Monday, 23 June 2008

Sunday Blessings - Family - Menagerie

It rained quite a bit but not during church time, so Mama could go..
The Lord came to our rescue so mercifully.Since the past 10 days Aunt S was having a health issue and I was trying all known treatments to no avail. The Lord answered my prayers on Sunday afternoon.
God tests our faith, sometimes the furnace is heated up to three times and when our testing is over He reaches out and rescues us.This process develops patience and endurance in us and enables us to comfort others who are in a similar situation.Although at that time it is not pleasant at all.
I 've been listening to my old 80s and 90s music tapes of The Imperials and Petra.Remember The Imperials anyone? I only have one tape of theirs which I copied from someone. This song is great. Altho like I the taped version.
I am also reading messages by Dr J Vernon McGee.I grew up on his radio program. Now he is with the Lord but his program still goes on.
I just the 'old time religion ' music and messages.
Mama and I relaxing in Dr Connie Buck 's home in the Himalayas.I was a High School student then.Those retro style frames are back in vogue now
Today, June 23rd, is Mama 's birthday - 77th. We are having a tea party with our Pastor 's family and Aunt Virginia. My other aunts want to come but because of the rains they are unable to.
Happy Birthday Mama!

The pictures below were taken several years ago.This is Namrita (L) and me sitting on our doorsteps with Jackie our Lab,Judy and Rambo our German Spitz , our pet parrot in a cage and our servant 's goat kid.All of our friends have gone to animal heaven.

Mr and Mrs Dove were our daily visitors.We gave them cereal to feed on.They came right inside the house and our dogs wouldn 't bother them.One day they flew away and did not come back.

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Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
Do wish your Mum, happy Birthday from me and I wish her a long, healthy life too.

It is strange, today is also June's Birthday and I have only sent her a wish for many years more in the Light Of The Lord!


Amrita said...

Hi Julia, I will pass on your greetings to Mummy.I have posted an old B/W picture of ours.
Oh its June 's birthday too, that why she was named June...after her birthday month.Hope Delhi is not too hot after Shimla.
These days the Noida murder mystery has everybody 'd attention. I feel very bad for the family and the deceased.

pai said...

I remember the Imperials and Petra. one of my favorite Christian groups was 2nd Chapter of Acts. They started in the 70s and stopped performing in the 90s. :)

Pat said...

I too remember the Imperials, and it was great to hear that old song once again.
I grew up on Dr. J Vernon also, and still listen to his sermons. I usually do my errands in the morning and his radio program is always on when I'm in the car. He teaches the truth with no fancy footwork...he was and is a wonderful minister.
I love all of the pictures...and I send birthday greetings to your precious Mother!

Donetta said...

Birthday greetings to your mother.
Have you ever married?
The pets are so cute and you are beautiful!
I hope that A Syble is doing well today.Thinking of you often and hoping your well.

Sheryl said...

OH, the Imperials. Used to love them, that brought back memories. Happy Birthday to your mom.


monsoon dreams said...

hi amrita,
b'day greetings to your mom.May God bless her.those snaps are very good,amrita.

Sita said...

Please pass on a blessing to your Mom on her birthday that she will know God's favour in this 'new' year she has been given, that she will know God's grace and kind touches in ways she never expected.

I'll continue praying for you all,dear sister..
Love, Sita

Julia Dutta said...

Dear Amrita,
I have seen both the pictures, the lovely b/w and the colour one too and both a lovely. Your mother looks so together and "in charge" in her picture.

In fact, Delhi has been having rains which it is always starved of. We had rain this morning too - heavy showers - and guess what, I got wet in the rain, doing my speed walk.

I just loved it.

As for the Noida murder, you know Amrita, these are the times of Satan. That is all we will ever know! Can you imagine a case going on and on with no thruth emerging. Its scary really and so exhausting...

God Bless!


Terry said...

Dear Amrita...Betty and I had an Imperials record and also the Statesmen Quartet.

Ha!! Mom Golden used to say, "Hmmm..They seem kind of wild don't they? "Yes, eh Ma...just like you never let us listen to Bobby Vinton?"
Ha!! Many years later that same Mom of mine would say to me, "Well now I can see why you liked that Bobby Vinton..he sure sings nice love songs!"
And as for the Imperials, Jake Hess's creation? Well now Mom loves Southern Gospel Music with the best of us! In fact about four years ago Bill Gaither and Friends took her out of a deep depression that she was in at the time!

My little sister Gracie listens to Vernon Magee everyday. She never lets a weekday go by without listening to him. She has taped every program of his "Through the Bible" One time she was so happy when Vernon Magee who was living at the time, read a letter that she had written to him, over the air. She was just so thrilled.
A few years back when she was going through extreme trouble because of a run-away daughter, we were so surprised that whenever we visited her or phoned her, we could hear the soothing voice of Vernon Magee in the background!

I am so glad that your auntie is feeling better.
Would you wish Mama a Happy birthday from your Canadian friend?
Speaking of birthdays, when is your birthday my Indian Princess?

I just love the old pictures you have here. You have such lovely long hair!

I felt so sad though when I saw the last picture and you said that the doves left one day and never came back.

Thank you for all the encouragement that you have given to Little Pilgrim Pal and Little Montreal Girl...Love Terry

Amrita said...

Ha, Ha friends thank you for your comments.

i just love the lysics of the songs by the Imperials and Petra.2nd Chapter of Acts is very good.

Terry, my birthday is on Aug 1st.Galed your sis enjoyed Vernon McGee.Solid preaching that and Back to the Bible too.

Mama 's birhday party was really nice.In fact our party almost turned into a Bible study with Pastor and his family, no one wanted to leave.
Auntie is feeling better painwise, but has appetite has gone.

Ash said...

Love that image. Happy Birthday to your mom :-)

Terry said...

Ha Amrita....didn't you know that the smartest people are born in August!!!!Love Terry

the mother of this lot said...

Happy Birthday Mama! And that high school student is as pretty as a picture!