Thursday, 26 March 2009

Nine Years Old

Today my Pastor 's daughter Milka turned 9 years
They had a kid 's party
and her mum told me that my name
was on the top of the guest list.
That was very flattering for a old dame like me.
So I had to go.
I bought Milka a kid 's body spray, as she loves dressing up
and a box of hand made chocolates.
Friends arrive

A big birthday cake ordered
from Bushy 's bakery

Milka 's dolls
Opening gifts

Party food
Pastor reading Psalm 23 and praying.
His wife Sunila with a friend 's daughter on her lap.
Chandi is a spunky little kid -
the life of the party.
As per Indian tradition women are supposed to cover their
heads while praying.
I had not covered my head, so Chandi promptly
reminded me to put my scarf over my head.
Chandi 's parents accepted Christ last year.
They are awaiting baptism.
This is Milka 's moment

Happy Birthday Milka
Milka feeds her friends cake
Mini food fight
Everyone with Mom and Dad
Now with Aunty Amrita
(wearing black on the left)

Aunty Amrita the biggest kid of the party

Milka with some more friends.

Everyone had a good time.

Sunila sent a plate of party goodies for Mama

and Sheeba also had a bite.

I am feeling so much better now.

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.


There was a rain storm last evening, so the weather has cooled

down considerably.

But we are having frequent power outages

which has cut off my online time.

34 Fertilize my soul:

Kathryn said...

Looks like everyone had fun.

I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Amrita said...

Thankyou Kathryn.

Kathryn said...

What a party! What a feast! (Lovely cake!) And, what an honored guest! :-)

Thanks for sharing, Amrita. So glad you're feeling better!

Dick said...

It looks like a very nice party.

Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, we all had a jolly good time. I rested in the afternoon, so ihad more energy.

Hello Dick, the photo of your pretty flower is still in front of my eyes.

Bestemor Aud said...

What a lovely girl to celebrate! Fun to see how you do it in India, not very unlike Norway. Nice present from you, and that was some cake!!
I try to follow some news from India, and have understood there is something about a new law, forbidding to convert from hinduism. Times are getting harder in Norway to, strong power wants to remove christianity from society! We need to keep even more close to Jesus to stay alive spiritually. There will always be a struggle for Jesu followers in this world! But He is with us.

Amrita said...

Greeting Bestemor Aud. Yes it was great fun with the kids.
I like you blog about the trip to the Holy Land .What a privellege to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.
Yes in severas states there is a law against converting to Christianity. They try to make it as hard as possible for people to legally accept Christ, but those who are sincere are not afraid.

Gerry said...

I loved seeing how you celebrate a birthday party in India. I like reading the comments, too. Strange how things work. Mormon missionaries go all over the world and convert and baptize people, but I would think as a child in southern Utah how do I get out of this Mormon web, because they did not understand a bookish person like me. Mormon literature is provided for the faithful and a passion for books was not welcomed, or what the ideas in world literature might do to your beliefs. Since Mormon belief is also Christian and I studied the bible a great deal, Christian churches later on after I left the Mormon church seemed more of the same. And I often feel penalized by Mormon friends and relatives for leaving the church, even though my feelings for Christ remained strong, but I have always had to have proof rather than faith, since Mormons ask you to believe in Joseph Smith, early polygamy, and the gold plates, etc, by faith alone, if proof seems weak.

the mother of this lot said...

Great photo of the old dame! And I love the cake.

Aphra said...

You must be a sweet spirit for the children to love you so much :)

Julie said...

The party looked like fun. What was the party food, it looks like turnovers, yummy. Glad your feeling better.

Rebecca said... looks like everyone had a great time...I especially like the food fight will always be kids...glad you are feeling better

madison said...

Great pics of the party.
What is the name of those balls that are soaked in the sweet sauce? Hubby just calls them sweet balls or sweet, but it has to be something else. Are they relatively easy to make?
So glad your feeling better!

Annette said...

WOW!! All the children looked like they where having a great time, I love to see all the pretty cloths, so colorful, I LOVE looking at your pictures, and that cake was beautiful, and the food, now you know I like allot of your food, boy I was looking at it to see if I had eaten any of it before, the little birthday girl is so adorable, please tell her "Happy Birthday, sweet girl and may God continue to bless your life" from me please, I love children, such wonderful gifts to the world.

MeMaw said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! So happy you are feeling better!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh Amrita, I just love the new photos of you at the party! You look so stern in your profile picture, but at the party I see a very mischievous and lively lady!!!

What a great party!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your last three posts... I also was glad to see a pic of you at the children's party. What a delightful event. Makes me remember the children's party I used to give for my own children when they were small!

And now, partying is very much on my mind. It's my birthday today, and today is the third celebration I've had this week.

The cold comfort food you made is interesting... we make something similar here.

Hope you get better soon.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I have been offline for a while.
Good to hear you and your mother are getting better.
How delightful to be a guest with you at the party where you were glittering.
The joys of the children are the purest.

Sad about the new Hindu laws. I would be very scared living in a country forbidden freedom of belief. as gtandma Aud says; we all have to stay alert.
Things can change rapidly.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Dear Gerry, Thank you for sharing your religious experience.

I have studied Mormonism although they don 't have a branch in my city.
I ma glad you asked the right questions about the faith you were raised in and stepped out when you did not find the proof of what Joseph Smith propogated. You did not care about the opposition you would face. You are a brave lady Gerry.

Mormons are not even remotely Christian as they would like people to believe because the Mormon faith is not based on the Bible - the 66 books inspired Word of God.

Mormons do not follow the Biblical Jesus or the Bible. They have their own apostles and of course their founder prophet Joseph Smith.

Mormons believe that Jesus is the twin brother of Satan.

