Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Red Tuesday - Lal Girja

The Central Methodist Church is located just down our street.
It is known a Lal -Red Girja - Church .
My family were originally Methodists.
My great grandfather and grandfather were
both Methodist Pastors.
We used to attend this church as children
But later on my family left because of church politics
and lack of spiritual food.
I clicked these photos from a
moving rickshaw.

My church is known as Safed Girja or White Church
because of its white exterior.
I wore this last week .
This is a woolen dress.
Last week was cold so I could wear it.
Since the past 2 days its become pretty warm.

I turned this rose into oil painting on Photoscape
recommended by my friend Monsoon Dreams
who is an excellent photographer.
I lost my Internet Connection for an entire day but got it restored by evening. Started tutoring Simran again from today.
She will be having her annual exams from March 2nd.
She 's only in Grade 2 but has a lot of work
to do. The Indian school system is hard on kids.
Last week the church got a hefty electricity bill.
We don 't have the means to pay it yet.
Please pray for God 's provision.
He is the same yesterday today and forever.
We have left it in His hands.

8 Fertilize my soul:

Annette said...

what a beautiful church...I love to see different churches, especially the inside of them, when my dad was alive him and my mom went to Europe for 12 weeks and they went to Spain and Momma took pictures of the old Catholic churches and the beauty, today's churches are too modern, I love the old ones, Mom wasn't allowed to take pictures on the inside of the churches, but said they where gorgeous, we are Catholic, but my Son and husband are not, I don't care what religion they follow as long as they plugged in some where, BUT I will put my foot down on some! God will provide some how for that bill, but I will pray. Thank you for sharing your pictures of Our Lord's house with us, he's got so many beautiful homes with so many beautiful children in them all!!

Sheryl said...

beautiful pictures, what a beautiful church. i did not realize the pastors in your family, what a great heritage to have.

will pray right now for God to provide the funds for your church. He is never late but always on time.

Pat said...

What a pretty church, and what a wonderful heritage you have. The dress you have on it beautiful, especially with the white drape around your neck. Is that part of the dress?
I will pray for the monies your church needs...God will provide!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Such beautiful churches.
You are right one need spiritual food as well.
Annette said it well, "as long as they are plugged in somewhere."

We need to be plugged in the tree which is Jesus Christ.
From Felisol.
PS I liked your red dress.

Nina in Portugal said...

I will be praying about the electricity bill.

Jan said...

That red church is so pretty! I also like your dress... you are so beautiful.

Amrita said...

hank you friends.

The Methodist church is around 100years old andmy Dad 's younger brother was married in it.
We still go there on special occasions and have conducted youth retreats there.

My dress is called salwar kameez. Its long shirt with loose trousers and a scarf to go along with it.Its a Punjabi dress. maybe you have seen Indian women wear it in the west.

Amrita said...

The God of George Mueller is our God too. He will provide.