Tuesday, 24 March 2009

रेड तुएस्दय - Tomatoes and Typewriters

I made 2 jars of tomato puree
now I will make some hot and sweet ketchup
with a garlic-vinegar flavor
Look at the long green chili from our garden.
My mother can 't eat chili anymore, but I like them.
The cold 's affected my throat and nose.
I am taking antibiotics.
Just have to hash it out.
I also make tea with black basil or tulsi.
Its good for colds.
Dried ginger also soothes the throat.
This delightful video made my day
Have a look
What if we could blog
merrily like this
We would all produce
a Blog Symphony.

18 Fertilize my soul:

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I have a collection of old typewriters. Could I perform the typewriter's act?

You are eating all the right stuff, according to my knowledge. Hopefully your throat will recover.
Lots of raw garlic help activating the immune system. Yogurt prevent the good bacterias in your column from being destroyd by antbiotics.
My Mom also stick to gurgling her soar throat with lukewarm water with a spoon salt added.
(Salt also have an antibacterial effect. Remember how both fish and meat used to be conserved in salt.)

Have a good day from Felisol

Amrita said...

Hi Felisol,

Oh yeah it would be good to create your own typewriter symphony. At least the work will be interesting. All the secretaries would enjoy it.

Herbs help really. Gargling with salt in warm water soohes an irritated throat.

Have a good Day.
If you chck my temperature its 34 degrees and above. That 's pretty hot, but the nights are cool.

Sita said...

Hey Amrita,
It's the time for 'colds' here now with all the weather changes--can be quite draining.
I love to see your pics of the stuff you prepare--it seems somehow more exotic than when I see it on my table (-;
I love a spicy mango or orange 'chow' as we call it in TT when I am sick...sliced mango, hot peppers, salt, garlic, coriander..yum,,,
do take care..
love, Sita

John Cowart said...

Hope your cold gets better.

Are the tomatoes from your own garden. We never have any luck growing them... However, your mulberries pictured yesterday, those fast-growing trees sprout all over our yard.

That typewriter song is an old one; I remember hearing it on the radio station when I was a kid and my grandmother worked on an old horseshoe manual like that.

sherri said...

Your creations look delicious! You'll have to share the recipe on my food blog.


I hope your throat heals quickly.

Loved the video!

Anonymous said...

I love old typewriters.
I buy my tomato puree, I admit it! But I bet yours tastes better.
Hope you are feeling better soon. Chili works well on nasal passages.

Julie said...

How fun, I have an old typewriter also but it never sounded so nice. It is amazing what people can do. Isn't it weird how all over the world people are suffering from the same illnesses at the same time. We are all having sinus problems here and I hear from friends in England the same their. It is truly a small world connected by the internet. Nice because I get to meet such wonderful people. Hope you feel better.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hello Amrita! Your chile looks very tasty. I like my food very very hot. I can eat the very hottest of Mexican food. But when I went to an Indian restaurant, I ended up in bad shape! The chiles are different, they burn so much worse!!! It's the hottest food I ever ate. My friends from India tried not to laugh. I'm with your mom -- it's TOO HOT to eat!!! More for you! Hope throat responds quickly to the antibiotics.

~Robin said...

heres a hug hoping you feel better soon!!

Ash said...

Hope you feel better soon, Amrita. I highly recommend the ginger tea!


Carol-Ann. said...

Hilarious video, Amrita!
Bruce and I are great fans of Old Time radio (I see one of your other commenters mentioned that as well) We recognized this song from an old Fibber McGee and Mollie broadcast. Such fun to see it actually being performed!

whooo-ee, hot peppers! not me! I'll find a way first to endure chronic post nasal drip!

Kathryn said...

Amrita, your wonderful recipes are so inspiring! I wish I were there to break bread with you (and open a jar of whatever yummy you've just made!). :-)

Hope your cold is better, and praying that you'll awaken with a clear head!

MeMaw said...

Hope you get to feeling better Amrita! That tomatoe sauce looks wonderful!

monsoon-dreams said...

this is the third time i am posting a comment for this post!donno where they disappear!get well sooon dearest.

monsoon-dreams said...
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Technonana said...

All that "hot stuff" should help your cold!!
Love the video, now I know what typewriters are being used for these days!!!

Amrita said...

Oh it was so good to read - all your comments that is!

Sita the spicey mango sounds delicious. Your Mom song made me nearly fall out of my chair -its so funny!

Yes John, the tomatoes are from my garden. I am sure you can grow then in FL, your climate is similar to ours.

Thank you Sherri, your food blog is so delicious and the title is very cautionary too

Hi Mary you are right chilies are good for colds as they make your beak leak faster and i guess warm you insides.The Maggi seasoning you sent is doing my cold good.

I know Julie, we are all living in a cyber village and the virus travels fast LOL. Hope your shoulder is better.

Hi Robin, how are you doing. I guess you are not having any spare ribs.I am praying for your surgery.

Hi Ash, adrak ki chai is good isn 't it?

Hi Carol-Ann, that typewriter was put into good use. I heard that one on the BBC too.You compose music, you can compose something like that.
now my Mom avoids hot food, when she was younger she liked it.

Hi Kathryn,
It would be wonderful to have at our humble table. And mind you I would not make the food too spicey or hot.Everything would be mild.

Thank you MeMaw,
I make some ketchup too once i feel better.

Sorry MD you had trouble posting a comment.Kerala must be hot isn 't it- but your lake photo is so cool.

Hi TechnoNana,
that 's right all the vintage typewriters and making music!

Amrita said...

Hi Dame
Penni, you have eaten Indian food, mus have been a spicey curry. I know 5they are very hot. We just make them mild. And as you know mymom can 't eat spicey food. i makemine mild and eat a pickle or something on the side. My throat is not too bad now.