Monday, 19 May 2008

Storm Fruit and Flowers

There have been quite a few dust and rain storms in our area during the past week.It was a great loss to the mango farmers as they lost tons of unripe fruit, but a boon to the pickle and preserve industry.
Here are some mangoes in our tree

In the dust storm a tree outside our wall fell. We got a bunch of flowers. They don 't last very long.I don 't know what they are called in English.In hindi they are called Medina.


Later on I got news that Daddy Jeyapaul has gone Home to be with the Lord, Mummy Jeyapaul preceded him by two weeks. It is a double shock and bereavement for the family. Please remember them in prayer.the four children, Prem, Janet, Dolly and Anand.

Daddy was the chief engineer of Western Railways , a man of God. He was on the board of several mission organizations and President of the Union of Evangelical Students of India, which is a sister organization of Inter Varsity Fellowship. He will be missed a lot.

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Renae said...

Dear Father, Please be with Prem, Dolly, Janet and Anand. Comfort them, and give them Your peace. Thank You for this faithful servant, who lived his life for You.


Carol-Ann Allen said...

Hi Amrita,
We are so sad to hear about Prem's Dad! My hubby had a chat with Prem on the phone a few days ago and said to me that he sounded like such a nice guy.

Kinza is in the middle of her India project at school so we are thinking about you ALL the time! AND we are learning a LOT! We're all involved in this one!

the mother of this lot said...

Praying for the family Amrita.

Hope the dust storms didn't cause too much trouble!

Sita said...

A life to be celebrated, a life lived for God. May the God of all comfort surround your family at this time.
Love, Sita

Roo said...

life is so fragile, isn't it?

mmmm the mangos have my mouth watering....

Anonymous said...

my condolences.

Gig Harbor flowers

K M F said...

my condolences.
very nice pictures

Simply Shelley said...

Hi Dear Amrita,so sorry for the loss of your loved ones. So sad to lose two family members so close together. I pray the Holy Spirit give much comfort to all.

The flowers are so very pretty. Thanks for sharing them.


monsoon dreams said...

sorry to hear about the loss.May God give you peace.

Kate said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

Kostas said...

The same problems face also the farmers in my region.
It has a lot of days it rains and they begin the problems to become big!
We pray in the God, and we remembered always the all persons that left!

Dick said...

I'm sad to hear about the loss.

Saija said...

it is far far better to be with the Lord ... (hugs)

Curious Servant said...

I'm sorry, Sis.

Love you.

And I sure appreciate all your kind words of encouragement and prayers.

God bless you!

regina barnett said...

Sorry to hear about the lost...I know they are is a better place. Thanks for sharing your mango tree...I have never seen a mango on a tree before. I love to eat them, they are very tasty.

Julia Dutta said...

Oh dear! Isen't he the father of Prem, who had just been to India from Canada? And what a strange incident that Daddy followed Mummy in just two week!

What love Amrita!

Susan Skitt said...

Wow about the dust storms... and the flowers are very colorful. I will be praying for the family in their time of grief. It's good to know that He knew the Lord, but I'm sure He will be missed very much. God bless :)

Amrita said...

thank you dear frinds for your kind and comforting words and prayers.

Arlene, your poems are so good. I sent one to my BIL.Thank you for visiting my blog.

Due to bad electricity supply and sister 's visit my time in the blogworld has been reduced.

I am so glad SONIA is helping me with cooking.

Laura said...

That orange flower is sooo beautiful!

Terry said...

Dear Amrita
...I haven't been here so long that I didn't realize about Prem's Daddy and Mummy Jeyapaul.
I know that you are happy that he and she are in heaven but I still think that it is so sad. Just imagine that there are two big empty spaces for Prem and the dear family.
I will pray for their sorrow dear Amrita.....Love Terry

Terra said...

Thank you for sharing the photos of these luscious flowers and fruits.
I sorry to hear about your loss.