Tuesday, 17 March 2009

रेड तुएस्दय - Red Letter Day

My dear friends,

Chess players in a palace in Rajasthan
(web photo)

Today I was able to submit the application forms with the required fee
for my document.
I was so nervous and tense before that
thinking they would raise some silly objection.
But everything worked like clockwork and
hopefully my papers will
be home delivered in 2 weeks time.
I was so happy with mission accomplished
that I wanted to dance like the couple
in the video below

Its taken from a recently released movie called Delhi6
I have not seen it.

Plot summary of Delhi 6
The film opens with the ailing grandmother Annapurna at the office of a cardiac surgeon in New York. The surgeon indicates that Annapurna suffers from heart blockage and may not have long to live. Annapurna insists on returning to Delhi, her hometown, where she intends to die in peace. Though her son and daughter-in-law object vehemently, her American-born grandson Roshan (who has a special bond with his grandmother) agrees to bring her back.
Annapurna is received with pomp and ceremony when she returns to her home in Old Delhi. Roshan is initially stunned by the mad rush of various neighbors: Ali Baig the renaissance man, feuding brothers Madangopal and Jaigopal, their wives and families, Mamdu the halwai,( a man who makes sweets and snacks) Gobar the simpleton, Sethji and many others. However, Roshan eventually warms to the place and wholeheartedly embraces the sense of community in it. He accompanies his grandmother to the Ramleelas,( Hindu religious drama) hangs out at Mamdu's sweet stall, plays with the children, and gradually becomes steeped in the culture of the place.
Roshan is also slowly exposed to some sobering realities. When Annapurna faints (due to fluctuating blood sugar levels) and they scramble to get her to a hospital, he finds the roads choked by traffic because of an impromptu ceremony around a cow in labor; he is further surprised when his grandmother, despite her stupor, stumbles forth to seek the blessings of a sacred cow; and he is astounded when the local police seem to encourage the practice. Roshan begins to understand the feuds and social issues in the community. Madangopal's sister Rama is unwed (at an age when spinsterhood is a significant social no-no) and Jaigopal's electrical business is going nowhere. The lecherous old local money lender Lala Bhairam is married to a young girl who, in turn, is having an affair with a young photo-studio hand Suresh. Suresh is a double timer who is also pursuing Madangopal's daughter Bittu. Bittu secretly wants out of the stuck-in-time Old Delhi; she secretly prepares to audition for a popular reality show Indian Idol in the hope that she will win her way to Mumbai. Roshan comes to appreciate Ali Baig's cosmopolitan tastes and is surprised to learn that Ali Baig fancied his mother many years ago, and has since never married. And Roshan comes to empathize with the lower-caste trash collector girl Jalebi who must endure untouchability at social functions except for when some of the brutish locals seek company. Roshan also crosses paths with the loutish inspector Ranvijay who blithely stretches his authorities to manhandle the locals, and becomes acquainted with the local assemblywoman (politician) who displays political power at every opportunity.
In the meantime, the news media is all abuzz with tales of a fearsome terror known only as the "Kala Bandar (Black Monkey)". This miscreant (never shown clearly in the film) attacks people, steals various articles and has also caused the death of a few innocent people. (These deaths are mostly accidental, as in the example of a pregnant housewife who was supposedly startled by a silhouette and fell down a flight of stairs or the example of an unfortunate man who was briefly zapped by a live electric wire.) Nonetheless, the local news picks up on every move by the kala bandar (Black Monkey) and loudly blares about all his exploits. Jaigopal, the self-proclaimed electronics genius, theorizes that the kala bandar likely has an electrical circuit (to zap his victims) and may be electrocuted by water; this rumor is quickly propagated through the locality.
The film takes several turns. After some initial friction, Roshan and Bittu warm to each other. Roshan intervenes when Bittu is about to receive a prospective suitor arranged by Madangopal. He echoes Bittu's desire to pursue other dreams; this drives the suitor away and brings Madangopal's wrath upon him. He gradually begins to fall in love with Bittu, but is confused when Bittu expresses her affections for Suresh (she believes he will support her dreams). Around this time, the kala bandar attacks Old Delhi. The simple-minded locals bring in a tantrik Shani baba ( a shaman) to exorcize the demonic influence of the kala bandar. After an extended havan ceremony, the tantrik baba indicates that the local mosque, built over the ruins of a temple that was demolished for the purpose, is the provocation for the evil soul of the kala bandar. This promptly stokes animosity in the otherwise harmonious Hindu-Muslim community. After the initial peaceful demonstrations (by rallies and angry meetings), various mobs go on rampage and tear up some of the local streets. Roshan attempts to make peace, but is rebuffed because of his mixed religious parentage. The locals ultimately settle on the fact that the kala bandar is hiding out in the sooni galli (a dark lane known to harbor evil presences) and must be destroyed. They command the simpleton Gobar to fetch a lock of hair from the evil enemy so that the tantrik can burn it and complete the exorcism.
Roshan becomes aware of Bittu's plan to elope with Suresh, and that Suresh is a low-life two timer. He dons a monkey mask and monkey outfit and stealthily follows Bittu by leaping across the rooftops. In the meantime Gobar ventures into the sooni galli where Jalebi gives him a lock of her hair so he may return in triumph and bring peace to the community. At that moment, Roshan (in his monkey outfit) intercedes in Bittu and Suresh's rendezvous and causes the cowardly Suresh to flee. Bittu raises a loud alarm before Roshan unmasks himself, whereupon the angry locals storm the place. Believing Roshan to be the kala bandar, they beat him to within an inch of his life and Mamdu shoots him. Then, Gobar comes up with a startling deduction about the reality of the kala bandar.
The revelation stops the violence. Roshan is nearly dead. He recovers and decides to remain in Old Delhi and affirm his love for Bittu. The film ends on a happy note with peace and joy restored to the community of Old Delhi.
(source Wikipedia)

