Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Body,Soul, Earth and Air

Hello friends I really appreciate all your comments, observations and reactions.
Like I always say, blogging is about relationships for me,
otherwise it would be akin to flipping through a glossy magazine.
Just say Hi, even if you don 't have anything to say.
Sometimes I do that and its fine.
Well let me begin with the torso (body) report.
I have a slight cold .
The snout and larynx feel dry and irritated.
The general framework achy and tired.
Taking warm water, herbal tea with jaggery and tonight
started on Benadryl, eucalyptus oil is also good.
Want to make chicken and veggie soup
have to get the ingredients first.
Namrita is travelling to Alld on Dec 22nd and her elder son
Mishael has been diagnosed with jaundice.
Its early detection, so hopefully he will recover soon.
Has to stick to a carbo/ glucose diet.
A home remedy is -
wash and peel a radish,
sprinkle it with lemon juice and sugar
and place it outdoors overnight to catch the dew.
It should be eaten first thing in the morning.
I remember eating it when I had jaundice as a High Schooler.
Not pleasant at all.
Sugarcane juice is also good.
Yesterday Mishael ,s younger brother Rayguel turned 9.
They had a subdued celebration as their house is being painted
and Mishael 's sick.
The boys can celebrate in MacDonald's when they come here.
Please pray for Mishael 's recovery.
Our EU and EGF (similar to IVF) friends put up a small concert
at the Pentecostal Bible School on Saturday.
Their music group is called Alive.
They are all fresh collegians -Agriculture and Technology
and their leader is a young college teacher.
They are learning and singing for the glory of God.
My nephew plays the guitar in the band, but he was sick
so here he is manning the PowerPoint display.

Our local churches have a tradition of singing carols by candle light.
Here is one.
They turn the lights off.
The Pastor of the Pentecostal church, Sisdter K
(American lady)
gave a wonderful message on the Cross being the real
Christmas Tree.
I will share that later on.

Below the body and soul is the earth.

So let me show you what is happening in my garden.

Agrarian pursuit requires patience.
Plants are coming up
We are getting dil or green soy herb, eggplant,radish
spinach, mustard leaves,some bathua (strangely called
pig weed) which is very good for arthritis etc.
bottle gourd, little snake gourd
and some herbs.

Bananas, guavas and lemon are also yielding well.

After pruning our roses have started to bloom
Our family has cultivated roses for the past 25 years.
October pruning, and sunning the roots is very important
for the rose bushes. After that they are fed
a variety of fertilizers. And they are
ready to splash their bright colours.
In the same way our heaven soul-keeper God prunes and disciplines us.
He removes the unseemly parts of our lives
and tunes us into shape,..
we have to submit to His hand
in order to yield and be fruitful.

We have chrysanthemums of various hues.

We only have orange gladioli.



The Nehemiah Project is going on.
Repairing and building of our church wall.

Carting sand for the mortar

Everything is done by hand laboriously

Having a solid high wall wall around one 's property
is very essential to protect
yourself against encroachers, thieves,
vandals and stray animals.
If you are worth anything you have to turn
your campus and house into a virtual fortress,
society has become so evil and criminal.

There was an era when walls were not needed.
The British, who established our church built a very
low wall around the campus.
But bear in mind no body would dare cause turbulence
in a place owned by the firangis.

Times they have achanged now as the song goes.
Walls come up.
Right after Jesus ' death on the cross
the Temple Curtain which divided the holy place from
the worshippers was
rent into two.
Meaning that man could approach God through what Christ accomplished on the cross
for mankind. No more distance between God and man.
The Bible also says that Christ brought down
the wall between races and genders, the rich and poor.

Jesus is our demolition man.
He brought the walls of separation down.

We donv 't have to cart our guilt and sin around.
Just lay it at the foot of the cross.

He will take all the parts of your life and
and create something new and solid with them.
He is our Mortar Man., our Mason, Builder.
Please keep praying for our building finances.
We need a lot of money to build two sides of our wall and fix
the parsonage roof which is almost falling down.
We worry about the safety of the Pastor 's family.
The Copenhagen Summit began today.
Lets hope the bigwigs search for some viable
solutions for the rest of us.
Outherwise we will have to go
an Air Station to get air pumped into our tanks.
Took this photo at a gas/petrol station
where they pump your car tyres with air.
Quite symbolic for the moment.

Nice plants at the gas station.
Have a good day people
and say Hello

17 Fertilize my soul:

Becky said...

I read here often...you encourage w/your pics and words...THANK YOU

Pat said...

