Saturday, 3 May 2008

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My friend of Mother 's Pride tagged me almost a month ago and I unable to compose a post about it. But here I am at last -

1. What was I doing 10 years ago-
Breathing...and fighting illness, loss of employment etc.
2.Five snacks I enjoy
Salted peanuts, fruits (except papays) Indian sweets, Indian salty snacks - they are a mix called dalmote, crisps/chips (but I refrain from them)
3.Things I would like to do if I were a billionaire
Turn our church campus into the Garden of Eden
Set up an organization to help widows and old people abandoned by their children.
Renovate my house make it fully air-conditioned.
Go on a European holiday- UK, Italy, Greece, Spain and Vienna (for the music)
Visit my family in Canada
Buy a new car and employ a 24 hr driver.
I think I would run out of money right here!
4. Five jobs I 've had
Pre-school teacher
Home school teacher
Middle school teacher
ESL- English as a Second Language teacher
Now care-giver and church ministry
5. Three of my bad habits ( Lucky I 'm only asked to list 3)
a) Procrastination
b) Day dreaming - too much self talk
c) Lack of patience
6. Five places I 've lived in
Chennai (short while)
Coimbatore (short while)
All these are located in the Solar System so I 'll add that, although I 'd like to zoom out into space too.(Silly)

11 Fertilize my soul:

Alexzillasmama said...

Hi Amrita,
Thank-you so much for checking on me today and praying for my grandfather. He is out of the hospital, but is facing more tests in the upcoming weeks to determine the bleeding. You were sweet to ask!

I am glad that the well worked out for you. It is vital to have a source for good clean water.
Hope to hear from you soon, friend!

Shari said...

I love it that you'd help widows and old people. I didn't realize that you were a teacher. Procrastination and lack of patience are things I struggle with, too.

K M F said...


monsoon dreams said...

been missing ur quotes:-)
procrastination is my prob too,i can understand,dear.may u be a billionaire some day,atleast to visit ur family in canada.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hello My dear friend Amrita,
Its always great to read your history I know about your suffer from 10years ago, but you are such a tuff woman now, You came out so great. I am proud of you!!

Thanks for your waiting .... , soon I will post more photo's to show you Switserland , Today I already posted 1 shot,taken from the car IN switserland...

Happy Sunday:) JoAnn

Pat said...

What a great insight into your personality!
From what I've read of you, lack of patience is not one of your bad sound very patient to me!

Ash said...

Lovely to learn more about you!!

Amrita said...

thank you my dear friends.
I 'm learning to grow through the trials of life and maybe you are right Pat, ten years ago I wasn 't as patient as i am now.I can bear and undertake much more.

I am so familiar with hospitals now ealier I dreaded entering into one.Now the doctors in some prominent hospitals in my city know me and the personel too and also the security guards.They let me slip in during non-visiting hours as they know I am a care-giver.

Creative-Type Dad said...

I like your #3 idea.

If I ever become a billionaire, I'll make that my #1.

Robin said...

I LOVE the t-shirt-funny! and true;)

Robin said...

I LOVE the t-shirt-funny! and true;)