Its quite movie I would like to see it.

27 Fertilize my soul:

Paresh Palicha said...

Hi! Happy that your mission accomplished! Praise The Lord.

Saw Delhi 6 on Sunday. Wasn't very impressed. :(

Amrita said...

Really Paresh, i thought the summary looked real masaledar. How is it doing on the box office front. Soman Kapoor is cute.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amrita :)

The government procedures are always cumbersome, tiresome and tests your patience. Normally such things are given to brokers who get things done for a commission. It was good that you got it done yourself because it an invaluable experience.

As regards the movie, you have taken a lot of trouble to elucidate the story so beautifully, that when I actually see the movie it will be easy to follow. Many thanks for the same.

Wish you a wonderful day :)

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I hope you get to see that movie.
Happy endings are always uplifting.
You have described it so well, I almost feel I was there.
I have encouraged my daughter and her friends to come to your blog and learn about India.
They do so, but don't write comments.
You've got this teacher's gift and skill to explain the complicated and interpret the oriental.
I think we would get well along if you lived in my street. No culture barrier left. You have torn them down.
Have a blessed night and may all your problems get solved in due time.
Hugs from Felisol

Ash said...

Happy to hear things went well. The review is interesting. Must check it out!

Sita said...

Just went on a movie date with my hubby to see Slumdog...asked hubby if it brought back any memories of Bombay, but he said no...he had never been exposed to that part...
the movie brought a lot of different emotions to me...anger..why did they have the little Jamal jumping inot that outhouse pit..that was so disgusting and for those westerners watching somehow adds to a 'tainted' stereotype...I don't know, I just did not like that..thought it unnecessary..

at the same time, the sociologist in me liked to 'see' the realities of life...and how it shows me how to pray, how to better understand...I marvelled at man's depravity..but also his resilience..and why the 'rags to riches' storied pull so many millions to Bollywood--it is their escape, their hope...at the same time.. the fatalism of their status is such an obstacle....

sorry for rambling..just expressing some thoughts...hope you're having a good weekend...
Love, Sita

Gail W. said...

Amrita, I have missed you desperately the past few weeks as I have been kept from Blogland by circumstances (mostly good ones). After reading of your terrible adventures yesterday, I am so happy you were able to get what you needed today. I pray God will especially watch over your application as it wings its way through the system and back to you with the permit you need.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

So glad all the paperwork is done and now it's just a matter of waiting!

John Cowart said...

After all your adventures getting them!!!! I hope all your papers come through fine.

Shelley said...

Hi Amrita,sounds like a very interesting movie.Hope you get to see it....I love the look of your blog,very pretty! God bless.....


monsoon-dreams said...

hi amrita,
ya,i've heard that song.it is the ring tone of one of my friends.
hope u r fine,amrita.

Paresh Palicha said...

Yes Amrita, it is ok if you're watching it on cd at home. But, not worth the effort of going to theatre. Soman Kapoor is real cute. :)

John Cowart said...

Hi Amrita,

No Deal.

I can't afford to pay shipping charges to bring your beautiful Sheeba from India to Florida.
Besides, we don't have room for her to hunt at our house.

But, since you already have a copy of my book on prayer, I'd like to post your July photo of Sheeba hunting a mongoose on my blog tomorrow. That ok?

Also, I'd be honored if you choose to post a picture of my book on your blog.

This is fun.


Dick said...

I'm glad things went well.
I have a request, is it possible to change the text color, green and red is really difficult for me to see. Thank you, have a great week.

dorothy said...

green text on red background, yes it is wild.
thank you for all the time you put into this blog
I will pray for you and your mother today.
God is with you in every step you take.

