Friday, 18 December 2009

Nativity Redux

This video shatters age old Christian popular tradition of the Nativity.But its very true. thought provoking, expressive and humorous

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Felisol said...

But I miss the angles bringing the gospel to the shepherds on the field.
A Family classic:
When Serina was four we had read the gospel several times at home and in Sunday school, like it's written in Luke 2.
When in a full packed church the minister starts to read the Christmas gospel in a slow and monotonous voice. We were all standing during his reading.
Serina burst out impatiently and loud."I've heard it before!"
My mother reddened with shame, Gunnar and I could hardly hide our laughter.
Later on that evening had to sit still and listen once more while her granddad read the same blessed gospel at the Christmas dinner table.

Do you know what, Amrita?
I'm overwhelmed and I get tears in my eyes every single time I hear Luke 2 read.
It's always new.
From felisol