Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sunday blessings - Waiting on The Lord

Mahima in the snow riding a snow mobile -
a friend 's I think, they don 't own one.

Here are the Premkumar 's with Ash 's friends from college.
Ash 's full name is Ashish which means blessing.
They were just leaving for church.
(L - R) Nonso (from Nigeria) Ash,Mackensie (Canada)
Anju and Prem
Please pray for Prem.
His factory closed down last month and he is seeking employment.
Waiting is very hard to do but we are asking the Lord to open the right doors. Relocating would mean selling their house and changing
Mahima 's High School which would be the last option.
These are difficult times and we have to exert our faith extra hard.
Here is a prayer for those seeking employment which Germaine Copeland put in her newsletter.
You can pray this prayer for Prem and Anju and all those who are looking for jobs.
Father, in Jesus’ name, we believe and confess Your Word over our friends and family members who are looking for jobs, knowing that You watch over Your Word to perform it. You are their exceeding great Hope. Your desire is that they prosper and be in health even as their souls prosper. Father, You are the Source of every consolation, comfort, and encouragement. Holy Spirit, give them great courage and strengthen them as they send out their resumes and go out looking for jobs.Your children work in quietness, earning food and other necessities. They continue in well-doing without weakening. Applying themselves to good deeds — to honest labor and honorable employment — they are able to meet necessary demands. Father, You know the record of their works and what they are doing. You will set before __________ a door wide open, which no one is able to shut. They fear not [there is nothing to fear], for You are with them; they look around with confidence without terror and dismay, for You are their God. You will strengthen and harden them to difficulties, yes, You will help them; yes, You will hold them up and retain them with Your [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice. In Jesus they have perfect peace and confidence and they are of good cheer, for Jesus overcame the world and deprived it of its power to harm them. They choose being peaceful and confident for Your peace, Father, mount guard over their hearts and minds. They face every situation with calmness and patience, for they are self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency. Teach them during this period of trial to guard their speech – remind them Holy Spirit to speak excellent and princely things.Your children prize Your wisdom, Father, and acknowledge You. You direct, make straight and plain their paths, and You promote them. Therefore, Father, they are increasing in Your wisdom (in broad and full understanding) and in stature and years and in favor with You, Father, and with man! Amen. (For listing of Scripture references go to to one another therefore your faults (your slips, your false steps, your offenses, your sins) and pray [also] for one another, that you may be healed and restored [to a spiritual tone of mind and heart]. The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]. (James 5:14 AMP)In the meantime let us hold fast to our confession of faith, remembering that our hope is strong, and “in every high and stormy gale, my anchor holds within the veil.” (A Hymn of Grace, The Solid Rock by Keith W. Ward)When you pray for others you have a Divine Helper here on earth (the Holy Spirit) and you are partaking of the intercession of Jesus our High Priest.
Copyright © Germaine Copeland 2009

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Felisol said...

Dear Jesus,
you've heard the words uplifted about those seeking honest, honorable work.
We trust in you, that you need people to work in your vineyard, doing your will while the day still is light.
Please show them the road you want them to go.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amrita :)

These are very difficult and testing times for many families. I hope the recession will come to an end fast, the economy will pick up and generate employment for all.

You have posted a very powerful prayer and all of us saying that prayer will surely help Prem and others seeking jobs to find gainful employment.

Best wishes :)

Michelle said...

I will be praying for them. We have many friends here that have also lost their jobs. These times are difficult on so many.
Blessings. :)

Annette said...

what a heart felt prayer! I love to's my own conversation with our Father, my private time! God will lead them to where they need to be! I love that fact that you are a christian, what made you change from beliefs? Happy Sunday to you!!

Sita said...

Amrita, I was wondering about Prem's family the other day....will keep on praying..just encourage them that God knows, God is able, and that God loves them...
Love you, Sita

the mother of this lot said...

For a minute there, I thought you had snow in India!

Cathy said...

Was just curious about you, seeing your name somewhere in blogtown. Come round anytime, I'd love to share thoughts on how we all chose to love God.

Gail W. said...

Thank you so much for posting this, Amrita. It is such a moving and beautiful prayer!!! I appreciate its clear direction on how to pray for the thousands looking for work. And I'm like "The Mother of this Lot" - I saw the snow pics and thought, "Wow, I didn't know they get snow in India!" Love you, dear sister - hope your mother is doing well.

Gail W. said...

Amrita, thank you for your beautiful words over at my place - I posted a response to your comment there:)

Bluebirdy said...

Hello Amrita! I see you and Joseph found each other's blogs and are leaving comments to each other. That's great. You have much in common. This is a place in India that has snow? I had no idea anywhere in India had snow. Are these relatives or friends? I didn't get the connection to you.
You do very well despite your hearing and vision difficulties!

Broken in Him said...

It is a blessing to read your blog! I have a good friend in South India, and I would love to go and visit! Lord willing, I will tread on your land some day. I will keep your friends in my prayers.

Amrita said...

Thank you everyone for your prayers.

God will make a way where there is no other way.

Gail and Jackie, there is snow in India, in the Himalayan mountians and its lower slopes. We had snow in Mussoorie where I worked.Since we had to traverse the slippery mountain paths we had to be very careful how we walked. I was youger and did not have arthritis then.
I used my big umbrela as a walking stick!!!

Welcome to my blog Cathy. Your photos are extraordinary.

Hi Jenn, hope you have a good trip to South India.Try to visit the North too if you have time.

Thank you introducing me to Mr Joseph ,Sheila. His Kerala photos are great.
Being a woman I feel rather insecure taking photos in very open and public places but I sometimes I give it a shot.