Sunday, 1 March 2009

The European Atheist Who Found God in India

This is the title of a biography I read sometime ago.
Ivar Fjeld was born in the Norwegian city of Bergen in 1965. He cane to India first time in 1991, as a student of the Academy of Journalism in Oslo. He fell in love with India and later on with an Indian young lady whom he married in 1994.
In 1997 , Fjeld became a member of the Press Club in the Parliament of Norway and was later appointed as the media advisor to the Norwegian Minister for Oil and Energy. In 2001, Ivar, his wife and 3 children settled permanently in Goa (India). He continues to work for better relations between India and Norway, being appointed the Goa representative of the Norway-India Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
In his captivating autobiography Ivar recounts how he was once a hard core atheist resisting the church and all forms of religion.When he came to India people challenged him that there is a God and that it is possible to have a personal relationship with Him.
One day as Ivar opened the pages of the Bible he found God in a very deep and personal way. His life changed after that.Now he wants to share with others how he found peace with God.
The Bible says ,"You know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free.
That is what Ivar experienced.
There was a time when he used all his intellect and education to oppose the very idea of God, And then he met Him face to face and could not turn away.
In his book Fjeld examines the various theories of atheism and discusses the arguments put forth by philosophers like Hitchens and Dawkins. His writing style is very easy and relaxed. Once you pick up the book you will not put it down in a hurry.
The book "The European Atheist Who Found God In India is published by MSS PUBLICATIONS, New Delhi.
I think it can it obtained in the US and Europe too.
you can contact
You can also visit Ivar 's website
Ivar also operates a travel agency and if you are visiting Goa he will give you a very fair and honest deal.
I sent him an email and received a very nice reply.
I enjoy reading biographies. These days I am reading the biography of Martin Luther.

Dr Ravi Zacharias is a well known apologist, philosopher and minister.
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Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
So glad you found the autobiography of Ivar Fjeld.
I think he is the descendants of well known Norwegian scholars and bishops.
He must have been a prayer child.
Nevertheless, God is waiting for each and everyone to take a personal stand.
That's what Ivar Fjeld was allowed to do in India.

So nice that you have contacted him.
A man who fell in love in India sure will appreciate your knowledge and engagement.

I am sorry to learn about your sight and hearing problems. When two of our most precious senses are deteriorating, it's natural to get depressed and scared.
I do.
We'll pray for both of us, eh?
I also have arthritis problems like you.
Guess we are sisters in need, indeed.
Jesus is mighty today as he was 2000 years ago.
Lets comfort each other with that.
From Felisol

Deare Diary said...

Praise God. He is everywhere and loves ALL. What a great big loving God we serve.

Makarios said...

I wish you all of God's great blessings, may you enjoy Him for ever.

Michelle said...

Totally off the subject, but last night we went and saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was such an amazing movie. It really touched me. Have you seen it? I am sure you have. I just wanted your take on it.

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, Norwegians are explorers by nature in my estimate...wether the physical world or the spiritual. This is very clearly seen in Ivar 's book.
I 'd really like to meet him , he seems to be such a nice person.A holiday in Goa would be dream come true.

You are right Judy (Deare Diary)God is moving all over the earth in such a mysterious way.

Hello Makarios, You are a philosopher indeed. I am impressed by your philosophical posts.

Hi Michelle, I have yet to see Slumdog Millionaire.Lets see when i get to see it.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo Amrita! Hope you are having a nice Monday over in your part of the world! Those Norwegians are interesting people. There are a lot of them in Minnesota where we used to have a summer place. In the U.S., they say the words "Uff Da" alot. I think you have to be another Norwegian to understand what exactly they mean by it!

Terry said...

Hi Amrita,
Mom Golden just loves Christian biographies!
She reads as many as she can,
I will try to find this one for her.
The man sounds really interesting..

I get a real kick out of Google translation tool.
I looked up Mrs. Penni's Norwegian expression and here is what I found Amrita;

"All about the word "uff da!"
One expression Norwegian immigrants found it impossible to shed was " uff da!" The term sounds just like what it seeks to convey: disgruntlement"...

Neat, eh?....Love Terry