Pia said...

i'd love to see the video but i couldn't view them because my computer in my office blocks them. =(

Amrita said...

Thank you for your comments friends.

This movie is showing nearby, but I don 't have anyone to go with. Yes Paresh I 'll try to watch it on CD.I like Sonam Kapoor.

Hi Dick, is the colour OK?

Dear Felisol, it so wonderful that the world is divided into so many nations and cultures , the diversity and uniqueness is so be savoured. I really appreciate what I learn about Norway from your blog.

OK John, the deal 's on.

I know Josephji, getting work done through brokers or agents is easier, but sometimes one doesn 't know where to find them, the honest ones. This time i was getting a PAN card made, not such a big problem.

Hi MD, I am doing OK these days. Your seaside photos are super.

Hello Dorothy, welcome to my blog. i tried visiting yours but was denied access.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I'm so glad that you have your papers fixed without any problem or obstacles. "All things work together for the good of those who love Him who have been called according to His purpose"(Romans 8:28). Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

madison said...

Glad your paperwork went along just fine.
I remember seeing previews for that movie before hubby left. We get some Indian channels. Hubby commented that the movie looked like it would be good. Maybe he can go see it while he's over there. From the way you explained it, now I want to see it to. I can only watch movies with the English captions at the bottom since I only understand bits and pieces of the language.

Amrita said...

Hi Mel, Praise God my work was done. Being a single woman in India is pretty challenging. But times are changing. Our prez is a woman our our state governor is a female.

Sita I know what you are saying about Slumdog Millionaire is true. Dany Boyle has shown the filthy underbelly of India and poverty.

That scene is disgusting. I have not seen the flick but I have heard about it.
But the miovie makes a very strong point abiut how the dregs of humanity are surviving. Reality is very harsh. I see rag pickers and garbage shufflers on my street every day. When restaurant owner throw stale food on the garbage heap people fight with dogs to get it.I see it.
A woman comes everyday at a certain time and waits for for chicken man to throw carcasses and she shooes away dogs to collect whatever she can.We see her quite often.

Hi Madison, it would be a good movie to watch, the real Bollywood masala.I ', sure you can get the sub-titiled ones. Have you every been to India?

Hi Pia, try to watch the vidoes sometime, a tiny glimpse of India you will see...a dramatized version that is.

Jan said...

I want to see that movie now. Thanks for telling us about it. When I went to India we watched Bollywood movies on the plane rides and I found them quite enjoyable and enjoyed the music, dancing, and everything!

Amrita said...

I want to see it too Jan, and its showing nearby, but I don 't go to movie houses alone. I have to wait.

I like that song.

You have been to India. Wow that news. Tell us about your experiences.

David said...

i will go to India, if God makes a way. first I may go to Israel to walk where Yesu walked, to visit with some friends there. Than I will come to India.

David said...

My friend Kathryn noted you on her blog post today, where she has pictures of the minister who married them.

Sita said...

Hey Amrita,
I just got notice that an old Indian movie I ordered for my in-laws has been shipped. It is called Ek Saal (1957) but reproduced in 2007. Apparently my MIL's father was a doctor in it, so we'll watch it first and then send it to Ottawa in time for my MIL's b/day. They will be back from India on the 25th. They left Mussoorie today for Mumbai. She was doing research on her ancestors in Mussoorie. Do you know a "Tara House' there--think it belonged to her family a long time ago...
anyway, do take care..
Love, Sita

Anonymous said...

amrita, God knows. i haven't received my breakthrough yet but i am believing God with His favor to bring to pass His promise for my marriage. i am hopeful and expectant. where i am now in my marriage is temporary. God knows the desires of my heart and i am not about to throw in the towel. satan would love that to happen but NO. he's been long defeated and he cannot have my marriage! continue to pray for your sister. prayers uttered in faith can move mountains. i'm standing with you in agreement for the restoration of your sister's marriage.

Amrita said...

Hi David, So thrilled to hear that you are planning to visit India. I"d love to see your reactions. And of course the Holy Land is something else.To walk in the foorprints of Jesus!!!

I 'll go over to Kathy 's blog in a while.Right now I am cooking, blogging and doing the laundry and the lights are about to go off.

Hi Sita, I have not heard about the film, perhaps my Mom has. It must be cold in Mussoorie but your in-laws must have had a good time. I love the mountains. No I have not heard of Tara House. Maybe its in Barlaowganj or Sister 's Bazar.Many PIOs (people of Indian origin) are visitng India to trace their roots.
Tell me what the movie is about.

Dearest Pia, God is faithful and sovereign, and He will acomplish His will in your life. You are such a young ,sweet girl Satan has attacked your life because he doesn 't want you to enjoy God 's blessings. This battle for your marriage belongs to the Lord. He will give you the victory.