Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sunday Blessings - Ripe Harvest

I took these pictures on a trip to the brick kilns.
These are channa or black gram lentil fields.
You can see the kiln chimneys in the distance.

It had rained that day and
the sky was cloudy.

The fields reminded me of the Lord of the Harvest.
The fields are ripe unto harvest, we need to pray for and assist
in the work of the harvesters.

Below are pictures of a reach out group we have
in Rajendra 's home

Pastor Shay with wife Sunila.

Rampal preaching

2nd from the left is Gudiya, Rajendra' s wife.

Their daughter Chandi
(official name Shristi which means Creation
or New Creation)
turned 5 on Dec 16th
The Pastor 's wife gifted Chandi with her
birthday dress.
We arrived early and Sunila
dressed up Chandi.

They had a little birthday celebration for her. Many believers and their
non-Christian family and friends were invited.
It became an occasion of witness as
we sang worship songs and
a Pastor and a Bishop gave short messages
and several people prayed.
They served us a simple meal of chickpea curry or chole
and bhaturas,( somewhat like Mexican tortillas,)rice and salad
and birthday cake.
Chandi with her cousin.
When I go to their house, the boys come running
to me shake my hand and
say "Praise the name of Jesus". (Jai Masih ki)
and I return that greeting.
Their parents are not Christians
but the children go to a kids Bible club.
Cakes are very special and sacred in India.
Having a cake to celebrate means
you are someone.

Chandi 's cousins, Granny and parents.

I am reading Dr J Vernon McGee 's book,
RUTH, The Romance of Redemption.
Ruth and Esther are my favorite women of the Bible
and I identify with them in some ways.
The story of Ruth the maid from Moab is a powerful and
passionate portrayal of pure love-
the redemptive love of God.
Just as Boaz became Ruth 's kinsman redeemer,
Jesus is my kinsman redeemer.
God became man to save me from sin.
That is what Christmas is all about.

She stood breast high amid the corn
Clasped by the golden light of morn
Like the sweetheart of the son
Who many a glowing kiss had won
On her cheeks an autumn flush
Deeply ripened-such a blush
In the midst of brown was born
Like red poppies growing with corn
Round dark eyes her tresses fell
Which were blackest none could tell
But long lashes veiled a light
And her hat with shady brim
Made her tressy forehead dim
Thus she stood amid the stocks
Praising God with sweetest looks
"Sure",I said ,"Heaven did not mean
Where I reap thou should 'st but glean
Lay thy sheaf adown and come
Share my harvest and my home".
(Joseph Parker -The People 's Bible)

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Beautiful pictures of a young girl's birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to Chandi. May you have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. The post then went to pictures of a field ready to be harvested. Then the story of Ruth was interwoven. Ruth is one of the most poignant story of the Bible and was included there to introduce one of the ancestors of Jesus Christ. It showed God's divine providence to all who trusted in Him. Thanks for the interesting post. God bless you always. Merry Christmas to you all.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Wish I could buy you a ten-layer cake with fanciest of fanciest fillings and icing, Amrita, because you are really someone special!!!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I like the picture of you being Ruth, the faithful, gathering crops from the field ripe for harvest.
The children you visit and other you bring to Sunday School are the most important crops in God's field.
The parents must be wishing all the best for their children, letting them go to a church to which they do not belong themselves.
An impressive cake for the little girl.
We don't eat that much cake anymore. Most Norwegians are or ought to be on a diet.
It's a shame how unfair the food is shared.
The cake for Chandi would normally be used in a wedding here.
Even so all the participants of the party look slim and fit.
All the best for you and yours
From Felisol

Kathryn said...

As always, i so enjoy the pics you share.

My sis named two of her children "Ruth" & "Esther." They sound like old fashioned names to me, but she always wanted to give her children "Bible" names.

Amrita said...

Thank you Mel for you r insightful comment. That is right Boaz is a type of Christ in the OT.

Thank you Penni, If I could I would zoom right over to have cake a coffee with you.

Hi Felisol, people have cake on rare and special occasions in India usually, maybe 2 or 3 times a year.Someone 's wedding or birthday or little cup cakes
called pasteries .
Although the cake looks very impressive it was a cheap one and not like the one you get in the better confectionaries.Rajendra is a driver at the Bible College and also does light office work, his wife does not work, he saved up to have this party.

Hi Kathryn, pray your nieces take after these 2 strong Bible women, I really desire to have the faith and courage of these women of faith.

David C Brown said...

Boaz was "a mighty man of wealth" and Ruth came into kinship with him. Christ has greater wealth, has paid a greater price, and brought us to greater nearness!