Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Red Tuesday

My mother was a very skillful knitter
in her her day.
She made this red sweater
for my elder sister
about 25 years ago.
I have preserved all her handmade creations
very carefully.
Most ladies of my family
are very good knitters.
Now many of them have given up knitting due to
advancing age and poor eyesight.

14 Fertilize my soul:

Michelle said...

I think that is wondeful that you are keeping those treasures your family made. It's amazing how red that sweater still is after all these years. :)

Teresa said...

What a beautiful creation! It is truly lovely.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
your Mom is a lady of great skills.
One rarely sees such even, smooth handicraft.
I guess my mom work much in the same way. She also like the lace-like patterns.

I haave knitted much in my days before arthritis got the best of my fingers and my right shoulder.

I miss that part of my life.

I think it's a good thing that you have been taking care of your Mom's work, such passing it on to generations to come.

Soon the youths have forgotten all about the ancient crafts.

From Felisol

Pat said...

I agree, your Mother was very skilled! I can't believe how wonderful it looks after that amount of time. How have you cared for it, is it packed away?

Patti said...

That is a lovely red sweater that your mother knitted. It has really lasted well over the years.

I cannot knit or crochet. No patience, I guess!

Happy Ruby Tuesday ~

Carol-Ann Allen said...

My oh my! As a knitter, I can just look at this piece of work and shake my head! The hours it must have taken to do. When you click on the pic and view it up close, the detail is gorgeous! Tell your Mama that we are in awe of her ability!

Donetta said...

Hello, I hope this finds you well. What amazing beauty she created here. It is wonderful that you keep the treasures of her hand. I often wonder if my works of hand will be treasured by the children one day.
The medical results are extensive testing and then by 3 weeks time we hope that we may know something. I had the blood work drawn today and will have the MRI'S done on my brain as soon as the appointment is set.
I lay me down in His palm

Terry said...

Dear Amrita,
What a fine looking sweater and it is great that you are preserving it.
I could never sew or knit but I do like to crochet. My sister, Sandra taught me how.
It sounds like you are feeling a bit better and of this I am glad.
Did you know that your friend Mel is now praying for Dad Golden?
This makes me so happy.

Well that Sheeba and Bernie's Shopping News would get along just fine Amrita.
That Sheeba...what a ham! Always wanting a mug shot taken!..Ha!!
Love Terry

Crown of Beauty said...

Beautiful sweaters, Amrita.

Even more beautiful is the thought that you want to preserve them in honor of your mom. Praise God for daughters like you.

Amrita said...

Yes Michelle ,i give way all other clothes but the ones created by family members i like to preserve.

Thank you ladyfromthewoods. i passed on your comments to my mother and she smiled thinking of the years gone by.

Dear Felisol your Mom is an artist and a creator. i love her works of art and you preserve your family heirlooms so well.Each article has a story behind it which makes it special.

Hi Pat, I pack the woollens in a steel trunk and put naphthelene balls in it , that 's how they stay good. But moths and things have got some other clothes I saved, mainly old saris. I wear his sweater sometimes too.

Hi Patti, welcome to my blog,so glad you visited. I love your photography and writing.I am a very late bloomer.
Hi Donetta you are a very skillful creator, you make such masterpieces for your chilren and all that lovely jewellry.You MIL is a wonderful painter. Both of you are such creative ladies.

Ho Carol-Ann,
I did not inherit my mom 's knitting talemts, just knitted some scarves for a school project.But she is good.I have a drawer full of herleft over wool balls and knitting needles.
Hi Terry, like i said before i cannot knit or sew properly, only managed some school projects under duress,not enjoying them at all. My Mom crochets too. Aunt Sybil and my granny were great lace-makers.

thank you Crownofbeauty. I just hang on to memories of happy active time through this. It gives me a warm feeling.

Technonana said...

Your mother was beyond good!! This is beautiful... I have never had a sweater last that long!!
thanks for stopping by!!
Keeping you in my prayers!!

Nina in Portugal said...

Skilled is an under statement!!
That sweater is gorgeous!!

Bobbie-Jo said...


That is a beautiful piece, and so lovely that you care to preserve it. It makes me sad to think that so many women my age (including myself) have lost the skill of those homemaking arts. Future generations will cherish what you have saved.

(from Kimmie's blog)

Amrita said...

My dear friends, Thank you so much . I read out all your comments to my mother and she really appreciates them and is so happy that people like her creation.She has taught many girls how to knit.We have a stack of knitting magazines and books which she collected over the years.

Bobbie Jo, I am so thrilled you visited me. You are an amazing Mom.I am truly impressed by your loving parenting. Adopting 3 little boys within 8 weeks is just heroic in my sight.I like the links on your side bar.