man 's food to identify them.

I know some missionary families who used to have simple rice and lentils for lunch in order to identify with the common man and they had western food for dinner.This way you can have a taste of both worlds and keep within your budget.
Since the past week my Internet connection was giving me trouble and yesterday I lost my landline and Internet connection completely. This morning I got it back and its not too bad.
On May 28th I published my 300th post.

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Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,

I am coming to lunch! The spread of Sonia's favourites have left my mouth watering....

....but yes, that can't be eaten on a daily basis. My daily meal is the commonman's meal in India, it is the most healthy I should think, but my Bengali tastes are for spices and rich food. Very bad really :(

In any case, enjoy your meal!


Shari said...

I've never heard a MIL called a monster-in-law. You're hilarious Amrita. That food looks wonderful and I'm glad that Sonia can live it up when she visits you. Congratulations on your 300th post. That is a lot of writing. We appreciate your blog.

Terry said...

Oh boy Amrita...It is only 7:30 AM here in Southern Ontario.....breakfast time, but that stuff in the shiny bowl looks good enough to eat! right now!
Mom Golden could live on rice if we let her get away with it.
She just loves it! I think with all of the good stuff you have in mixed up in there, I could eat it too! ...Right now!!

Ha!! A monster-in-law,eh?
I never did have the privilege of having one. Mom Golden has on her key ring a metal plague that says."To my favourite mother-in-law.
Bernie gave it to her years ago and she really treasures it.
Mom always did favour Bernie over me!
Years ago before Bernie and I were married, he lived with the family; Mom & Dad and the kids while Betty and I and my brother, Gary lived on our own and when we got married Mom Golden said she was losing a son!
Nothing mentioned about losing a daughter!!
Ha!! I.. asked her, "Hey what I am Ma..chopped liver?!"
Well I had better stop boring you with all this silliness. This is how I act when I am up so early in the morning, I guess

Hope all is going good with you and that you will have less computer problems. You seem to get an awful lot of them but you sure do a lot of good posts.
Take care now dear Indian Princess!!
Have a glorious Lord's day tomorrow..
Love Terry

PS Your talk about the missionaries having the common food of the people they are living with reminds me of our good missionary friend, Marion Ronald who is a missionary in Zambia. She of course dresses plain when she is there but when she is home on furlough, she wears pretty dresses and nice shoes, She changes them several times while she is home. She always did wear nice clothes when she was young....before she went to Africa, and that is something she really misses.

Amrita said...

Hi Julia, when ever you come to Alld. you are welcome to have food with us. I might do the same if I come to your city.You are right the aam admi ka khana is much healthier.Will you do a post on the Noida murder case? We 've been following the story. Its terrible.

Shari, there is a Hollywood flick called Monster in law.
ACtually Sonia 's MIL is a church going lady but she was so lenient with her two elder sons (Sonia 's BILs) that she spoilt them and they did not amount to anything in life.She is a real control freak, interferes with Sonia and her husband trying to discipline their only child, Abner. She is a bad influence on her grandson.

Hi Terry good to hear from you.i know Mom Golden has a heart of gold true to her name.
Its true how missionaries try to identify with the people they work with, this makes the outreach more effective.

Sita said...

OOOHHH..could you please send Sonia my way? I am so culinary challenged--not the Indian DIL most MILs hope for. Thank God my hubby eats anything--even my cooking! No wonder I love the pics of the food you cook.
Do take care, dear Amrita...

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hello This looks like a great meal to me!!! The rice I like the most I quess haha! Ask sonia's hubby to cook all the time? Looks great !

Btw :I might be not reacting for a while because I am next week in hospital for a surgery on my shoulder, after that I have to take care, and I 'm not able to blog, I'm returning soon I Hope..

Have a good weekend my friend

Jeanette said...

If Sonia would like to come stay with me for awhile, she can cook all her favorite dishes at my house! That looks so good!

I'm glad you have your landline and internet back, Amrita. I know what a trial it is for you when they are off. Nearly midnight and still 93 degrees there (according to your Wind in the Willows). I hope you can keep your fans going.

Renae said...

Amrita, after Sonia leaves Jeanette's house, please send her to my house. She can cook whatever she wants, to her heart's content, and we will love it!

I have thought about you a lot recently; I've been working in my garden. Mine is not as lovely or extensive as yours, but I'm getting there! I've neglected my green thumb for years, so I'm easing back into things. I'll keep you posted. I'm thinking of calling it my prayer garden, because the plants need prayer so I won't kill them . . . LOl!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
It must be tough on Sonia not to be appreciated by her ML.
Good she has you do really support and comfort her.
The bad thing about being controlled and "backstabbed" is that it undermines ones self-assurance. She is lucky to have you by her side. Then she'll know that she's worth much and means a difference to someone.
Still waiting for an answer about your vacation.
Hugs from Felsisol

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Amrita,
Your post made me hungry. The pictures of those luscious looking food are so tempting. He, he, he *lol* Yes, we must also take ordinary food to be able to identify with our less fortunate brethren. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless you and your loved ones always.

monsoon dreams said...

its dinner time here and how i wish i could exchange my sambar with those delicious non veg food sonia has cooked.congrats on ur 300th post,amrita.

Simply Shelley said...

Hello Amrita, what a good cook Sonia is..the food looks yummy. God bless all, Shelley

Amrita said...

Dear friends I passed on your messages to Sonia and we had a good laugh together.She is a very good SAHM. She has cooked for church charities and retreats, using her talents for the Lord.

Sara said...

this may be the first blog that has ever made my mouth water! next time sonia is around, send me your address. i'll google you and be on my way.

Anonymous said...

ummm..its yummy...just already had a good late Sunday meal but these dishes are again making me hungry...& congrats on your 300th have come a long way...keep writing!

Donetta said...

Good Morning! A feast is a wonderful treat.
I am so glad for you that you had time with Sonia. She looks like a wonderful cook.
Congratulations on the 300th post. Time passes quickly. We leave for church in a few moments just wanted to say hello. I hope you have a wonderful day today!
Love ya!

Amrita said...

Oh sure Sara, that will be great and everyone else is invited too.

Calfkeeper said...

yum, yum! Great food, great photos. Sometimes it's OK to indulge a little. It makes you happy to go back to your regular diet.

Calfkeeper said...

yum, yum! Great food, great photos. Sometimes it's OK to indulge a little. It makes you happy to go back to your regular diet.

JO said...

WOW! What a spread! Looks good! She made you a feast! Too bad her MIL doesn't know how to appreciate different tastes... oh well - maybe one day she will come around :)