Hello my sweet friend. How I enjoy all of your pictures. The garden looks so lush, and those coxcombs..I have never seen any that big! Mine always die after I plant them!
I hope you feel better soon, and I'm sorry I don't always comment, I do get lazy. I do love you and your blog...you are a blessing!

madison said...

Looks strange to see your flowers in bloom. Everywhere around here there is snow laying on the ground. We got about 5" at my house and another 3" - 5" predicted for tonight into tomorrow. We just might have a white christmas after all, lol!
The wall around your Church looks like it's coming along nicely.
Your video of the singing by candle light must have been so nice. My old Church used to do a candle light Christmas Eve service. We never turned the lights off, but every adult, or family was given a lit candle to hold through the entire service. Something so peaceful about that.

Donetta said...

Everything looks so nice Sis.
The wall is coming along. so hard the labor with out the aid of machine. Here that would be unheard of to have the workman pull the sand they have little backhoe machines that use gas to drive it to the spot.

Annie K said...

Wow - your garden looks so nice. Mine is covered in snow and our temperatures are below freezing. I would much rather be enjoying your sunshine right now!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

My "snout" has decided to keep yours company, Amrita, and my aches and pains flocked to join the "fun" as well -- I have a cold, too! Perhaps we caught it blog surfing...

What a nice long post today. I am always glad to see a meaty post from you.

Sorry to hear that you must fortify your dwelling to keep the riffraff out. So it is here, in too many parts of town.

I hope your nephew recovers soon from the jaundice. I wonder what is causing it? I became sick similarly when I had mononucleosis as a teen. I hope he did not catch that germ, as it can have lasting consequences. But the young can often fight off these germs.

Your garden looks delightful! We had banana trees (I guess it's actually just a type of grass?) in Louisiana, too! We used the leaves to wrap things and then steam them...

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Any post that starts off with a khanine has to be good!

Tank woo fur sharing all woo did!


Buttercup said...

Wishes for good health for you and your family. Your flowers are lovely. I've got snowmen on my blog, as we are expecting some snow tonight. Take good care and good wishes across the many miles!

David said...

hello my dear friend

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

You have a wonderful garden Amrita. Very much the original garden of Eden. You have fruits, vegetables and herbs. And you have the most adorable flowers in the whole of India. God has blessed you so much with such bounty. I am still praying that you will be able to complete the renovation of your church. God will touch the hearts of well meaning people who will help your church in the repair expenses. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you always.

John Cowart said...

My, but you cover a wide range of subjects in this post!

I wish I'd seen the dog with the Christmas wreath before I posted my own blog; I'd have stolen your picture to go with my posting.

Glad to see your wall restoration project goes so well, and your flower photos look exquisite.

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
Haven't been for a while here. Actually have been thinking of doing so for a long time but missed.
I have been going through some mental trauma at work and that has sucked up so much that I blog to forget. No new dope coming in my mind.
Its always like this sometimes, and I need to take a break from it all. Right now I am ok because, the trauma resulted in my looking for churches and guess what! I found one with a 7o'clock English Service not too far from my house. Campion School.

~Robin said...

I am so sorry I am not always the most faithful to comment as you do for me dear Amrita:)
Your greenery, garden and roses are a delightful thing to see today as I am looking at a blizzard of snow and ice-in fact the window is almost covered by snow now!
Are there gates and fences around most businesses or homes in your area? I posted pictures of Romania and the fences around everyting...it is not this way in rural america.
Bless you dear Amrita. Hugs!

Crown of Beauty said...

How right you are to say that blogging for you is about relationships.

I feel that way too.

Otherwise, it is true -- it's just like leafing through a magazine. Or surfing through the net.

You are a deep soul, dear Amrita. When you give your insights about things, there is something that is stirred up inside my heart. Like when you say that walls are needed because the world has become such a criminal and evil place. But in Jesus, there are no dividing walls. Yes He is the Demolition Man.

I like that picture. How beautiful the connection you made.

I hope you will be better soon.


carolyn said...

This is my first time visiting, but it won't be the last!
I, too, like the image of Jesus as our Demolition Man...I pray He tears down any walls that may be in my heart...

David C Brown said...

I'm being fed on garlic tablets to keep away the cold - and probably other things. It's good to see the garden - ours looks drab on a misty day today.

What a blessing the the work of Christ has broken the barriers down; so that "he is our peace".


David C Brown said...

I'm being fed on garlic tablets to keep away the cold - and probably other things. It's good to see the garden - ours looks drab on a misty day today.

What a blessing the the work of Christ has broken the barriers down; so that "he is our peace".