Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sunday Bleessings - Farther Along We 'll Know All About It

Had good church this morning. Our temp. is hitting 110 and more 44.5 c but its not humid yet which is OK for me. Its the humidity that i can 't bear.Our plumbing work is almost done the underground pipes have to covered

After church we got a call from Prem saying his Mon had slipped into a coma. She was at home with her family, the way she wanted. We called up Chennai and talked to Prem 's brother Anand.Mama wept as she comforted him and asked him to release his Mum into God 's care.Heaven 's door had opened for Mummy.

Later on in the evening Prem called again to say that the Lord has his Mum home.

Please pray for the Jeyapaul family.

We called them up and other relatives too.

Aunty Jeyapaul was woman of faith, a great home-maker, wife, mother and patient care-giver to Dolly their developmentally challenged daughter.She was a mathematics teacher but she left her job to look after Dolly, which she did for more than 45 years.

This photo is 24 years old from Prem and Anju 's wedding reception

L-R Dolly, Anand,Uncle Jeyapaul, Prem, Anju, Aunty Jeyapaul, and Janet.

After hearing the news, I just wanted to catch my breath so to speak, so I turned on God TV and on Charles Stanley 's program there was Ricky Scaggs singing"Farther Along" That song and Rev Stanley 's message on the resurrection of Lazarus really comforted us.

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Jeanette said...

Hi Amrita! I am praying for comfort for you and your loved ones. I am sad for your loss but rejoicing for Aunty Jeyapaul. She has been through so much, and now it is her time to celebrate. I'm glad she could be at home as she wanted to be. How wonderful it must be for her now!

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,

His time is always perfect.

Sad news but there it is. I love God TV too :)))

John Cowart said...

Sounds like Aunty Jeyapaul was a very special person. I admire care-givers; they reflect the glory of God.

monsoon dreams said...

sad news when we think in terms of this world,but hopeful one when we think of eternal life.may God comfort you.thanks for posting more about her.she was a gem of a person,i am sure.

monsoon dreams said...
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Stephanie said...

Hi Amrita,
I was sorry to hear about Prem's mom(?). It is hard to lose someone we love even when we know that they are in the MOST wonderful place.

I read about you watching Charles Stanley. We used to go to that Church and I always enjoyed his sermons. He is a very kind man!

Shari said...

I like listening to Charles Stanley on the radio, because we don't have a Christian TV channel here. It's neat how we can listen to the same preacher, even though we live in very different parts of the world.