Thursday, 3 December 2009

An Indian Wedding -Photos and Videos

Some more photos and videos .
This is a wedding overload. A guest dressed in all her finery.
From her attire one can safely assume that she is conservative married woman
as she is wearing lots of jewelry and her head is covered.

Join the baraat
This is after the initial Jai Maal
or garlanding ceremony.
The couple exchange wedding garlands.

The buffet lawn
There are scores of big and small ceremonies in
a Hindu wedding. Mostly involving relatives and close friends.
The main body of guests can make merry and go home
while the rites and rituals of matrimony are being
solemnized at the bride 's residence
in the wee hours of the morning and
This was the wedding in a affluent family therefore all the rich flamboyance.
Other weddings are conducted in a more subdued manner.
Weddings are a big affair in India for both the rich
and the poor.
People start saving for weddings (specially daughters)
right from their childhood.
Many people borrow money to
fulfil their dreams.
Girls are called 'paraya dhan"
or stranger 's wealth because parents
have to spend a lot for their dowry and wedding.
The scale of a wedding depends on your finances,
religion, caste, social status, circumstances and philosophy.
Christians have a church wedding,
followed by a reception dinner. The wedding cake
is very important.
We also have some cultural ceremonies
which bring family and friends together.

Being part of a joyful wedding celebration makes me look forward with anticipation to the most glorious marriage of eternity.The marriage feast of Jesus Christ - the Holy Lamb of God.The church will someday be united with Christ as the redeemed bride of the Lamb. The church has been called the bride of Christ.

Although he was not a Christian, the poet Shelly glimpsed that perfect love

"Love he sent to bind.

The dsmantled tendrils of that vine

Which bears the wine of

life,the human heart."

"Come let us be glad and rejoice and give honor to him;for th marriage of the Lamb is come,and his wife hath made herself ready."

Revelations 19;7

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xashee's corner said...

Wow! the weddings there are simply beautiful!! the lights and colors and fabrics are so lovely! thank you so much for sharing!! and thank you for visiting and your sweet comment! Have a GREAT evening!

Julie said...

Thanks for showing more videos, they are lovely. Such color

Connie said...

Oh the women are all so pretty and such lovely clothes they were wearing.They were having a nice time laughing and dancing.That was so fun to watch.

Pia said...

hi amrita. sorry for my TT's comment box. i don't know how to automatically make it appear. i have to enable it first before it appears. i've overlooked that yesterday. sorry.

anyway, it's my dream to one day wear an indian costume. your costumes are beautiful! it reminds me of the bible times. i don't know, i've always pictured the girls back then wearing an indian costume. =D

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Some people here, too, will go into great debt in order to put on quite a "show" with their weddings!

One of my older sisters had quite a ridiculous affair. But the Indian wedding you posted puts hers to SHAME!

I just went to the justice of the peace at the courthouse -- thrifty, and fast, too!

Terry said...

oh amrita!..this is such a lovely wedding!
all of the fine clothing...the wedding garments makes me think of the wedding that was mentioned in the bible where the guests were all sent a wedding garment from the host to wear to the beautiful amrita...a wedding in india...and it is almost as if we were there because of these videos....thanks for the invitation! terry

Sita said...

Hi Amrita,
Weddings are also like this in Trinidad--it seems the whole community participates--I've been to several Hindu weddings, incl my relatives--so many rituals, colours, music--the tasa drums--the food--this brings back many memories--good sharing there!
Blessings to u--sent email...
Love, Sita

Felisol said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.
Indian weddings are overwhelming. I doubt many in Norway could afford a similar feast!
Glad you took us there. Thanks for sharing.
From Felisol

monsoon-dreams said...

colourful wedding!i think mallu weddings are not that colourful.
how are u dear?

Amrita said...

Yjat 's right friends, these were wealthy folks that 's why such a to-do - other weddings are much simpler. I been to a poor peasamt wedding in a village with no electricity , bathroom or running water. We spent the night in a hut, used the open feild as bathroom and the best part was that we bathed in a river.All camp style.

Hi Monsson Dreams, so happy to hear from you. I am well.Just a bit extra on my mind and hands.
I 've attended Mally weddings in the north. Enjoyed them - but they were quite similar to our weddings.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

Beautiful! I was blessed by visiting your blog.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Beautiful traditional Indian wedding. Nowhere else in the world could a wedding ceremony be so lavish and colorful. Yes, the wedding of the Lord with His glorious church will be of a more grandeur type both in scope and glory. Thanks for featuring the informative Indian wedding ceremonies. God bless you always.

Becka said...

I hope you get to feeling much better real soon,
It must have took you days to do this post,lol.

I love the wedding once again ,

roma said...

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