Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Birthday Party

On Dec 31 was my cousin Antim 's birthday.
He is the youngest of 6 children, so he
was named Antim which means Last.
Here he is with his fiance Smriti.
He is a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon.
Smriti runs a computer training school for women.
There were more than 50 guests .
Plenty of cake to go around.
They laid out a lovely dinner
prepared by professional cooks.
Antim 's sister M is a singer, actress and movie maker.
She lives in London. This is her fiance Andrew who is also
a musician and composer.

Some more relatives from Amtim 's dad 's side.
His Mom Aunt Joy is related to us.
You can see her at the bottom right of the picture.
The man with the camera on the left is
Rajat whose wedding I could not attend.

On the left bottom corner is Dr A,
Antim 's brother . He is a reputed
eye surgeon and he told me he plays
more than 10 musical instruments.
The girl in the white jacket is Dr A 's daughter.
She is a medical student and plays
badminton very well.
These are all very successful and accomplished people by the world 's
standards, but rate low on the spiritual scale.
Year 's ago when we shared the Gospel with
them they called us mad and crazy.
But now they respect us and even though
our lifestyles don 't match
there is fraternity and brotherhood among us.

2 Fertilize my soul:

Donetta said...

It must be cool indoors with the jackets on..
I am glad that you are "mad" harhar:)
we know the crazy is lost not saved

The Dementia Nurse said...

Thank you for sharing your family with us, Amrita. It is easier here in the US to find like minded believers, but moost of us have loved ones who think the Gospel is foolish. I love the picture you paint of life with Christian integrity - I know this is the greatest tool we have in drawing others to Christ. Prayers for you and all your beautiful family, especially your mother who God has been placing on my heart quite often these past few weeks. Love you!