Saturday, 19 December 2009

Flowers in the Sun

Have a look at our garden.We had 2 or 3 showers lately

The rain made some of them droopy
but they still look pretty.

In October , Jags our helper pruned

and fertilized the rose bushes.

Without his help we would never

have such a display

Thank you Jags.

I 've been busy preparing the house for Namrita and her sons

as well as shopping .

Nam and family will drive down to Guwahati (Assam state) tomorrow morning.

Their train is on the 22nd, but they have to travel

2 days earlier because the highway will

be closed on the 21st and 22nd. for repairs.

It means 2 days extra hotel expense, but it can 't be helped.

The boys 9 & 12 are very excited.

Its the first real trip of their lives.

They came here when they were

very small.

Nam is excited too she is coming after 3 years.

The train journey is 23.45 hours long, if it is on

time, which is quite rare.

I will go to the train station to receive them with my Pastor

and Jags.

She is arriving on her birthday (23rd)

So I have to prepare a birthday lunch for her.

Hope I get everything done.

Quite jittery about it and

miss my right hand Sonia.

She will arrive on Dec 26th.

I bought a home basket ball set for the boys to play with.

At Christmas we give little packages (like Christmas baskets)

to those who help us and are from

underprivileged backgrounds

Store bought cakes and sweet and salty snacks, cookies,a little money

and second hand clothes -(to some of them)

sometimes new ones if they really need them.

I have to assemble 7 or 8 of these gifts.

Today we3 took our our little carpet

to sun and clean it.

And Sheeba immediately took up her post on it.

She is ever so watchful

Looking out for feral intruders.

Last night she warned us of a buffalo

who had wandered into our campus.

A milkman deliberately put his

milch buffalo into our yard.

Can you imagine what she would have

done to our flowers and vegetables?

Thank you Sheeba.

You deserve an extra bone

and treat.

Here isn n another Christmas carol, in English.

The little group was conducted by my eye surgeon cousin.

He is playing the guitar.

He plays all sorts of instruments.

There a 2 Koreans in the chior.
Tghis service took place in the Anglican church.
I was sitting in the third row
as you can tell by the video

12 Fertilize my soul:

Dani said...

Good little Sheeba! what a great watchdog...give her a treat from me as she does such a good job.....

love your videos also.....what a blessing.....

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I am glad Sheeba is taking good care of you. How safe to know, the guardian angles have an assistant.
You have indeed cultivated a lovely garden for Jesus, Amrita. Such beautiful flowers.
I'm praying for a safe journey for your guests and a blessed holiday for all your family.
Special reguards to your mother.
From Felisol

Gerry said...

I like your Christmas dog header and oh, those roses, they are my favorite. I can't believe someone would put their milch buffalo in your yard! When our pigs and cows would get into our garden we would all go running before they destroyed our harvest and winter vegetables! Corn was my favorite, so I really ran to save the corn! Glad you are having family for Christmas. I hope you have a lovely time. I told Daniel you said you liked his Christmas decorations from India. He was very surprised to get a response in India! Gerry

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

BeaWOOtiful pikhs!

I think Sheeba would LOVE to be here today!

I got snow, snow, and SNOW!


Saija said...

blessings on you as you celebrate Jesus birth ... i love to read the things you share about your life ... and even tho' our cultures are different, Christ really does unite our hearts!

Dick said...

I hope they will have a safe journey, 25 or 40 hours wow, that is a very long time.
I wish you and your dear ones a great and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Pat said...

Your flowers are a welcome sight to me as I look out my window and see snow! They are so beautifully cultivated!
Sheeba looks very nice on that brightly colored rug...what a good guard dog!

Amrita said...

Many thank to all of you for your resposes.
Yes the Lord 's angels are round about us to protect us. I feel their presense.

Sheeba is a good girl. She got some jiucey bones and cookies for a treat. Otherwise she pretty much gets a share of whatever snack we are having , she loves roasted peanuts.

Amrita said...

Hi Gerry you 've had real farm experiences.

Amrita said...

Dear friends I covet your prayers for Namrita and her sons as they travel on the 22nd. Some of the area their train will be passing through is infested with insurgents, rebels and left wing extremists who create trouble on the trainb tracks.
Do pray for their safety.

madison said...

You have flowers and I have snow! LOL

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hi there Amrita!

What a pretty girl is Sheeba. I just love her. Tell her "Howdy" from a Texan and her two old doggies!

Hope Namrita's trip is uneventful. I cannot stand these radicals and insurgents and all the mischief they are causing worldwide. To think they would try to blow up innocent people, it just sickens me. Yet all over the world they flourish like the green bay trees. I don't think they have any sense of the beauty of the world.

Speaking of beauty, the roses and flowers are lovely! As is the gift of the baskets of goodies to the poor!