Saturday, 21 February 2009

Who let the dogs out?

Last December my Pastor brought home 2 dogs
to train as security guards
since there have been a number of burglaries in our neighbourhood.
They are the common Indian pariah pooches.
Their names are Nitty (L) and Naughty (R)
I prefer calling them Natty and Knotty.
Naughty true to his name is quite a scamp.
They are chained up all day and let loose at night.
They are not house pets like Sheeba., but are well taken care of.
Although they are are a bit of a nuisance around Sheeba and have
dug up our garden and run off with slippers and shoes.
Princess Sheeba looking straining into the lens.

David of Sugarloaf Mountain
mentioned the phrase
'Who let the dogs out ' on his blog.
There is a song by that title too.
dog Pictures, Images and Photos
I think it means
Who caused the trouble?
Googling the phrase revealed
various analysis .
What do you think the phrase
'Who let the dogs out ' means ?
Well don 't take it too seriously.
I don 't know if I am wading into troubled waters.

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Annette said...

what cute doggies...I think that phrase "Who let the dogs out" means who let trouble out to run the streets, I could think of many things but I will keep it clean. I have been by to visit and read some of your other post just haven't left a comment, I am so bad about not leaving comments, shame on me!! Hope you have a wonderful week end my friend.

Patti said...

I also think the phrase means who let those wild and crazy people out to cause trouble! Something like that.

You asked about how I changed the photo of my two cats. I have nothing fancy to use, (no Photo Shop) just Paint.Net. I fool around with colors and hues, and sometimes make things look like oil paintings or ink drawings. Just trying to have fun.

I love your little badge that says "I love my computer because my friends live in it." Very cute, and very true.

Jeanette said...

Beautiful dogs, Amrita! Someone for Sheba to spar with!

Your blog is beautiful, by the way!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo Amrita, I know Nitty and Knotty are "working dogs" but they sure are cute. Princess is, of course, lovely.

I also do not know that expression of "Who let the dogs out," although I have heard it before. I don't have a television, or attend movies, so I'm a bit slow to catch on to the phrases people are using nowadays. I thought it perhaps had something to do with a football (American football) team? Meaning they are "bad dogs" or something?

Hope it is a pretty day over in yer part of the world!

Donetta said...

Nice to see your guard dogs. Here they use large breeds or pit bull dogs to guard. I wonder though those small pups could sure give someone a run for the money.
Steve looked up the phase.It can be Innocuous or perverted sexual in context.

Crown of Beauty said...

What cute doggies! I haven't been able to write much about it on my blog, but I am a CERTIFIED, BONA FIDE DOG LOVER. And this post was just so unique, title and all. I'll take time to listen to that song you mentioned, and also google the phrase "Who let the dogs out." I'm curious now as to what I will find out!

Enjoy your day my dear Amrita!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Seriously very nice pics...
I love dogs :)
wish my mom would have allowed me to bring one...
so cute they are...dont you like them??

Michelle said...

I like dogs but my cat doesn't! When I first heard the song, "Who Let The Dogs Out?" I laughed and laughed. I don't know what it means in general but I heard that a lot around my house growing up and it usually meant someone let the dogs out when they shouldn't have and the dogs are going to get into something they shouldn't get into! :)

Denise said...

The name of a song by Anslem Douglas for Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival season of 1998. "Who Let The Dogs Out" but that is too much information for here.!!! hahahah Beautiful dogs ! I am a dog lover from way back .... My favorite for security is German Shepherd .. And we have a Schnauzer for our in house pet along with a Love Bird....... but don't let that name fool you,.. he is meaner than a junk yard dog! hahahha

Amrita said...

Thahk you for your input dear friends. There are so many cultural things I don 't understand.I got this one pretty good.