Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Red Tuesday - Food and Flowers

I baked this cornmeal bread.
There is nothing like your own freshly baked bread.
In the background is a hand woven tea cosy
from North East India.
It was a gift by my sister
Vegetable salad we had on Sunday .

Here are some flowers from our garden.

This rose was really huge.

16 Fertilize my soul:

Felisol said...

Good morning , Amrita,
Are those wonderful flower still blooming? They are just wonderful.
I have double poppies in my garden. They will bloom in June.
I did the thing of comforting my Canadian friends about spring coming and waiting for lighter days. I went to bed and woe up...The ground was covered in white snow.
I've got to make some pictures today.
Tomorrow it will probably be gone.

Are you really making your own bread? We bought a bread baking machine for baking cornmeal bread for Gunnar. He cannot well digest gluten.
I had to give it up,
Much work and the breads were flat as a pancake.
Do you have a good recipe? I'd also like to know how long and how many grades in the oven.
Gotta think. The Indians use the metric system like we do, don't you??
The colors on the tea cosy and the tablecloth were so well set together.
They were so appropriate for Ruby Tuesday.
From Felisol

Nina in Portugal said...

I love those vegetable salads....and the bread. You've been eating very healthy!

Amrita said...

Hi Felisol.

Sometimes I bake my bread, once in a while. Ohtherwise we have Indian flat bread called chappati which we make everyday. Those are baked on a flat griddle. I will show you a video.

The recepi for the cornbread i got from a book compiled by missionary ladies. it is very easy and you can make it by hand. Don 't need a bread maker and either bake it in an oven or microwave. I will make a post about it and include the recipe too. You will find it very easy to make Felisol.

Yeah Nina, this bread is healthy too as I used whole wheat flour with cornmeal instead of refined all purpose flour.I will post the recipe.

Dick said...

The food looks delicious, love the flowers too.

Sheryl said...

Hi Amrita, your pictures are all so pretty. Those flowers are making me jealous as we have not been without snow since November!

I had to laugh at your comment yesterday about my post being like a "press conference".

Love to you,

Terry said...

Dear Amrita,
It is so nice that Felisol can say "Good morning Amrita" to you and mean it.
Are you two on the same time?
It is noon here, so I guess I can say "Good evening Amrita and Felisol!"
Your corn bread looks so good!
One time Mom Golden was looking all over for a recipe to make a loaf of it for one of my elderly friends.
Alas!!!... it was in the days before "Google" where you can find any recipe that your heart could desire on the computer!
The tea cozy is so exquisite and together with the blushing roses
just make this a beautiful and cheerful Ruby Tuesday post!.......Love Terry

Pat said...

These pictures are so pretty, the one of all the salads looks like an artists painting, it's so colorful!
I can almost smell the fragrance of those beautiful flowers, we've got months to go before we have any flowers here. I have to practice patience!

Nina in Portugal said...

Amrita....Oh no! I accidentally deleted your comment on my most recent post. I'm so sorry. Want to try again?

LisaShaw said...

This is wonderful! Great photos. I would have enjoyed the Salad!!!

Sita said... my sons would say, that salad looks awesome! Blessings,

the mother of this lot said...

It all looks wonderful Amrita!

Gail W. said...

Amrita, your posts are always such a feast for the eyes. I love to visit you here - I can smell that bread baking now; mmmmmmmm!

Jan said...

I think there is nothing more beautiful than the flowers and foods that God created! You can see the colors mixing and it's gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing your cornbread recipe. Blessings to you!

Saija said...

those flowers are a balm to my weary eyes! our landscape is so stark here!

and the food looks yummy ...

blessings on ya!

Roo said...

amrita! your flowers are always soooo amazing!

Michelle said...

I could seriously dig into those salads! Yum yum!