Thursday, 5 February 2009

Indian bread - Chapatis

Chapatis ( flat whole wheat bread )are eaten at
nearly every meal in India specially the north.
It takes practice to master the exercise ,
specially to knead the dough to a correct consistency
and rolling out perfect discs.
My chapatis are not perfect circles
but all other ladies in my family are
expert chapatti makers.
You can make chapatis with a variety of flours and mix them up as well.
You have them with curries, and all sorts of veg and non veg dishes, pickles , dips, fillings and toppings.
They can be deep fried or stuffed with various
veg or non veg stuffing and herbs.
If you ferment the dough and bake it in an
oven you can get nans or tandoori rotis.
The whole wheat roti is a part of our
daily menu and it is very healthy. I don 't sift the bran which gives me fibre.
In the above photo you can see a chef
baking the chapatis on a non stick griddle called tava.
Cast iron griddles are mostly used.
The video shows you how to make chapatis.
This lady lives in the US
so she is demonstrating before a western audience

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Roo said...

that bread sounds delicious!!! i love bread.

Amrita said...

Our chapatis are very good andthey form a part of our staple diet.

Having them fresh off the stove makes them better.