Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday Blssings - Yesu Tera Naam

Friends Brad and Cristal
sent me an email
saying they liked the Indian
worship song I had posted sometime ago
and would like to
hear some more songs like that.
So I am posting a song by
Yeshua Band.
They performed in my city. last year . I
went to their live concert.
Yesu Tera Naam Sab Se Oo-chaa Hai
The Name of Jesus is Above Every other name

In the name of Jesus there is




Healing and Life

The name of Jesus

sets you free from poverty and curses

and gives sight to the blind.

The name of Jesus

is worthy to be worshipped.

(this is a rough translation of the song)

9 Fertilize my soul:

Donetta said...

Good Morning!
That is so amazing to hear this in another language.
How are you doing?
I hope well.

MeMaw said...

And what a lovely name, the name of Jesus!

Gerry said...

I have sent you two books, paperback, and one touched me deeply in regard to the main character Valjean's feelings, a story that has now touched the world through the musical Les Miserables. I used to read about him buying the little poor girl Colette a beautiful doll for Xmas, and I would almost cry. I loved that story so much. I hope you will like these two books. I will be on the lookout for more I think you will like. Gerry

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
what a beautiful message.
Salvation, power, peace, healing and eternal life in the name of Jesus Christ.
He who can fulfill everything in everyone.
From felisol

Julie said...

The singer has a beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing.

David said...

church was so good today, our guest was from Gospel for Asia, she worked at a school for girls several years ago in India, not sure what state.

It caused me to think about your ministry, and to thank God.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Praise and worship songs and music are great in any language. They speak of God's great love for us and His amazing grace for those who follow Him. Thanks for the video. God bless you always.

Sita said...

This brought to mind what we have to look forward to: when all nations will come together praising God in all, I'm in that throng pictured in Revelation! yay! I guess I'll meet some of you there, for sure, Amrita!...but my eyes will be for One...blessings to you, Amrita.

Amrita said...

Hello every-buddy,
Looking forward gather round in the Throne Room, people from every tribe, nation and language. How thrilling it will be, and i suppose we shall speak the smae language too.

Dear Gerry thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. i am waiting for the package to arrive.