Thursday, 12 February 2009

Family Album

Today is
My adopted sister Sonia 's birthday.
Here she is with her husband and 7 year old son Abner.
It is also my younger sister Namrita 's son
-Mishael 's birthday. Mishael is 12 years.
I don 't have a photo to post.
I have asked Namrita to send me a photo.
She has Internet on her Sony Erickson cell phone and not on her computer. They are both busy working people and parents.
Namrita is a laborious home-maker.
She says she does not have time for the Internet.
So she 's got it on her phone.
She also does not want her boys to be distracted
by the www while they are at their studies.
Tomorrow is my late father 's birthday.
This is an old photo of us on holiday in Kashmir.
I am the one in the front and sister Anju is at the back.
We were enjoying the snow on a glacier in June.
Namrita wanted to see photos of my other sister 's family
in Canada, so I am posting them here.

Niece and nephew, Mahima and Ash

Ash, home from College, carting wood into the house
This photo was taken last April when the
snow was melting in New Brunswick.
Anju is wearing a shawl from India.
It has tiny mirrors sewn into it.

Mahima, Anju and Prem with a friend 's dog.

Brother and sister at Christmas

Ash in Halifax with a friend from College

Mahima with a church friend 's grand daughter

On their veranda
This is summer
Hey guys we miss you all.
Papa too.

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Deare Diary said...

What a lovely family and great pictures to share. I clicked on the picture to enlarge it because I wanted a closer look at that shawl with mirrors sewn in it. I could not tell. I find that very interesting. I wish I could get a closer look.

LisaShaw said...

How beautiful your family is. A history of memories you have before you. Happy Birthday to your family members and blessings to all.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
you have a wonderful family. They all seem to be doing well and living happily.
A wonderful picture of you and your family in Kashmir.
You are smiling so charmingly at the photographer.
Your dad was a real handsome man.
I think you must be missing him.
Like you said ; your parents were very hardworking people, but then their children have had a good education and are probably harvesting the fruits of their parents work.
Kashmir sounds so exotic.
I alas don't know much about it.
Just remember the little piece on the jig saw puzzle over Asia from my childhood.
Give my regards to your Mom and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.
From Felisol

KOSTAS said...

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Jan said...

How nice to see pictures of your family. The men are really tall! Your niece is stunningly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

David said...

thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. Your family members are radiant, are most/all of them Christians?

Annette said...

what a beautiful family you have! Thank you for sharing your family with me. Have a sweet evening my friend!!

Annette said...

will you send me that thing on the virus to my e mail address..

so I can send it out to everyone, I did get a hallmark thing, but I deleted it, cause one other time there was this virus from e~cards, so I dont open any of them up AT ALL!
Thank you again!! Annette

Amrita said...

Thank you dear friends for your kind comments.

I will pass on your word of caution to others Kostas.Have to be wary of these viruses.

Annette i will send the virus thing to you.

Hi Judy, the mirrors don 't show up well in the photo.I will take photos of my mother 's shawl which has them, so you can see this type of embroidery. Indians like to wear shiny sparkly clothes!!!

Dear Felisol, thank you for your kind words. I praise God for my beautiful God fearing family.

My grandfather was a poor Methodist pastor who served in villages during the British raj. My Dad grew up in very frugal conditions. He came to the city for his higher education and university and found a job here.Worked hard and served God to the best of his ability. I am proud of my heritage.

My grand parents and parents did not have many material possesions but shared whatever God gave them and it is those blessings we are reaping.Sometimes my Mom embarases me when she points out furniture and stuff which is either second hand or given to us.LOL. But i know its a testimony to God 's grace.

My brother in law Prem in Canada has lost his job from this month.Since last year his factory was in the lurch becasue of the recession but they were somehow holding on. last month they foreclosed.
They are going through some hard times since last year as they have mortgages and stuff.
Please pray that Prem may find a job close to home. Anju is a housewife. They live very frugally and as prudent stewards of God 's provisions.

Amrita said...

P.S. Today I am going to the telephone office to get our telephone connection transferred to my Mom 's name. They have anounced a 20% discount for pensioners. it will reduce our bill by 4 or 5 $ so I 'll have a go.Please pray I am successful as there is a lot of red tape involved.

Amrita said...

P.S. Today I am going to the telephone office to get our telephone connection transferred to my Mom 's name. They have anounced a 20% discount for pensioners. it will reduce our bill by 4 or 5 $ so I 'll have a go.Please pray I am successful as there is a lot of red tape involved.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Birthday to Namrita, Mishael and your late father. You have such excellent photos that evoke so much emotions and wonderful memories. Treasure them for they will remain a
valuable part of your life. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless you all always. BTW, you have such an excellent template and layout. Congratulations for them.

Shelley said...

Hi Amrita,nice seeing the pictures of your family...thanks for sharing them...Happy Birthday to your sister and nephew...