One day all Mormons will evolve into gods and inhabit a remote planet where males will rule over the women.

They reject the Bible and uphold the gold plates of Joseph Smith.

The Mormon cult holds several secret rituals in their temples, they have a secret hand-shake, symbols, underwear amd also the ritual of baptism for the dead.

They also indulge in the spirit worship of the dead.

They reject the Trinity of the Bible, but teach that there are 3 gods instead of the Triune God. Also everyone can become a god.

God has a wife.

Forgiveness of sins is not by grace but by good works.

Polygamy is another issue.And many more.All this leads to the conclusion that Mormons are in direct opposition to basic Christianity followed all over the world.

The Holy Bible is the true word of God and everything written in it has been proved true on the basis of history, archeology, science, logic, philosophy ,religion and personal life experience.

And all who have truly put their trust in the God of the Bible have not been disappointed.

God bless you Gerry.I love visiting you and watching your videos.

Amrita said...

Hi Jackie,
You noticed eh?
Today a British tourist couple visted our church and I invited them to take photos and chatted with them quite a while.They were from London they said , very friendly.They wanted to visit old British era buildings, so I gave them some informatiom.

Thank you Aphra. I love kids.

Hi Julia, those are called patties here.They are triangular pies stuffed with either a minced meat filling or potatoes (for vegetarians) the crust is layered and flakey. I love them.We get them from the bakeries.

Hi Rebecca, yeah they smeared each other 's faces with the cream from the cake. Kids will be kids.

Madison, those sweet balls are called gulab jamuns. They are made with milk and flour , deep fried and plunged into a sugar syrup.You can get them tinned in Indian stores, or the packaged mix too if you want to make them at home. But eat them hot.My English friend 's daughter used to buy them from the sweet shop and heat them prior to serving them for desert.

Hi Annette, I' m sure you can find all that food in the US. Not sure about the patties. But you can make them at home with the ready made pastry sheets. We don 't get that in India.

Thank you MeMaw, I am feeling so much better, today - not one sneeze!

Hello Penni,
If i had the courage i would put Lady Hilda 's painting on my profile. Glad you liked the pictures.

Hi Lidj, Happy birthday to you. Have a great celebration.God bless you.

Desr Felisol, mingling with kids keeps one young at heart I guess.And these were very well behaved. Others I know are bratty and not much fun to have around when you have to discipline them.
Yes some of the laws in my country are not very friendly towards religious minorities is the least I can say here.

Lille meg said...

I am sure you enyojed the birthday party!
It must be a honor to be of the top of the guest list!
Thank you for telling about the mormons here! I knew they are not real christians, but I didn't know that they learn that Jesus is the twin brother of Satan! Horrible!

God bless you!

Deare Diary said...

Looks like fun was had by all. We are still a kid at heart, huh? I have as much fun at kids parties as they do.

Nina in Portugal said...

That was so fun to see...and very interesting. The cake looked so good...wish I could have a piece!

Thanks for sharing!

Annie K said...


That looked like an awesome party. Of course my eyes became glued on the food. What were those yummy little pastry triangle-looking things? Were they filled with meat, or fruit? They look like turnovers... And all the kids looked so 'colorful' in the pictures!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Birthday Milka. May you have many more blessed birthdays to come. You are surrounded by a lot of kids Amrita. Well you are also a kid at Looks like you all had a good time. My prayers to the family of Milka on their forthcoming baptism. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless you always.

Amrita said...

Dear friends , I love reading your responses.

Welcome to my blog annie K, I checked the recipe of turnovers and yes the patties (as we call them) are very similar to turn overs. And i think the pastry resembles the puff pastry which you can get in the US. These have a meat filling, but you can have chicken, potato and sugar/cocnut fillings toom even cheese.Sounds yummy.

STACY'S TRIP said...

So much fun checking on you and your life. I love love love looking into your life. I hope to let you see more when I am not so tired. I will work on my posts for you.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh wow! How fun! I love birthday parties and it looks like the birthday girl had a great one! Glad to hear you are feeling better. And I am glad I found your blog again. I am going to bookmark it...NOW!

Donetta said...

Hello, How lovely you look in your new glasses. Your face was a glow with pleasure. I am so happy to see that you were able to attend. Understand a child's heart toward you. What an honor for her to esteem you. I hope your well and thriving. Tell Mother hello and peace be with both of you.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amrita :)

It is quite refreshing and entertaining to attend a kid's birthday party. The merriment, laughter, playfulness, jokes and mischief is something only kid can display.

Children have a divine spark in them. As we grow older we tend to lose that divine spark. The simple things that made us happy when we were small do not hold such attraction any more.

We have to become like little children to enter the kingdom of God.

I enjoyed the photos of the lovely birthday party of litle darling Milka along with your excellent presentation.

Many thanks for sharing.

God bless you and your family.
Joseph :)

Ash said...

You - an old dame ?
No way, dear!! You are every bit a rockstar

Fun, fun times...

Denise said...

What a party! Those pastries look WOnDerFul! Your pictures are great.... I love B-Day parties.....

Thanks for stopping by when I was so sick and checking in on me...... I think we are all find and dandy and I am out and about in blog land......

Have a great day and a blessed weekend..

sherri said...

I love the photos! Lokks like a great party! ANd those beautiful children.

Amrita said...

Thank you my dear dear friends,
Sherri,Ash,Donetta, Josephji,Alicia and Stacey.You refreshed my spirit by your affirmatioin and sweet comments.Prior to blogging I used to feel very lonely, but not anymore.You all are very precious to me.

Today i am having trouble staying online as there are frequent power cuts. Very irritating interuptions.This will continue all through summer as there is a huge deficit in electricity production in UP (my state)