Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Red Tuesday -Red Hot Chili Peppers

My Tuesday photos are a day late
as I was watching the inauguration of the
American President.
I bought these red hot chili peppers
to make pickle.
Washed and sun dried them.
Then I stuffed them with 7 different spices
mixed with salt.
I bottled them pouring some mustard oil,
vinegar and lemon juice over them.
I put the bottle out in the sun.
The pickle should be ready
in about a week.
This is a salad I made with our garden produce.
Grated beets,carrots daikon.
and salad leaves.
These are my beet root plants.

16 Fertilize my soul:

Sita said...

You've become quite the photographer, the pics--love the chilies--by the way what is carrot daikon? for the comment on my awesome that Sonia was delivered from such a the speakers life at a time...bless you today, my royal sister princess!

Michelle said...

Looks like you have a green thumb. I bet those peppers are really spicy! My husband would like that.

Michelle said...

Looks like you have a green thumb. I bet those peppers are really spicy! My husband would like that.

Dick said...

I don't like peppers, hahahaha, nice post.

Nina in Portugal said...

Great job with all the produce! Your salad looks yummy!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Nice Ruby pictures.
Are all these vegetables growing in your garden, except for the Chili??
I am impressed. Wow. You are a woman of so many skills.
From Felisol

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Amrita,
You have such a wonderful garden of flowers and vegetables. And you are able to eat your own produce. How wonderful is that. I would have love to taste the red pepper pickles you made. They probably taste heavenly. May the Lord bless your garden more and more not only for those who will see it but also for the those who rest in your own spiritual garden. God bless you always my friend.

Jan said...

Fascinating, Amrita! I am curious to know about the chili pickles. What do you use them with? Do you serve them just as a snack , or are they as a meal? Do you take the seeds and veins out or do you keep them to be spicier?

The Dementia Nurse said...

Amrita, you make me yearn for the Indian food so available when I lived in Saudi Arabia I think a lot of us are catching up on Tuesday's memes on Wednesday this week!

Thank you a million times over for your comment at EXACTLY the time I was at the capitol!!! I was there with a woman whose father was horribly abused to the tune of many thousands of $$$$. She wept in thanksgiving when I told her a precious soul in India was praying for us just as we were speaking. It went well; details to follow at my place as soon as I catch my breath!

Julia Dutta said...

Hey Amrita,
The pickle seems to be one which will be delicious...what were the five masala ingrediants. I love hot chillie pepper!

Amrita said...

Hello everyone.

Sita daikon is also called radish.Daikon is larger and sweeter.Its good for health they say.

Oh yes Michelle the peppers are very spicy and hot. If your husband likes hot veggies he would savour them.

Dear Dick, I know there would be few chili eaters in Holland, but a German friend of mine relished green chili. She would have them raw with her food!!!

Hi Nina, I bet chilies are used in Portugal. Maybe the milder kind.

Hi Felisol,
We put in alot of time and effort into our garden and when the conditions are right we get a good yeild. Sometimes bad weather or insects etc wipe out our labour and we have to start all over again.I remember the beautiful Norwegian garden you featured on your blog. The one with the exotic plants.

Dear Nel,
Its good to get things fresh from the garden. This evening i got spinach which I will cook with lentils. It goes well with steamed rice or bread.

Hi Jan,
Mexicans are very fond of peppers too. I think the green peppers came to India from Mexico.
The pickle is hot and spicy and we eat it as an accmpniment to a vegetarian meal, you can have it with a meat curry too, or rice dishes and various kinds of bread.
The milder peppers are chopped up or sliced and used in snacks. But you should be prepared to face the heat.I would love to taste the cacti you showed in your video.

Hi Gail,
I 'm sure you had real hot spicy food in Saudi Arabia...all those kebabs.
Pray the meeting at the Capitol will yeild positive results and justice will be done.

Hi Julia,
You are having a long weekend in Kolkata ...some protest is taking place i saw on the evening news.Have a good weekend and enjoy the lovely Bengali cooking.I like the pickle with parathas.

Donetta said...

how beautiful!

Saija said...

i love the colours of India ... so vibrant and warm ... :o)

Terry said...

Dear Amrita....You say those hot pepper pickles will be ready by next Wednesday?
How about mailing some of them to Canada, eh?
You know my address!!..Love Terry

Amrita said...

Oh yes Terry i could do that. The hot chili would warm you up in the Canadian winter!!! But keep a jug of iced water or a load of sugar handy.LOL

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